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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raw Vegan Banana Brazil Nut Pancakes from Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" Book: Forks Over Knives-Diabetes.

2 ingredient pancakes, really??  I LOVE Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" book because it's so simple!!There are a lot of high fat recipes in here as well, which I go back & forth about eating on a long term basis.  But right now my tummy seems happier when I don't eat too much cooked food.  Everything in my life goes to my gut.  So if I am stressed, or eating too much cooked food, or, gulp gulp, drinking too much Yerba Mate, my gut totally rebels.  I have tried so often to become an alcoholic (I am kind of joking here), but my body just issues a big FU right back at me.  It basically totally rejects all forms of poisons and forces me to exercise or do something else to relieve stress.  Maybe it's just "built in" protection.  But it seems like my dad's side of the family all has really cranky guts.  I lament that I don't have the iron tummy of my hubby or my mother, but I tell myself I should be very grateful that at least I can control it with diet.

Rawsome!: Maximizing Health, Energy, and Culinary Delight With the Raw Foods Diet
Rawsome book by Brigitte Mars

Soaked Brazil Nuts.  Apparently one Brazil Nut supplies your daily Selenium.

My grandmother would not have considered these "ripe", since they aren't totally black!  But I have a tendency to eat all the sweets in the house prior to them actually "ripening".

Magical Food Processor.

You add water to the mixture, and maybe I added just a tad too much.  While the pancakes were not touching each other when I put them on the sheets, moments later they "ran" a little bit.

But nothing too terrible.  I made them pretty small since I thought they would be "dense".

They are so light in color!!

So this is about half way "done".  You can see this is the unfinished side.  You "flip" stuff in the dehydrator, just like a regular oven.  

Here you see the "finished" side vs. the "unfinished" side.

Of course if you let them go too long, then they just transform from pancakes to cookies!
You want to eat "pliable" dehydrated foods within a few days.  Since they still have moisture in them, they aren't foods that can be left in Mason Jars on the the counter.  However, flax crackers, or "crispy" foods, that have been dried for longer periods of time tend to store fabulously either on the counter or in the freezer.  Once again, if it's good enough for um, sperms, eggs, embryos, I'm thinking my flax chia magic is probably safe too.  Anyway, I thought these were pretty good.  I tried to ration them out a bit.  So they are lighter than I expected, because of the texture of the Brazil Nuts.  Yeah, it's fat & sugar.  I know already.  So I try to have Blueberry & Kale Based Smoothies to avoid just eating fat.  

So what do I do?  I add apples on the side.  You know, more sugar.

So I was very bummed when all the controversy surrounding Agave Nectar started to surface.  It may be that certain brands are truly okay, unheated, okay for insulin & glycemic levels.  But basically it seems like it is "uncharted" territory as of yet, and it may not be the most awesome sweetener in the world.

So I had to say "goodbye" to my Beloved Agave & Move On....So, I started seeing "Coconut Secrets".  And Coconut Secrets has family. Oh yes, we have Coconut Sugar (which doesn't leak all over your kitchen) and Coconut Aminos, which is soy/wheat/sugar free but tastes amazing, & Coconut Vinegar, whom I have not yet met.

Coconut Secret 4-pack (Nectar, Aminos, Vinegar & Crystals)

A short clip from "Forks Over Knives"with Neal Barnard on all types of Diabetes.  Other "Forks Over Knives" posts (and similar).  And here (FOK).  And here (FOK).  And why Americans are Fat, Sick, & nearly dead.  And Doucebags Politicians.Forks over Knives in St. Louis now.  Check site for Showtimes & buy tickets for St. Louis "Forks Over Knives"!

Has anyone else used Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome Book" much??  I have had it "forever" but just started using it more!  She has so much nutritional information in there as well and she is kind of an earthy girl.  Watched some of her "Wild Edibles" videos and she's a hoot!  I had planted a ton of purslane & miner's lettuce (claytonia) and was having difficult establishing which weeds were the ones I planted!!  Now I have to Google "Morning Glory" plants, because they basically own the house.  The dandelions are finally thriving though!!  That's 2.40-2.99 a bunch I am saving!

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  1. Yum! Amazing! Love brazil nuts... and bananas - 'tis a bummer about the agave controversy, am excited by those coconut products though - coconut vinegar? Who would have thought!