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-Mahatma Gandhi

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bladder Blues. Did chicken cause your bladder infection? Anupy's Arsenic & UTI Free, Tradtional Vegan Zero Chicken Curry. Bill Maher & Jane Lynch for "Weinerlogues" and Belly Laughs.

Bladder Infections got ya down??  I remember lots of girls having chronic problems with bladder infections and they got worse when they travelled to a high meat consumption country!  Never put the two together, until now.  But turns out you may save money on all that cranberry juice by just ditching the meat!  There's more to E Coli than we realize!  Millions of women get UTI's a year!  Billions of dollars of healthcare a year.  ExtraIntestinal E coli.  Hundreds of Thousands of Lives lost a year. 1648 types of food tested, and chickens were the worst!

So try some Arsenic Free.  Chicken Free. Cholesterol Free. And healing spice filled
Veganized Chicken Curry.  Most of Anupy's "The Indian Slow Cooker" book is already Vegan. most wives, we like to please our husbands.  And her husband loves Chicken Curry.  Turns out he actually prefers it with zero veggies.  I prefer it with zero chicken.  So I just used a lot of veggies and veganized the dish (Apologies to Anupy's husband).  I can't wait for her next All Vegan book to come out in 2012!  

Dr. Oz really NEEDS Anupy!!  Deepak is okay.  Andrew Weil is okay-but did you know he was the one who tattled on Ram Das & got him fired from Harvard??  Rumor has it  Weil was a Wee bit jealous because Ram was hanging out with the students and they really dug him.  So Weil told on him!
These guys are okay, but not my favorites.  Enough Indian Spiritual Men.  Enough Overweight Holistic Health Men.  It's cool that they are getting some different information out there,  but sometimes a few people get all the fame!  Anupy can show everyday people how to cook for pennies and uses all of the "must have" spices!  Hot Peppers, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cloves, Fenugreek!

Of course  now I have my handy dandy Spice Tiffin and it takes me all of 10 seconds to dish out all those spices!

This is "Methi" or Fenugreek.  Leaves.  Often you buy the seeds but this recipe uses the leaves.  Supposed to be  great for helping blood sugar.  I was surprised at what a mild flavor they had.  

I don't usually keep this stuff around, but splurged for this dish.

"Dump & Push".  SO easy.  Get your slow cooker out now for the winter time!
You don't have to subject yourself to pounds of GMO canola oil to get your Punjab on.
Zero Oil!!  Zero Cholesterol!!  Lots of healing spices like Turmeric (Curcumin) that is being touted everywhere for reducing inflammation and may even help prevent/slow Alzheimer's.  Methi for blood sugar.  Cayenne for the heart & metabolism.  

These were just some of the veggies I put in there!!  Later during cooking I added mushrooms and whatever else I could find that might be going bad!  Beans & Zucchini from my parent's garden.

Just dump everything in the pot.  Run around the house.  Clean.  And in my house, maybe one room would be done by the time this was done!

Topped with fresh cilantro and onions.  Everything tastes better with Raw Onions! 

Just another amazing dish from Anupy.  And it had a slightly different flavor because of the fenugreek & Yogurt.  Great way to get your veggies in & also use up whatever you have in your fridge!  During gardening season, you got your dish for Zucchini!

These are my helpers.  She is truly a "touched by fire" artist.  She can't really function normally or bother with being cordial 24/7 because she is slightly tormented.  Creating.

Here she is being a bookmark in "The Indian Slow Cooker" Book.  She gets ticked when I give anything or anybody more attention than her.

And since I need to belly laugh (hence all the "Weiner" Posts) because at heart I truly am a bit over serious.........Well going with the "Weiner" Theme.  I have to stress that Bill Maher did not write this script!  These words are from Mr. Weiner's conversation with the "Blackjack Dealer".  Nothing Changed.  No embellishments!  Warning. Slightly Adult Content! It does  have a couple of  "bad words".  But it was on the HuffPost so it's not that bad!
And it may result in a belly laugh.  Think they need to be sucking carrots in the future though.......based on all of the videos from recent posts!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Weiner Warts. STD's from Meat? HPV in the Kitchen. "No Honey, it wasn't another man. Just a slab of bacon". "Cock Cancer". It's not Just For the Chickens.


