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Friday, December 10, 2010

Vegan Kala Chana or "Black Chickpea Curry"

Kala Chana "Black Chickpea Curry"
Recipe from The Indian Slow Cooker.

This one is from page 80 of "The Indian Slow Cooker" by Anupy Singla.  This book is awesome because underneath the title of the recipe, the cooking time and the food yield is also listed.  I was sort of intrigued by this whole "Black Chickpea" thing because I just didn't every recall having them.  I probably have had them at a restaurant at some point, but I just have no reference for it.  So it's pretty exciting being nearly 40 and discovering new types of beans!  The black chickpea never really breaks down like the white one does.  The book mentions that the protein content is very high on these.  Another dump the beans in, put a few things in food processor, add to slow cooker.  A mere 9 hours later you have a beautiful meal.  These chickpeas are so amazing looking!  At first I was slightly put off by the drier  texture.  But by the second bowl I was in heaven.  Love the name "Kala Chana".  Page 82 has a "Dry, Tangy Black Chickpea" recipe of a dish that is served at auspicious Hindu Ceremonies.  That one may be more "dry" than this.  Black lentils and Black chickpeas seem special.  Maybe because of Kali's black hair??  Well, they are very special in our household because they are a beautiful new bean!  Chickpeas rock. And don't forget to squeeze the lemon on top.  That is going to increase the amount of iron you absorb from these black beauties.

Seriously simple.  Dried beans with wet ingredients and spice.
Put everything in at once and push a button.
No excuses for not eating healthy now.

Check out this newsclip!
Black chickpeas show functional ingredient potential: "After purple tomatoes, black garlic and golden kiwi fruit Israeli scientists now propose that rust-colored and black chickpeas are antioxidant-rich and could be functional food ingredient." 

It seems that these guys are even higher in nutrients than their white counterparts.  So they truly are magical.

Kala Chana
Protein Powered Black Chickpeas!

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