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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vegan Kheer (Vegan Indian Rice Pudding) Slow Cooker

Making Vegan Kheer from The Indian Slow Cooker Book by Anupy Singla

I made the Kheer, "Rice Pudding", slow cooker style tonight.  Followed the recipe, kind of! This of course is yet another recipe from my most recent favorite Vegan Slow Cooker kick.  From the Indian Slow Cooker by Chicago's own, Anupy Singla.  I used organic brown basmati rice and homemade almond milk which I made in the Vita-Mix.  This recipe was only supposed to take 3 hours which is why I made it because I had an intense sweet tooth and absolutely never get to eat rice pudding since even the vegan versions use sugar.  I used some agave but next time I think I would just put some dates in the blender with water to create a date paste/liquid.  There is a slight discrepancy on the page about cooking it on "high" or "low".

After adding homemade almond milk.
I just put almonds and water in the Vita-mix to make the milk.
Cooking the Kheer for 3 hours on low.

After the 3 hours, the kheer was pretty watery.  I guess it can be kind of liquidy but this was almost a drink.  One place the page says "high" and the other says "low" and of course I used brown rice instead of regular white basmati!  I ended up cooking it on high until it thickened up a bit.  It ended up fine and then thickened a bunch when chilled.  Next time I will try cooking it on high the entire time.  Maybe it won't take a full 3 hours on high, but I am convinced brown rice will work fine if you figure out the right timing!  
Kheer after 3 hours.......
Rice pudding after it has been chilled.
Next time I would cook on high and buy the golden raisins organic or without any preservatives!  The kind at the Indian Store contained Sulfur Dioxide which I just think is icky.  I hate when they add stuff to just plain food.  Really, why do raisins need another ingredient other than grapes?

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  1. hi thank you for posting this. i am making it now and it is VERY liquidy and at the end of the 3 hour mark. the 1 cup rice, *8* cups milk is really throwing me. seems way too much!

    did it go from soupy soupy to pudding-y in the fridge?

    thanks in advance!

  2. I actually "recooked" it on HIGH!! I have a first edition of the book, and I *believe* the other editions say "High". In addition, what I did not eat that night, I put in the fridge. And just like beans or dals, it was much more solid the next day. But I would cook on high if I made it again, and I personally would probably reduce the fluid. But it's really funny, because we were JUST at Vegan Buffet last night and their Kheer was just as watery as when I cooked on LOW!! I prefer a little more solid texture. If you have the first edition of Anupy's book, go to her blog (I have link on my HomePage on right) and see the corrections. There are a couple of recipes that have both a "high" and a "low" in different places on the page-these are just some typos! But check out her blog for all of the corrections. I think that everything else turned out fine but I know my folks had to cook the Dry Dal longer or at higher temp. Plus cooking times may vary depending on cooker, etc...Try putting it on high right now!! And afterwards, put in fridge for breakfast!!

  3. thanks for responding... i had it on high, for about 3.5 hours maybe? it seemed soupy but i didnt want to overcook the milk and figured it would settle over night. it is still VERY! soupy. i mean its like a bowl of milk with rice in it. tastes good (great even), its just not "pudding".

    any thoughts as to how to salvage this? drain off then double boiler the milk to thicken? bake off? i see some other recipes that call for 2 eggs and a 30min bake in a casserole dish after. i had this as a dessert for a dinner party tonight. oops-- i hope they have extra spoons!

  4. yeah after slow cooking on high for more than 3 hours and fridging over night it still looks like photo #4!

  5. Contact Anupy!! I am sure she can offer you *updated* advice!! I would drain the liquid off, or I would add more COOKED rice. If you cook another pot of rice, you can just throw it in, until it is what you want!!
    But her contact info is at or if you do Facebook, then "Like" her and ask!! Good Luck!! It should be fixable with extra rice, or draining. And it should still taste good!!