Seriously, I didn't even know what HPV was until I saw all the constant ads for the vaccine and then the Perry (not with an "A") and Bachman (no relation to Bach) about the Pro's and Con's of Mass Vaccination.  Oh Lord, all the girls will have premarital sex if they get the vaccine.  Oh no, all the girls will die of cervical cancer if they don't get the vaccine.  Oh no, the vaccine will kill all the girls.  
Dr. Greger suggested on his Facebook page that maybe Michele Bachman might want to change her approach if she were really concerned about preventing HPV.  Turns out that it may not only be spread by, gasp, sex.  Or intimacy.  Or Towels.  But Pigs.

 Wart Free Food!  Vegan Burgers & Home Fries at Vega-Deli.  Vega-Deli is a great little Vegan Eatery in Chesterfield.  We don't make it there much because it's a bit of a trek.  But good eats and they will be at "Taste of St. Louis" (September 23-25th) this weekend!  Usually Vegans wouldn't even bother with walking around the Rib, Toasted Ravioli, Barbecue-well I just call it "Clog me up" Central-but Vega-Deli will be there this year & may even have some "living" foods!  

Apparently Poultry Workers get what are called "Butcher's Warts" and now there is a landmark study that has studied the rates of multiple types of cancers in poultry workers-so people who are handling raw meat.  Turns out they have much higher rates of many cancers including mouth, tongue, esophageal, nasal cavities, and rectal anal-just to name a few.  Seems that "cooking" the poultry will get rid of these potentially deadly Wart Viruses, but the problem is that raw meat can touch anything in your kitchen.  So if you have any raw poultry in your kitchen at anytime, it may be that you have a potential HPV virus in your home.  And not on your junk.  But on your kitchen counter.  Waiting to get to your junk, and a whole lot more......Well, that's what I understood from this video.

Raw Vegan Lasagna at Vega-Deli.
No HPV in ingredient list.

The video talks about a guy who ate a LOT of pork-and got a huge tumor on his penis.  He quit the pork. The tumor went away.  I am sure more research will be done in this area, well, maybe if the the Poultry Industry doesn't put the kibosh on it.  But the study even suggests that the very low rates of cervical cancer in Israel may because they eat so little pork.  I knew bacon could do a lot of bad stuff to your body, but it totally creeps me out that you can get warts on your junk, any kind would be bad enough, but the cancerous type, that you could get an STD from Poultry?  Yikes.  I'll take the Tempeh Bacon anyday.  And if you are still anti-tempeh, even after you  read the Tempeh, Tofu, Teats, & Tamoxifen. Soy and Cancer post,  then make some raw vegan eggplant bacon.

Anupy Singla's Magical Masala Tofu.  

I know most of you peeps don't live around, near, or have even flown through St. Louis....But calling all St. Louis Peeps.  Tenth Life is a Wonderful Cat Rescue and they have having a 5K October 15, in Tower Grove Park.  Not a "Cancer Run" to make money for "Cancer Research" for "Drug Companies".  But a "Hissin' Hustle" to make money for cute, adorable little cats that are in dire need.  They take on some serious stuff and we should help them out!  I haven't run since the night before our friend's service, but will break the Vibrams out for this, and hopefully not break a toe in the process.  I saw another 1/2 marathon but that was in 2 weeks or something and then thought I was just delusional after not running for months.  I just assume with some green smoothies, chia, hemp, and maca magic that my body will run if I want it to.  Either I am just blissfully ignorant, or actually optimistic-which isn't a general personality trait of mine.  Jaded Optimism.  Sign up and wear your most flamboyant Vegan Gear!

Tenth Life Hissin' Hustle 5k and CatWalk, presented by Carol House Furniture

Tower Grove Park

Saturday, October 15, 2011 @ 9:00 AM

And I had to include some videos from some early morning rambles...........GPG was able to pull Nina, who was living on the streets her whole life.  She has TVT and is being treated for that currently.  She is probably heartworm positive as well, as most of the kids we pull are-and now they have no heartworm meds. in the whole country to treat them!  Something happened with the supply, and now they have to try to treat the heartworm differently, until the supply is available again.  This rescue was done in East St. Louis.  Her kids, Nigel & Nigella are still on the street.  This was a "lucky" rescue, as the dogs don't always go in the trap within minutes!

