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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kucinich. Vegan. Spontaneous Vegan Phat Midwest Vegan Cookout.

Grilled Squash, Peppers, Barbecued Tofu, Potatoes & Corn.

A few pictures from an impromptu Vegan Barbecue.  Hubby loves to cook out in the summer.  Something manly about fanning flames while drinking some barley malt.  Just a few pictures of some VeganPhat Food.  So he really digs the firm tofu with Barbecue Sauce.  His favorite brand is Organicville and he puts about half the bottle on prior to cooking, and uses the remaining 1/2 while he cooking.

Squash with Mountain Rose Salt Free Herbs, touch of water, Pepper.

Hubby likes the Italian Style of Tofurkey Brats.  So they aren't the most "unprocessed" stuffs, but zero cholesterol (because only animal foods really contain measurable cholesterol) & much better than those truly fatty brats.....And his fave sauce.  Organicville brands tend to be pretty good & tasty-but sweet.  Seems like most have agave in them (which I don't use any longer)-and a bit pricey.  But ingredients tend to be organic & so hopefully less chance of major GMO explosion in tummy.

Final Cooked Summer Squashes.

Taters & Garlic.  We get organic reds for grilling.  Seems potatoes soak up lots of stuff from the soil, so rumor has it that we need to make them organic.

Peppers & Onion for hubby's brats.

Hubby loves his Brats.  You really need to watch these on the grill as they may be oily for "vegan food" they aren't oily like meat & only need to cook briefly, to "warm up".  If you overcook them, they will dry out.

Oh I miss you summer, but not really the months on seemingly endless 104 degree (F) temps. Ouch.  Summers in St. Louis truly suck weatherwise.  You can't buy enough sunblock & the long sleeve sunclothes get old after awhile.  And your car doors and house door and all your doors have even more white smears on them from your obnoxious "mineral sunblock".  So if solely for the UV factor, I welcome fall.  Oh, and I can break out the slow cookers!

Elizabeth Kucinich talking about Vegan & Politics. 

From Politico article:

Kucinich says members of Congress, of all people, should be switching to a vegan diet.

“Many people in Congress, and other places, have lots of different diseases that other people have got, too, like diabetes or high blood pressure, cholesterol and things. So just by talking to them about plant-based diets being the way to go, that there’s no cholesterol in plant food, for example, that really helps using legislative vehicles as a way to converse with people.”

Also not helping Kucinich’s cause? The president.

“It’s a shame when Michelle Obama is out there fighting the good fight, trying to get people thinking about their diet and then somebody else very close to home is doing a very different kind of photo-op,” said Kucinich, referencing the president’s various stops at hamburger joints.

And one of the only peeps in the Political Arena that are Vegan and have the balls to speak out about Monsanto.  Their crops get more political welfare than Big Bird ever will & I just don't hear either party actually talking about it.  Sad.  Eat organic.  Eat as close to the source as possible so you don't have to call about every random ingredient that could be corn derived.  Shop at co-ops and Whole Foods and health food stores if you want to get packaged foods and even then, read the labels.  There are a LOT of decent companies that are labelling with the Non-Gmo project-and these co-ops & Whole Foods have a lot more products that will label "non gmo" in their ingredient list.  But if you truly want to give GMO's out of your life, then you even have to think about what you wear, because cotton is apparently also a large GMO crop.  Organic Cotton & Hemp are other options..........

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  1. Wow, I'm full! That's a lot of good vegan chow.

  2. There is so much going on here! Already missing the summer cookout photos. Tht corn looks perfect.
    Also, right on Dennis Kucinich! I wonder if he talks to Bill Clinton about it much.