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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vegan Keema Recipe from the Indian Slow Cooker Book

Vegan Keema (Spiced Crumbles with Peas) from "The Indian Slow Cooker Book".
 Recipe for Mock Keema (Vegan Keema) at Anupy Singla's "Indian As Apple Pie" Website.

Anupy Singla, author of "The Indian Slow Cooker" book claims she's not a Goddess.  If she isn't, she has some connections.  Since I quit eating meat in something like 3rd grade, I have never had Keema (Lamb).  Never!  And even now, since I went Gluten Free, I still didn't really get to indulge in this, but I made it for my hubby & his Old Timey friend and I think it was a big hit.

Match Meat.

Match Meat and Earth Balance in the Slow Cooker.  Hubby told me I should have "crumbled" it up more, as it comes a little more solid.  I figured it would "crumble" during cooking.  Which it did, but if you want "even" crumbles, then best to do prior to cooking.
Anupy calls for "Meatless Grounds" to substitute for the Lamb.  This works great.  If you are trying to make it Vegan, then make sure you check the label of your "Crumbles".  Many brands put egg whites in them as "binders".  But there are plenty of Vegan Crumble type products now, so it should be no problem to find something suitable for your little Vegan Dinner Party.  We use "Match Meat" which was created by Animal Lover, Allison Burgess, right here in St. Louis.  Actually, out of ALL the products we have tried in the last decade, Match seems to most closely resemble "meat".  But it isn't in shapes (like hot dogs) that turn off some people.  (I remember when Loma Links came out with their canned hot dogs when I was a little girl!  I was always a little grossed out that they looked like the real thing.)  You can find it in the Frozen Section at Whole Foods.  If you don't see it, then ask them to carry it!  She makes a Sausage, Crab Cake, Beef, Chicken, Pulled Pork, etc....

Ginger, Garlic, Peppers.

Lots of Fun Spices!  Green Cardamom, Indian Bay leaves, Cumin, Coriander, Red Chili, Tumeric, and Garam Masala.
This recipe has a little fat in it........I was making it for the boys, so I added even more.  Earth Balance was my weapon of choice.  Anupy's Vegan Keema has a lot of garlic, Indian Bay leaves (I bought "Bay Leaves" in the Indian Store, that makes them Indian, right??  They looked a tad bit bigger than our usual Bay leaves), Green Cardamom pods, cumin, coriander, chili, tumeric, and garam masala.  So an amazing assortment of spices.


Mock Keema prior to cooking.
So simple.  The most difficult part is finding your spices in the cluttered cabinet and mincing garlic.  After that you push a button.  When they talk about cooking with your kids, this kind of food is a great project.  Not only will they be capable of doing it all on their own as soon as they can use an oven or a knife for a couple of things, but you will be teaching them how easy it is to make delicious, nourishing meals.  By promoting this type of plant based eating over "Hamburger Helper", you will actually be extending their lives and passing on healthy and sustainable habits for generations to come.

Keema after cooking, before adding Frozen Peas.  It's normal for a little bit of it to be "stuck" to the sides, as it has been cooking for several hours.  It won't get burned, just stir it a little prior to adding the Frozen Peas.

Vegan Keema.
The Vegan Keema turned out Amazing!!  I couldn't help but keep "taste-testing" it (even though I am off of gluten).  This is a "stick to your ribs" type of dish and something for the people who are still cultivating their passion for beans.  You won't be disappointed!  You add the peas at the very end, and if you are "presenting" this to someone, then serve right away so the peas retain their vivid color.  It is still delicious hours later, but the peas fade slightly.

Does anyone else have Anupy's book??  
Which dishes are your favorites?


  1. Slurp,fingerlicking keema looks wonderful..

  2. I have the book, but I have not cooked from it yet. I have a new apartment I' moving into starting the day after tomorrow, and once I'm set up, I'll break out the slow cooker and give it a go. She's from my home town and my parents actually took a cooking class with her!

  3. The book is AWESOME!!!! If you have the first edition, then check out her website (link is on my blog) for "Updates" and corrections. There are just a couple of recipes that give both a low and high cooking time. But everything I have made so far has been wonderful.
    So neat that your folks took a class with her! Are they using the book also?? My dad is wearing their copy out!!

  4. wow that meat looks so real. too real! i'd be creeped out.

    i have a question: how do you order the probiotic if it has to be kept cold?

  5. This blog has been posting some other neat vegan ideas of Anupy's:

  6. Heya, gave your blog an award. It's over @ :

  7. @ bitt.
    Yeah!! The MatchMeat is pretty "real", but no fear as it was created by an animal rights gal to help wean people off of eating "real cows". I don't eat so much of that kind of stuff now simply because I am gluten free, but hubby adores all of it.

    I saw on one vegan website that they stated the Probiotics were kept in the cooler until shipment and that a 5 day shipping period was fine for them, just put in fridge when they arrive. I imagine that the Probiotics at Whole Foods are not all shipped to them in coolers either, or it may depend upon vendor. I would buy that stuff from Whole Foods but never see a brand that is marked "Vegan" so always think I will go home and research it. Is there a brand that you know is "Vegan" that you get from Whole Foods?? Would love to be able to just pick it up there so I have raw vegan cheeze, fully fermented, ready in seconds!!

  8. @ BeyondWillpower.....
    Thanks for thinking of me!! I will post and pass on when I "catch up". Have been swamped (when are we, as people, ever not "swamped")???

  9. I think I need that cookbook! It looks delicious!

  10. I have this book and love it. I stumbled on your page while trying to find this very recipe online. My book has gone missing and I have to make it tomorrow. I've made several of her recipes... the yogurt turned out amazing. I used Greek to give it the tang Indian yogurt usually has... it goes great with samosas.