This video is just "part of the route".  Pj makes sure that these kids get fed.  These were just a handful of the dogs on her route.  Also, Leela (Dinah's puppy) is shown here.  It's kind of gratifying because in the video she is running on the streets of East St. Louis, and Pj has zero hopes of getting her at this point.  But as you see, in the final video, Leela did end up getting rescued and is now up for adoption!!  Pj and PuppyPaul spent about 4 hours, after devising a way to get her, waiting in the sewer with tarps & pulleys.  I got an elated call that day-exclaiming that "Leela" was ready for her "Adoption Video Debut".  All of these videos & dogs are from East St. Louis.

And here's Leela. The first day of her "new life".  It's all the things I do in my life that actually eat money up or make none that I enjoy the most.  It is so evident what is truly valuable when you surround yourself with other people who aren't really chasing the dollar.  Dog Rescue work is also interesting, because it is a really diverse group of people.  I wouldn't say that the majority of peeps are into animal rights at all, and I'm not sure, but there are probably a fair amount of more conservative peeps as well.  Which is diversity in my it's funny-sometimes I feel like a minority!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toxic Cock Syndrome. It's not just in the Apple Juice. 92% are Poopy Cocks. Scat Chat..

 Think Apple Juice is Poison??  Ha!!
 Turns out that nothing is quite as Toxic as Good ol' Cock.

Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz....Sigh.....I already rolled my eyes when your entire show was about apple juice made with non-organic apples from China instead of talking about Milk made right here in the good ol' US of A.  But if you are going for the arsenic angle.....think you might have missed the boat a little.  Maybe we should talk about......

Toxic Cocks.  Well, we already know from Dr. Greger & my last post "Weiner Woes. Smaller Shorter Schlongs may be caused by Eating Cocks".  But aside from shortening your stick, could the cock you eat be toxic as well?  Yep, turns out Oz should have had an entire show talking about poultry consumption.  But we can't blame this one on China.  Apples, yeah, brush off and act like the Chinese people are so much crazier then we are with their pesticide use.  But what about Chickens raised in the United States, our "First World" Wonder?  Our much coveted "chicken breast"?  Arsenic.  It's not just for rat poison anymore.  Nope, turns out that while apple juice with apples grown in China may contain up to 36 ppb, Chicken may have as much as 430 ppb.  Americans eat 3 times as much chicken as they drink apple juice, which means there could be 30 times the risk from eating chicken!

Why would there be arsenic in chicken??? Because the Poultry Industry Feeds it to them!!!!

And if arsenic wasn't enough.......I like scat, SINGING.
Not this, um, literally, shit.

From Dr. Greger's ( site:

"Every year about two million pounds of arsenic-containing chemicals have been fed to chickens in the United States. Why would the industry do such a thing? When tens of thousands of birds are crammed into filthy, football field-sized sheds to lie beak-to-beak in their own waste they can become so heavily infested with internal parasites that adding arsenic to the feed to poison the bugs can result in a dramatic increase in growth rates. Also, arsenic can give the carcass a pinkish tinge, which consumers prefer."

Yeah, you might want to consider making Anupy's Arsenic, Poop And Chicken Free Curry from "The Indian Slow Cooker" book.  Made with Free Range Veggies.
Post to come!

And if you are into Scat, this is the Shit.  And I don't mean the kind that's in chicken!

Try it at Home!

But with your Scat-Free Curry, you may want to listen to this....Some Tight Polyphonic Scat.  Well, an Indian type of "scat".  Loved it!!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weiner Woes. Smaller Shorter Schlongs may be caused by Eating Cocks. Videos!

