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-Mahatma Gandhi

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Raw Vegan Spinach Dip from Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" Book

Spinach, Lemons, Nutmeg & Tahini.  Making Raw Vegan Spinach Dip from Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" Book.  Another simple dish from the "Rawsome" book.  

Simple.  Just put it all in the food processor. There's an onion in there too!

In just a few seconds you have organic spinach dip.  If you buy the pre-washed stuff from the store, this is NO work!

So much easier than buying dip!  And there is zero nasty stuff in it!
The tahini is chock full of calcium as well!

I made a bunch of carrot chips with my "Salad Shooter".  I didn't wear a 50's dress, but felt kind of like I should have.....I am a big fan of the Salad Shooter now!!  We got the "professional model" which probably has just a slightly bigger opening than the "normal" model.

Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" book.  The recipes I have made from this book so far have been really easy and yummy.  We loved this dip.  The tahini gives it body and it feels really "clean".  One of those super quick raw food recipes.  No dehydrating required!  And veggie chips (raw) are great to use for the dip.  Lots of water & basically zero calories.  But high in fiber & vitamins.

Romaine Lettuce from our Square Foot Garden.  I have been talking to the slugs and they curse at me.
So I put down DE, which is supposed to be non-toxic.  I get food grade, not pool cleaner stuff.  I have heard the pool cleaner stuff isn't so non-toxic.

See Brigitte Mars talking about "Purslane".  A "weed" to some and "superfood" to others!

Other Recipes I made from Brigitte Mars's Book so far are....

"Raw Vegan Brazil Nut Pancakes" from Brigitte Mars.  "Rawsome" book.

Raw Vegan Poppyseed Pastry from Brigitte Mars.  "Rawsome" Book.


  1. Mmm, spinach dip. The poppyseed pastry looks really good too :) I'm trying to rotate my greens right now, but I think next time I get spinach I'll be trying the dip.

  2. That looks really good. I have all the ingredients except nutmeg. Do you have any good recipes for tahini salad dressing? I needed some salad dressing the other day so i mixed tahini with red wine vinegarette and a tiny bit of oil and some lemon. I got the recipe from and it was unedible. way too bitter, tart, and even after I watered it down it was the consistency of glue.

  3. @Michele. I usually just put lemon Juice, garlic & tahini in the blender with some water. But I will look and see if I can find some tahini recipes! If it's a little bitter I will throw in a stevia packet.
    @Stephanie. Yes, the poppyseed pastry rocked. Will make that again for sure!! And so easy!! Was "seedy" though & for true poppyseed freaks. (Like me).

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  5. That spinach dip looks really delicious! I also love the Ghandi quote on the top of your site!