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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marvelous Mustard Greens with Spinach (Sarson ka Saag) from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker" book. Snatch up one of Anupy's New Stainless Spice Tiffins!

Another incredible recipe from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker" book.
So can you believe I actually pulled up a lot of my mustard and had to buy mustard for this recipe??
It was crowding my kale, and wasn't working in my fruit smoothies.
Little did I know that it grows everywhere in Punjab and according to Anupy, "synonymous with being Punjabi".
Of course I had to buy the spinach.  Those mean slugs and 100 degree weeks bit my spinach.
The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes

Yes, I am lazy.  I do recycle the plastic & prefer to buy the brand that has compostable plastic.  So often the loose spinach is "soggy" because it is constantly sprayed with water at the supermarket.

Garlic, Onions, Ginger.  Spices.  The plate courtesy of my very mild mannered (I had to hide the ethnicity or she would be "outed" )  Friend who wants to keep me "urban".  I know, I need new plates.  Thankfully my mother doesn't actually read my blog!! These plates were gifts to my husband and I.  Guess what she got for her gift??  "The Indian Slow Cooker"   book and a slow cooker, of course.  Apparently it made it's way to a nudist gathering (she was on assignment-she does NOT frequent these places, which made it even funnier).
A lot of garlic!!  But it cooks for hours, so it doesn't "seem" over garlicky in the end. 

Finally I am using my Thai Chiles!! We only planted one this year because last year I used so few of them.  With all the Indian food, we have nearly picked the plant dry!

And the greens totally overflowing in the slow cooker!!  The lid barely stayed on!

After several hours cooking.  Before hitting the Vita-Mix!  

Urad Dal with the Mustard Greens with Spinach.

Wow!!  We loved this dish.  I preferred this over the Palak (sin Paneer).  I liked the Palak as well but was just totally blown away by the flavor of the Mustard Greens.   And it's not a dish that is always served at "the restaurant".  And if it is served out, usually greens have way too much oil.  But this dish, ZERO.  No oil.  Nada.  Anupy mentioned it was addictive, and I would have to concur.  I believe that my husband and I  ate the entire recipe (10 cups of food) in one evening-and most of that was me.  I have a renewed love of Mustard Greens (just not in my fruit smoothies).  

And I have turned into such a Punjabi Wanna-Be Princess in the kitchen, that I am counting the days (okay, not days as I have no publication date) until Anupy's ALL VEGAN book comes out in 2012!!  Check her Indian As Apple Pie Blog to see what she may include in her next masterpiece.  And check out her beautiful new spice tiffin!

Spice Box: Stainless steel masala dabba holds Indian spice, seasoning
"The Spice Tiffin" 
photos by "Brave New Pictures".

Indian cooking: Spices and seasonings in The Spice Tiffin (masala dabba)

Anupy created this beautiful stainless steel spice tiffin and it comes with standard size measuring spoons.  Although she loved her old tiffin, it drove her crazy to have to use a knife to get level spoonfuls.   I was thrilled when one came to my doorstep (Anupy gifted one to me maybe because I am just slightly crazy about her book!!).  Honestly, I just kept waiting for them to come out because we actually hadn't purchased them at the market yet because I knew hers was going to rock!!  It has space for 7 spices.  A beautiful wedding or housewarming gift.  For anyone!  As Anupy has several at home and uses tiffins for her Indian spices, but also for cinnamon and toppings for morning breakfast.  Meaning, you can put whatever spices you like in it!  They are beautiful & going quickly!  Order them through her website.  Williams-Sonoma online & at stores as well-but call first because demand is high!!  I would order through her website & then pick up an extra copy of her book (to gift) as well!

Don't come between me and my mustard.  This stuff has protection  :)
 Why should you buy Anupy's book?  Why might you want to consider eating plants??  Hmmm.....Watch Sanjay's interview with Bill Clinton.  It is only the tip of the iceberg! (The iceberg that is melting too quickly if we don't start eating plants!  :)

And the very short video above, just more evidence that eating a whole foods, plant based diet may be more powerful than drugs or surgery. From Dean Ornish's study and on The Amazing Dr. Greger's (see my post about Dr. Greger) Nutrition Facts Website. Hours of not so mindless entertainment!

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  1. omg another one from the slow-cooker that gets me all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm gonna buy that book for the wife even though we don't have a slow cooker. we have a crock pot. i imagine that's not the same, i'll have to look into it.

    we had no spinach locally this year too. the spring temps plus bugs decimated them. nothing at the farmers market or through the CSA. i am still sad and reeling from it.

    i won't buy spinach at the store b/c most of it is from CA and i'm still concerned about fukushima fallout. and you're right, loose spinach is sprayed all day with shitty municipal water, probably containing chlorine and fluoride. yuck.

  2. I have to laugh at the ADT sign with the mustard!
    Also, I saw the Bill Clinton interview. It is so great to see CNN focusing on health and especially plant based health. The more press the better.

    I find it so interesting how few people link their diet with their health. Diet CAN and DOES prevent and reverse illness!

  3. @Rick. Anupy says you can use ALL Mustard in this recipe as well, so if there is no spinach that you want to use in your area, well go for all mustard!! I didn't think about the water quality, but I can't or I will be totally OCD!! I limit myself to checking the stove only once and then just suck it up. But yes, a crockpot is the SAME as a slow cooker and the book is about 11 bucks on Amazon so you can't go wrong. Especially in the winter when you don't want to run to the store for ingredients or have bad weather-I always had stuff to make some of the recipes in her book. I actually hadn't cooked in quite some time prior-as was eating primarily raw foods. But we did go out to eat for Indian, so I figured why not just eat Indian at home, where it is Gluten Free AND no oil!

    @ Dawn. Isn't the sign funny?? I am so happy about the Clinton interview-I think Bill's most important work is yet to come and hope that he takes his adversity and changes the planet. An "accidental" hero. He has intentionally been doing a lot of work with educating kids about diet, I guess part of it isn't so "accidental". It's great that it is getting some press though, because as we all know, for decades they wouldn't even mention the realtionship of diet and health. And the ACS didn't even want Ruth Heidrich to mention her diet while speaking. (I think it was the ACS-trying to remember from her book).

  4. This looks really awesome. I don't have a slow cooker but I bet the taste is amazing. I love the mellowed greens in the pot shot.

  5. I love your 'Bitch' plate! haha
    and this meal looks delicious!! x

  6. This recipe looks yummy! I like your blog.

  7. Hi there! Very jealous of the spice tiffin! Checking it out right after I post this here because you know I am a FAN--huge fan of the cookbook as well. I tried growing mustard greens this spring, no luck. Next spring for sure! Ew slugs! You always inspire me to want to break out my slow cooker and get that book out!