Like I  said before, I don't really have "talent" crushes so  much in the "normal" sense.  Like famous people, artists, musicians, celebrities, but ya know, some of the vegan "movers & shakers" inspire a "talent infatuation".  Like I bow to your feet for changing the world in such an amazing way and then if you are super creative & hilarious as hell on top of that, well, definitely major pluses.  We all like funny men (and women)  but one man (Dr. Greger)  is cracking me up, usually very early in the morning!  Today I got up at 5:00 anticipating a rescue (in East St. Louis) of a pup who has lived on the streets for SO many years.  But it got postponed so the "feeding route" didn't take more than an hour.  I get home and what headline do I see??

For A More Energetic Erection Try:  Raw Vegan Cocoa-Mole Vegan Pudding.  Now we know why Elizabeth Kucinich is always smiling!

Well there ya go.  Think we have the men's attention now!  (And if you want their "attention" to    "stand" at attention.....well there's more to "come" on that too).                                                               Hopefully if your man is A Member of The Tea Party or A Republican, they have already "Stopped the Pork".  We know not all men like "Excess Pork"!! 
For A Bigger Bang Try: Blueberry, Kale, Banana Smoothie.
What?? Eating "Cocks" affects the girth of your own?  Yikes! Scary Stuff there!  Why?  Phtlalates!  Phtlalates are chemicals that are used in everything-everything like pesticides, plastics, and paints.  But Dietary Phtlalates didn't really get their fair share of scrutiny until the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences published a landmark study last year.  They studied prenatal clinics in California, Minnesota, and our own favorite gun totin' state, Missouri!   The biggest dietary sources?  Poultry!  Think it's the plastic packaging??  Not.  These Nasty Penis Shrinkers show up in Dairy & Eggs too!

For More Man in your Meat try: Vegan Keema from "The Indian Slow Cooker Book".
For a more  Wonderful Weiner try: Aloo Gobi from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker(Curried Cauliflower and Potatoes)

For a More Delicious Dipstick Try:  Raw Vegan Spinach Dip from "Rawsome" book.
For a More Delightful Dong Try: Raw Vegan Pad Thai
So next time you are bowing down to your favorite vegan icon, try not to hit your head on his Supersized Schlong on your way back up.  Or, according to this, you might just want to stay down there!!

This is from an OkayCupid Poll!!  Just another, um.....selling point of veganism!
According to this OkayCupid Poll, Vegans are gettin' it on "Bill Clinton" Style!!  But EVEN Bill Clinton is Vegan Now!!  Watch Bill Clinton & Sanjay Gupta on CNN on "The Last Heart Attack"!

black hunter rain boots-hunter labins laceup high heel rain boots

And ya might need these amazing vegan boots while you're down there, ya know, rainboots, in case it gets too wet! 
 Oh Dear Hunter Boot Company, Please send me this pair of Boots in Size 9!  Why did you have to make this impractical boot that I love so much?

And if Your Man isn't Going to Veganize for a Plumper Prick, well ya just might need to pick up one of these!  Sexy Silicone.

Photo of Big Boss Vibe
The Big Boss

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pray for the Pigs. Farm Animal Sanctuary Pleas for Help: Donations Doubled through the end of September 30, 2011. Watch Piggies Play! George Harrison "Piggies".

Farm Sanctuary needs our help!  I got a call last Friday Night, and it was from the Folks at the sanctuary.  They are desperate to get their enclosure built before the cold.  The enclosure would be a place on site where they could perform medical procedures, have vet check ups, etc...Right now they have to transport animals individually for a lot of procedures-this requires more money, time & transportation.  If they are able to have a vet come on site, they will be able to treat many animals in one visit, all year long.  The urgency is because it is getting cold there already and because if you donate prior to the 30th of September, your gift will be matched.  The video above is short, non-graphic, and explains Farm Sanctuary's mission.  Mary Tyler Moore, Joan Jett, and Kim Basinger make appearances in vintage videos as well!  Please help these guys if you are able.  Even 10 bucks gets them 20 right now, and they are in dire need.  

