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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Hemp Yoga Pants & Soft Cozy Vegan Vaute Couture Sweatshirts (From Clothing to Chemo?)

So here are some of my picks for comfy hemp yoga, lounge, livin' the good life pants.  You could always pair them with Mai-Lee Hilgart's Vaute Couture Adorable line of Vegan Sweatshirts.  Go to the websites of these companies and read about their "style".  The Hempest carries a lot of different brands, so you would need to check on each brand.  Vaute Couture, Swirlspace, MoreTrees, SweetSkins, and Natural High are all smaller companies doing amazing things.  When you buy from them you are supporting people who are trying to do the right thing.  Obviously, just recycling your own clothes or going to good-will is the most ecological thing to do.  But if retail therapy gives you some temporary bliss, then give your love to these folks.  They are showing that you can be "capitalist" and stimulate the economy in a sustainable way.  Green Industries will eventually be the norm, as we can't go on forever the way we have in the past.  These folks have been doing this for years, it's not just a fad for them.  Why should you think about what you wear?  Other then sustainability, child labor, fair wages......take a look at the end of this post for some interesting video about "Killer Clothes" by Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute.  Why didn't I read this before thinking my 5 for $25 cute panties from Victoria's Secret were a good buy??  Already have a great hemp blend bra and some bamboo undies but probably going  to start looking for some girly girl organic cotton ones next (there weren't too many hemp ones the last time I looked).  From Clothes to Chemo??  Yikes.......gotta digest this one.

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Vaute Couture's Sweet Vegan Sweatshirts.  Super Soft, Cozy, With a big "V" so "out loud" yet subtle enough to wear anywhere.  Plus you gotta love the model's retro-look.  "Eco-Heather" fleece (Recycled Polyester & Organic Cotton) and printed used water based ink.  As you can see, Mai-lee Hilgart (Vegan Princess and World Saver) doesn't just make incredibly warm & stylish vegan coats, but also adorable Sweatshirts and Tees as well.  You will love them.  Her line of coats is also featured in my "Vegan Winter Coat Picks"

Hemp Dance Pants from SweetSkins. Hemp Yoga & Fashion! Sweetskins is a minority, women owned eco-company in Eugene Oregon.  Mira Fannin started the company in her garage!  Their clothes tend to be more "form" fitting than many of the hemp lines.  So sweet & sexy.  Lots of beautiful, rich colors made from low impact dyes.

Bike Time Leggings
Hemp "Bike Time" Leggings from SweetSkins.  Kind of like leggings with elastic bottoms.  

Sweet Sweat Hemp Capri from Natural High Clothing. Beautiful selection of colors with a comfy drawstring top.

sweet sweat pant
Sweet Sweat Yoga Pant from Hemp and Organic Cotton.  Natural High.  Super cool company on West Coast.  If you visit their Santa Monica Location you can stop by Rawvolution to eat across the street!!  Which has the best seaweed salad I have ever had!!

More Trees "Sweetest Sweats"  made of Hemp, Organic Cotton, & a touch of lycra.  This company is an AWESOME vegan, sustainable, hip find.  Vegan owned and Operated.  Lots of hempy goodness and organic cotton tees.  I have found that in general, that hemp clothes can run a little big.  I always order the smallest possible size with hemp.  The clothing isn't made for 12 year old girls, or for that fact, by 12 year old girls either.  So in other words, it will fit your smokin' body.  Skinny, Curvy, All of it girls.  This company rocks.

Dharma Pant

"Dharma Pant" Hemp Yoga & Lounge pants from Earth Creations.

Bella Tank
High Waist Hemp Leggings from SweetSkins.  From Hemp, Organic Cotton and a touch of lycra.

Hemp Yoga & Lounge Pants from Swirlspace. Made locally in San Francisco.

Killer Clothes
Killer Clothes by Brian and Anne Marie  Clement of  Hippocrates Health Institue.

What are your favorite "eco-clothes"??  Do you have any favorite brands of clothing?  Do you think about buying "greener" clothes?  If so, what is the most prominent reason?  Is it child labor, pesticide use, allergies, supporting small businesses?? 


  1. Eye-opening video! Yikes, I'm gonna have to re-vamp my veganism again. I, too, indulged in Victoria's Secret sale ahahaha.

  2. I second your recommendation of Vaute Couture, although I haven't picked up a sweatshirt yet. (I love one with the sheep design. So cute!) I love that her coats are vegan, made in America, and by people who are making a fair, living wage. They are so stylish and incredibly warm. Considering how warm it kept me in the bitter temperatures, it was worth every penny.

    I look forward to trying more of the companies you mentioned!

  3. Yes! Vaute Couture has beautiful & warm coats!! I will get my next "girly" coat there. When I was shopping this year, I was thinking more dog rescue coat and less "girly" coat. Love this company!
    The sweatshirts are SUPER soft & comfy. A Vegan Message you can wear anywhere. Which Vaute Couture coat did you buy??

  4. That's good to know about the sweatshirts! Now I want one even more! I bought the Belden in camel. I love how the neck can be buttoned in three different ways to provide options for looks and varying degrees of warmth. If I had to it to do all over again, though, I'd get the Audrey. It's so fashionable and stylish, and best of all, it is goes past the knee. It costs more than the Belden, but for the extra warmth it would provide (covering more of my legs) it would have been so worth it on the most bitter cold of days.

  5. @Ximena.....yeah, I hadn't bought from VS for nearly a decade and was trying to be a "good wife" but now it looks like when they say "Dirty Underwear", they REALLY mean Dirty Underwear, like Toxic :)
    Play dirty to me always had a different meaning, one you can still pull off with organic cotton lingerie as well!!