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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse of Kris Carr, Day 14. Growing Grass and Delectable Compost.


Sunday......Day 14 of Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse.  While I haven't behaved myself 100%, I have been doing okay.  And since I am more on an "infinite cleanse" quest, I am going to cut myself a little slack. The video is  Chakra Boombox of MC Yogi.  Lots of juice, juice, juice today.  I put in about 90 minutes of juice making yesterday, so I am set for a few days.  Also a bit of yoga and we are off to a friends for a dinner of salad.  I think I am going to try 100% juice fasting on a different day other than Sundays.  Usually that's "family time" so it's a little more difficult then (for an undisciplined soul like myself).  It's so obvious what foods are healthy when you look at photographs.  The Greens of Kale and the Reds of Dried Kidney Beans are so striking.  Maybe I am just high on juice, but I am even just lovin' on the beauty of our compost right now.  Is anyone else trying their green thumb at indoor gardening?

Beautiful Compost.

Juicing Leftovers.  

These "sheets" are from our Monster Juicer.  We get super dry pulp because it was pressed out with 200 pounds of pressure.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE our juicer.  The juice lasts for a very long time, it's easy to use, and easy to clean.

This is my Sprout Farm.  I have my Sprout Farm in the Second Floor Hallway.

My most mature wheat grass.  They grow up so quickly.

Vegan Winter Boot Picks and Waterproof Vegan "Ugg" style boots, Sheep Friendly of Course.

Hunter Tall Vegan Boots.
These are my very favorite boots.  First sighted them in MooShoes in New York.  They are not warm but that's what polartec socks are for.  Awesome in the slush and also while juicing!  So you won't get carrot juice spurting all over your vegan houseslippers.  Reminds me of the woman in "A Year in Provence".  She was totally "sensibly sexy" and these remind me of her ambiance.  

20 Hole Boot
Vegan Combat Boots. Function.  Moo Shoes has a great selection of boots. Lots of  fashion ones.  These are totally functional and the same brand "Vegetarian Shoes" makes an even taller one than this.  These would pair well with some slim army fatigues.
The Ultimate "Don't f*** with me" Vegan Attire. 
Cheap Vegan Ugg Rip-Offs. Good house slippers.  Not for water or extreme cold! Stick with the Kamiks for brutal weather.
Earth Lodge Vegan Boot.
Cozy but NOT for water or snow.  You will crying all the way home about how the snow messed up your snow boots!
Think cute with a skirt, comfy, but for regular cold weather.  No slush involved.

Kamik Vegan Brooklyn Boot. Rated for 40 BELOW!! Function and Warmth, finally.
While not for use in the bedroom, you will still have toes (they won't be frostbitten) to put in your  pleather stilettos.
Yes, these are Waterproof Vegan "Uggs" from Neurara Shoes style boots without the dead animals.  And these boots kick butt because unlike Uggs,  these are waterproof and made with fair labor practices.  Plus the cute girls you see wearing them didn't just skin a sheep.  You won't have to carry a pair of "real" snowboots in a bag to protect your $200.00 non-functional, non-vegan Uggs either.  Nope.  You're sexy.  You rock.  You like to kiss sheep, not kill them.  Yes, they are pricey (but so are Uggs) but they are actually functional and you didn't have Chinese Children making them.  Made by Chinese adults in decent working conditions. Oh, and you just saved 8 sheep by buying them.  Yep, it takes 8 sheep to make one pair of Ugly Uggs.  Real beautiful, right?  
Earth Elite Vegan Rainboots.  Good for rain but not warm so wear your  Polartec socks !
Earth Pride Vegan Boot.
$95.00  Warm, Waterproof and Vegan!
Probably Comfy Too.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse of Kris Carr, Day 12 and 13

Our date to Whole Foods.  My Afternoon Bliss.
Hubby's Hash.

