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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sunflower Power Balls from Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" book

Sunflower Power Balls from Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" book.  I found myself making yet another super quick & easy raw food recipe from Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" book.  So far I have made the Brazil Nut Pancakes, the Poppyseed Pastry & the Raw Vegan Spinach Dip & have absolutely loved them all. 

"Rawsome" by Brigitte Mars.  Master Raw Food Chef & Herbalist.

Raisins & Tahini.  For "Sunflower Power Balls" from Rawsome Book.

Cinnamon, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, Carob, Tahini.

Sunflower Seeds.

Carob.  I use whatever type I have.  While I like to buy Raw Organic from Mountain Rose, I also pick it up at Whole Foods as well. 

You put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. (KitchenAid for me)


Mix until the dates make everything sticky enough to form into balls.

Just Roll into Balls and then roll balls into remainder of sunflower seeds.

I ate these up pretty quickly.  Storing them in mason jars in the freezer worked well and they are truly "power bites".  Instead of Chocolate Peanut Butter it is "Carob Sunflower".  Earthy tasting &  none of the guilt.  

Here are some links to other Brigitte Mars "Rawsome Recipes" that I have made so far....

I'm curious about other people's experiences with this book.  Brigitte has lots of books about Herbals & Natural Health.  This is her "Raw Food Book".  Do you have this book at home?  Which recipes have you tried?  Did they turn out as expected?  Do you find this book easier than a lot of raw food books?  Do you have any of her other books?

I am loving this book.  The recipes seem easier to me, a bit more simple.  There is a fair amount of fat in some of them, but I am still eating fat.....I also love that she is an herbalist and an advocate of "wild" plants or "eating weeds".  Dandelions & Nettles are the true superfoods!!  I do have her "Beauty by Nature" book, which I recommend.  Lots of organic "body"  recipes you can make at home.

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  1. Those power balls look incredible!!! (gorgeous photos, too!)

  2. These sound awesome! I love the shot of the raisins and tahini on the plate. I almost bought some carob today but put it back thinking I wouldn't do anything with it, damn.

  3. I have been looking for a raw food cookbook that wouldn't be too difficult. This sounds pretty good. I'll be looking into getting it. Thanks.