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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anupy's Vegan "Dad's Rajmah" from The Indian Slow Cooker Book

"Dad's Rajmah" from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker Book".
Adorned with Cilantro, Raw Onion, And A Sliver of Lemon.

Rajmah Rocks.  There were a few weeks that we just didn't make it to the supermarket and I had a huge jar of Kidney Beans on the shelf.  I must have made Rajmah about 5 times that week.  It's such comfort food. It is really "Indian Chili".  But it only has Red Chili powder in it and not the Mexican Chili.  Awesome for the cold winter. It does take a long time, but like nearly all the dishes, there is basically zero prep.  You could even put all of the ingredients in the cooker and then add the water and turn it on at your preferred hour.  So cut your onions and garlic the night before, and then just add water early in the morning if you want it done the second you walk in the door.  I think I always started this dish at night, so basically it was ready at breakfast or lunch.  Beans actually make an awesome breakfast (if you aren't doing the cleanse, if you are cleansing then just eat it for lunch or dinner). Complex carbs that give you steady energy.  Better than a white bread bagel any day.  I usually make some Organic Brown Basmati Rice also, but generally eat a minimal amount of it.  I almost never eat the white rice at the restaurants, as now I have been brainwashed to see it as a big pile of sugar.

Organic Dried Kidney Beans.  Buy in Bulk!
Hangin' out in Slow Cooker waiting for their Garlic Friends.

All-Stars.  Okay, the Rajmah calls for some oil.  You can use olive oil of course, but this time I opted for the Earth Balance because it is more like butter.  However, it's in plastic (ICK).  The magic about this dish is that it doesn't need butter at all.  But if you are aiming for a richer dish, maybe more traditional, then a little olive oil or Earth Balance is the way to go.  It sure beats the GMO Canola oils that are so frequently used.
You dump ingredients in pot.  No French Cooking Techniques here.

Healing Ginger, Garlic, and Onions.
These are everyday superfoods that don't break the bank.
LOADS of GARLIC.  However, it is cooked so long that it doesn't feel particularly "Garlicky"

A few hours into cooking.

I was just thinking that this dish would probably appeal to people who usually say they don't like
Indian Food.  It isn't "Curryish" at all.  The "Punjabi Curried Kidney Beans" on the opposite page in book (p. 74)
do have garam masala.  But this one "Dad's Rajmah" is pretty basic and packs a spicy punch.
And an article about the magical qualities of the Garbanzo Bean, especially Black Chickpeas.  Anupy has the chickpea, garbanzo market cornered.  Amazing Tangy Tamarind Chickpeas, Amla Chickpeas, Chana Masala, Kala Chana, Dry Tangy Black Chickpeas, etc....Apparently they are a "Get Skinny" asset.  Fill ya up without filling you out.  I suffer from a minor chickpea addiction.  A daily battle.  It's my guess that other beans have similar qualities.  I think for cooked food that Beans are Amazing.  I have done the sprouted beans also, but wasn't super wild about them.  The mung worked pretty well, but you have to pay a bit more attention to garbanzos and lentils.

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  1. I just bought my first slow cooker today and this recipe is going on my must-make list. :)