Woke up early because I am so damn used to it that even when I try to sleep in sometimes, I'm screwed.  Knew we had a Whole Foods trip planned today so thought I better used up some of the gazillion pounds of carrots I am storing in the basement fridge.  So I blew up the kitchen and found all my juicing paraphernalia (we have an insane monster juicer) and made a mountain of carrot, celery, apple juice.  The stuff lasts at least 3 days and is amazing.  Hubby woke up and instead of just reading the smut aloud on the HuffPost, he was quoting me prices for realty in Belize.  We have discovered House Hunters International on the HGTV network and I'm an addict.  We already have imaginary homes in Morocco, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Ecuador.  Actually, the only real time we, or I, seriously considered a second property was a few years back when the prices were good in Buenos Aires.  But now with the crazy house we have I just can't imagine owning a second one in another country.  It seems way too complicated.  What does seem nice is dropping out and just living on that second property, with the income in dollars.  Buenos Aires is wonderful, but I think Mendoza or somewhere very tranquil with clean air would be a better long term bet for us reclusive peeps.  I told him to look in India, but he didn't come up with much there and he was pretty hip on Belize this morning. 
For now I don't have a Kale farm in Belize. My Kale Farm is all snowed in.
The Kombucha that was on sale.  None of the stuff is as good now that they had to change the formula.
Very grateful today for being such a spoiled girl.  Had a wonderful lunch at Whole Foods, which is a rarity as we almost never eat there.  We almost got dosas but got a late start.  Thinking my massive Kale Salad was probably a better choice! These foods are just so beautiful.  Had my green juice in the morning.......greens in the afternoon.....and greens at night!  With some Teecino coffee not coffee. Thinking this cleanse thing is going to take root and the fundamentals may last longer than the 21 days.  Yesterday had a lot of green salads, hemp seeds, some black beans.  And lots of deep breaths! I even started another tray of wheatgrass and have more seeds soaking. I was bummed out to read about the GMO food labeling, or lack of it it, issue and that Whole Foods is participating in this whole push.  Hoping it will all pan out.

He got some Kale too!! With Tofu, Vegan Enchilada, Sesame Noodles, Macrobiotic dumplings.......He doesn't go for the light food (you pay by weight).

He snuck this into the cart and claimed it was for him. He knows how to win points bigtime.  There was a claim that it was on sale........
LOVING the fridge right now.  Lots of the Carrot and Celery Juice.  Cabbages, Brown Basmati Bag on top....

Pasta!!  And for Ani Phyo's Raw Bread recipes.

The Downstairs fridge.  We are loaded with Kale and the big pot is cut wheatgrass.

Bought the Green Kale this time instead of the Red.  It seems that everyone uses the green for the salad.  Maybe it is a little firmer and lasts longer??  I think I get an A++++ on this shopping trip.  

Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse of Kris Carr, Day 11. Alcohol Beat Arugula, or at least Tied.

Butternut Squash I was saving for an "Indian Slow Cooker" recipe but realized I have to reorder fenugreek seeds as I had used them all for sprouting!

And....Alcohol won the evening of 10th. I didn't choose Alcohol over Arugula, but chose Alcohol to accompany it. Translates into a small glass of wine with an incredible Arugula Salad.  My husband (that damn peer pressure :) encouraged me to drink my woes away (which consisted of about 8 ounces of wine) instead of engage in 90 minutes of yoga.  It's funny because I could go a long time without alcohol, but if you take if off of the table, then I "miss" it.  But mostly I want to take from this cleanse is a focus on wheatgrass and juicing in the morning, exercise and meditation 5 days a week, getting outside a few minutes a day (even in the frigid cold), and scrubbing my skin silly (dry brushing).  Emphasis on a raw diet, and cooked foods that are simple (brown rice, beans, veggies). 

Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It!

book.  It's in a format that you can just pick it up and start reading it on any page.  Lots of beautiful photos and wonderful format.

Apparently BPA free cans.  I am sure hubby had these saved for some Nachos, I just realized, but I beat him to it.

Um....yeah, not under 105 degrees.

I am pretending I am macrobiotic.  Don't know if this is, but reminds of "Macro-Meals".

My husband's Punjubi Mash.  He is actually asking me if we have raw onions already cut up.   He is craving raw onions on his food!  He took the Simple Yellow Lentil Dal and the Mock Kheema, added collards and brown basmati.  He can't stand to dirty 2 dishes when it all fits into one.

