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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vegan Winter Boot Picks and Waterproof Vegan "Ugg" style boots, Sheep Friendly of Course.

Hunter Tall Vegan Boots.
These are my very favorite boots.  First sighted them in MooShoes in New York.  They are not warm but that's what polartec socks are for.  Awesome in the slush and also while juicing!  So you won't get carrot juice spurting all over your vegan houseslippers.  Reminds me of the woman in "A Year in Provence".  She was totally "sensibly sexy" and these remind me of her ambiance.  

20 Hole Boot
Vegan Combat Boots. Function.  Moo Shoes has a great selection of boots. Lots of  fashion ones.  These are totally functional and the same brand "Vegetarian Shoes" makes an even taller one than this.  These would pair well with some slim army fatigues.
The Ultimate "Don't f*** with me" Vegan Attire. 
Cheap Vegan Ugg Rip-Offs. Good house slippers.  Not for water or extreme cold! Stick with the Kamiks for brutal weather.
Earth Lodge Vegan Boot.
Cozy but NOT for water or snow.  You will crying all the way home about how the snow messed up your snow boots!
Think cute with a skirt, comfy, but for regular cold weather.  No slush involved.

Kamik Vegan Brooklyn Boot. Rated for 40 BELOW!! Function and Warmth, finally.
While not for use in the bedroom, you will still have toes (they won't be frostbitten) to put in your  pleather stilettos.
Yes, these are Waterproof Vegan "Uggs" from Neurara Shoes style boots without the dead animals.  And these boots kick butt because unlike Uggs,  these are waterproof and made with fair labor practices.  Plus the cute girls you see wearing them didn't just skin a sheep.  You won't have to carry a pair of "real" snowboots in a bag to protect your $200.00 non-functional, non-vegan Uggs either.  Nope.  You're sexy.  You rock.  You like to kiss sheep, not kill them.  Yes, they are pricey (but so are Uggs) but they are actually functional and you didn't have Chinese Children making them.  Made by Chinese adults in decent working conditions. Oh, and you just saved 8 sheep by buying them.  Yep, it takes 8 sheep to make one pair of Ugly Uggs.  Real beautiful, right?  
Earth Elite Vegan Rainboots.  Good for rain but not warm so wear your  Polartec socks !
Earth Pride Vegan Boot.
$95.00  Warm, Waterproof and Vegan!
Probably Comfy Too.

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  1. The website for the Neurara ugg style boots claim they are not waterproof.

    1. Actually I don't recall seeing anything saying they were "not" and I saw at GirlieGirl Army blog and the Kathy Freston Loving Eco I believe advertised them as waterproof. I actually asked them directly and below is their response-that the "upper material" is waterproof. So I gather that it is just not a "seamless" rain boot like a Hunter or something. Where the sole & the top meet is not going to keep out all water. So I would not use it as a "rainboot", but it looks like it should hypothetically work in snow, from what other people have said as well. ?? But they did say the upper part was waterproof.

      Is this waterproof??
      December 28, 2011 at 12:32pm · Like

      Neuaura Hi, the upper material is waterproof.
      January 3 at 10:39am · Like