The video above is a short clip of Piglets playing.  I wish that I could be part of an organization like this here, but unfortunately, nothing like this place exists in the St. Louis region.  Although dogs & cats are nearly worshipped here, pigs are more likely to end up as bacon and heart disease, then an actual sentient being.  I truly believe that if the people who are already so connected and so passionate about their dogs had a chance to hang out at Farm Sanctuary, that they would walk away with some new perceptions.  Pigs are actually smarter than dogs!  To me there is so much bitter irony about the risks we will take as humans to save dogs and the utter lack of thought we give that in order to eat that burger, that a beautiful creature died.  And not in a "pretty" way.  There is a reason that people are trying to create laws to prevent you from even photographing the OUTSIDE of factory farms-even from a public street.  My hope is that the love for our dogs & cats will at some point in time extend to other sentient beings.  That we won't continue to practice specieism.  Americans are so quick to judge other cultures that use dogs and cats in their fur trade, or that use in them in their culinary arts-however a lot of plant based peeps have that same horror and bewilderment about eating pigs, cows, milk & cheese.

Short video talking about their dire need for an enclosure prior to the frigid winter.

Emily Deschanel on the annual "Walk for Farm Animals".  Click for your local chapter!
If you are in the St. Louis Area, the walk is October 22, 2011 in Tower Grove Park.  And there are usually vegan goodies there afterwards as well! St. Louis Walk for Farm Animals 2011 Facebook.  If you want to "sleep in" and donate?  Click "Sleep In" to do the Sleep In campaign!

But let's show the the "hip" states that St. Louis has it going on-and that just because we live in "Cardiac Arrest Cattle Country" that we still have lots of amazing, beautiful peeps that choose to pet and not eat cows, and pigs, and birds and donate to St. Louis Farm Animal Sanctuary Walk!  Donate below!

All this talk of Piggies, made me remember one of my favorite songs from growing up-"Piggies".
And this is weirdly perfect as someone animated it and there are spanish subtitles!  Written by my favorite beatle, George Harrison, as a social commentary on corporate greed.  Hmmmmm.....things don't change a whole lot.  

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Carrots, Coffee & Cancer. Jess, the Groovy Gorgeous Gerson Girl.

Somehow I have accidentally, for the time being, became a blogger.  And with that, I have started reading blogs.  I try to keep up with several of my faves, but the one I never skip is the Wellness Warrior blog written by Jess, the Gerson Girl extraordinaire.  Follow my previous link "The Groovy Gerson Girls" to find out more about Jess & her mum, who are both using the Gerson therapy to heal their cancers.  Usually Jess sticks to writing, but we are so thankful that another Sexy Cancer Chic nudged her to Vlog.  Tears filled my eyes when I saw her talking about the Gerson Therapy.  Tears of sadness that such a young lady has been been given such an "obstacle" to overcome, compounded with the diagnosis of her mum earlier this year.  And Tears of Joy that she is somehow taking this really difficult experience and using it to transform the world.  Her honesty & sincerity are so apparent here & you will just fall in love with her.  She is answering some questions about the Gerson therapy, the cost, paying attention to details (even those that don't make sense to you), going to the clinic, and what it takes to actually do the therapy-an open mind and a true will to survive.  Jess is a truly inspirational young lady and has wisdom beyond her years and I feel so grateful that she is sharing what she has learned with the world.  The "Carrot & Coffee" Chemo Plan.  (It's really more than that!  But it is an awful LOT of that!!)

Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases
Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses
The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses

Gerson Therapy Recipes with Detailed Cooking Instructions
Gerson Therapy Recipes with Detailed Cooking Instructions

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer
A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer

And of course, I had to throw in some dogs!  Pj of Gateway Pet Guardians goes EVERY single day to East St. Louis to feed, care for & rescue the dogs there.  She's the gal in the video.  Right now we are needing fosters for Nigel & Nigella, who have been on the streets for years.  We had to rescue Nina, their mom for medical treatment.  I really want to get these guys this week!!  We have lots of footage of these guys in 9 degree weather to 100 degree weather from the last year (when we started to video).   Of course if you are in the area at all, and want to ride along-contact us!  I feel very strongly that the most important thing that each of us can do, is to just bear witness and speak.  We cannot take every single animal, nor feed every single starving child, nor stop every case of domestic violence in this moment.  But what we can do, is keep our eyes open, bear witness to what is happening in the world, and speak.  Share with others.  I believe that this has a profound effect in the world.

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