Huge plate of food for this girl.
Nothing terribly exciting to report today.  I actually watered my sprouts, so maybe there is actually some hidden intention of using them??  Also fantasizing about some raw vegan cacao or carob V-day treats.  We don't do a whole bunch of organized holidays, but why would I pass up a chance to splurge on olives, carob, some lucious raw cheezecake, and some awesome new raw dish?  Maybe some eco-lingerie?? Do you guys have any favorite websites for non-retail prices on these goodies??  I often order the "At-Cost" specials from Raw Food World.  It looks like "Shop Raw Foods" might have some pretty consistent pricing for Olives and other foo-foo Raw Foods.  For Hemp Seeds I usually hit Amazon (and get Nutiva brand) and buy 3 pounds at once.  Amazon actually has good deals on Nutiva, Navita's Naturals, and even 7th Generation Toilet Paper.  The "Subscribe and Save" program gets you an additional 15% off and free shipping.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vegan Black Lentils with Kidney Beans from "The Indian Slow Cooker"

Sabut Urad (Black Gram) and Kidney Beans to make Sabut Kaali Dal aur Rajmah.

The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes
The Indian Slow Cooker Bookby Anupy Singla

Yet another winner from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker" Book.  Can't get better than a rich Indian Chili with Whole Urad and Kidney Beans.  Another very simple recipe.  You do throw the onions, garlic, and chilies in the Cuisinart this time.  Making it even easier.  Just pay attention when shopping for "Black Lentils".  Urad Whole, Black Gram, and Matpe Beans are some other names for this prolific Indian legume.  Don't buy what you think looks like a lentil that we are used to (a flat thin legume) in a black color.  You may think it doesn't make a difference, but  this Black Gram bean has an amazing, creamy flavor and does not have the same flavor as lentils that I am used to eating.  Especially important to pick the correct beans if you want an authentic Indian flavor.

Sabut Urad, Black Gram, Matpe Beans. These are all names for the Black Lentils used in Indian Cooking.

Kidney Beans (Rajmah)

Tumeric, Coriander, Red Chili, Garam Masala, and Cumin.
You can buy all of these from Mountain Rose Herbs.  Or the International Store.  Either place is very inexpensive (Mountain Rose is organic though).  I don't go to the regular supermarket for these types of things (unless I run out) since spices are so ridiculously marked up there.  We have an extra freezer, so it's full of bags of spices and sprouting seeds.
Healing Heat.

This even removes the manual chopping.

Put everything in the cooker.  Add Water.  Push a button.  Think ya can handle it?

After Cooking for a few hours.

And 8 hours later.....the finished product.  The beans are perfect.  They keep their form so beautifully in the slow cooker.
Also LOVING the Miracle Rice Cooker and happy about the stainless steel interior.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse, Day 9 and 10. Sexy Sprouting.

Vermiculite.  A Lazy Girl's Soil Medium.
 This is what happens when I don't have dates in the house.  I start sprouting.  While I am still lamenting the lack of sweet in my diet (I keep flirting with the BlackStrap Molasses I have for Raw Ginger Cookies), I actually started sprouting again. This happens in spurts.  Sprout for awhile until a few batches get moldy because I am a terrible parent, and then decide to give them a break.  The SproutPeople talk about using Vermiculite for an easy soil medium and it does work well.  Just make sure you get Horticultural grade.  I have been sucking down herbal teas and mate. Feasting on Arugula and Olives.  Never buy Planter's Walnuts.  They aren't fresh at all.....This was the only brand when I went to the little market.  Does anyone know a good online source for cheap, raw, organic nuts? I would settle for organic, from the States.

My babies are growing up in the Easy Sprout.  Time to liberate them!

My Indoor Garden.  We do have an old house, but hopefully it won't actually snow on them.


The Grass is ready to Grow.

No Sunblock for them.

Folks Healing Kale Powder.
My parents have a garden full of Kale and they dehydrated some of it and ground it up in the Vita-Mix to create their own "green powder".  An easy and awesome way to preserve the Kale Crop.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c