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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vegan Tangy Tamarind Chickpeas

Vegan Tangy Tamarind Chickpeas from
The Indian Slow Cooker Book

Okay, I might have had my first "flub" from Anupy's book. Although no fault of hers, and it isn't a "verified" flub yet. When I was shopping for tamarind paste I ran into several options. Or at least what appeared to be 100% tamarind paste. I ended up buying "wet tamarind" from Thailand. It seemed smooth and it didn't appear to just be smudged up tamarind seeds. But after I had put my 20 cloves of garlic, an ample amount of chili peppers, and all my other ingredients in the food processor, it sounded like there were date pits in there! Come to find out some seeds were still in there and one had gotten stuck to the blade. I think I wanted tamarind concentrate that had been prepared, not wet tamarind. So we shall see if my chickpeas are edible. Maybe with 12 hours of cooking it will all be fine?? This is another "dry" dish it appears. So far we prefer  the dishes that create their own gravies. Maybe just because they seem to have more flavor or maybe because the beans in the dry dishes are not overly done. Maybe I need to add a little water so they are really moist throughout. Although it seems like I have had beans on the dryer side at the chaat bar.

"Wet Tamarind"

It's kind of chunky, but worked in the end.
Next time I will find a concentrate that has no additional

The texture is amazing!  I ran out of Kabuli (White) Chana so
I had to add in about 1/3 cup of Kala (black) Chana (Chickpeas)
The dishes that take 12 hours are good for overnight cooking. I can start at midnight and then lunch is made the next day. I still have not gotten a masala dabba but now I think Anupy Singla actually commissioned a super special one. Sounds like it has a standardized measuring spoon. Now I have way too many spices cluttering my already cluttered counter top. I got up early this morning, accidentally, but then I was able to put the lemon in the crock pot for the last 2 hours of cooking. This is very cool because lemon has more Vitamin C than oranges and it really helps with iron absorption. Chickpeas have lots of iron so it's a a great combination.

Tamicon Tamarind Paste, 16-Ounce Units (Pack of 6)
Maybe this is a better bet?
It looks like "straight" tamarind extract.
Probably without the "seeds" of the
"wet" tamarind.

Update: AMAZING!!!!! The dish is dryer than a Chana Masala but not as dry as the Pigeon Peas or Black Chickpeas.  The tamarind flavor is just amazing, a sweet/tangy blast.  Love it.  Didn't run into any hard seeds yet so perhaps they all got cooked down, but still think that tamarind paste is what I was supposed to use vs. "wet tamarind".  Have already eaten 3 bowls so I probably won't be able to move later!  The biggest downfall of "The Indian Slow Cooker" is that I just can't stop eating it.  Just how does one go about getting rid of a chickpea addiction?  This recipe makes a massive amount of food because there isn't really any "broth".  I don't think I would make a full size recipe next time because hubby prefers the wet  dals to this style and we are overflowing with chickpeas now!  You could also make a full recipe and freeze it in Mason Jars.  Just don't fill to the top of the jar, as the lids of most of them have BPA and also it may expand a bit.  The beans seem firm enough to take a freezing, but I haven't tried it yet.  I did throw some Pigeon Peas in the freezer because we just had TOO much food!  Not a terrible problem to have.

I love Tamarind!  Each chickpea is enveloped in this sweet, salty, sour
flavor.  It's Vegan Chickpea Candy!!

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  1. You are making me hungry! I love that you are blogging about this because there are a few changes I am working on. You are spot on about the kheer recipes. We'll be fixing it in later prints thanks to wonderful folks like yourself. Don't you just love the Imlee channa? One of my absolute favorites especially stuffed in a pita. Hugs...Anupy

  2. The wet tamarind ended up working just fine! Yes, am loving this dish. And loving this book especially in these sleet and snow storms.