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-Mahatma Gandhi

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Food Matters" Film Free For One Week. My Melons Aren't the Problem Sir. Dr. G on Listeria Hysteria. Wild Dog Chases. Bill Maher & Rick Santorum.

Food Matters is going be free October 2-8, 2011.  But you have to just sign up!
Click on the "Sign Up for Free Food Matters" film and see Part 1 right now!  This is a great movie & you should sign up!!  Share Please!!

Elizabeth Kucinich on Capitol Hill by VegTV
Talking about the subsidies that make us sick.

Listeria Hysteria
Dr. G has a new blogpost about the recent Melon Madness.  It's funny, funny strange not funny hysterical, that Melons get SO much press when 85% of Listeria is caused by Meat.  Most of the time when Fruits & Veggies are contaminated, it is from Factory Farm runoff or byproducts of Factory Farming.  If we didn't cram animals in small places and call them "livestock", giving them zero space to move, feeding them tons of drugs, and not cleaning up their massive amounts of feces in a proper way-these outbreaks wouldn't really exist.  They just don't need to exist.  They exist because of greed.  Money is more important than human lives, animal lives, or our environment.  Just one of the joys of our "free market" in which the Meat & Dairy industry is somehow heavily subsidised (how is that a free market??).  This listeria outbreak may actually be from human sludge this time.  Looks like we aren't really handling that properly either.  It seems like we think if we throw something out, that it somehow won't come back to us.  We throw all our old electronic stuff out and ship them to China.  Then our kids get poisoned with Lead paint and other toxic substances, often made with the very stuff we shipped there in the first place!  Ironic or Karma?  But the Melon Market doesn't really have all of the subsidies to "protect themselves" against the Media War.  Check out Dr. G's post to find out about what is really causing foodborne illnesses in the States.

And just another Saturday Morning.  Pj & the Crew (I am behind the camera) on an EARLY Saturday Morning Adventure.  Pj, of Gateway Pet Guardians, and the Gateway Girls are looking for Dodie's Puppies.  Pj feeds these dogs every single day, and then tracks them if they are pregnant.  She isn't sure if Dodie does have pups or not, but suspects she might.  (Sometimes the dog is pregnant but the puppies die).  What does looking entail?? It entails going through abandoned homes.  Homes that are falling to the ground.  The floor is covered with the walls and part of the ceiling.  Debris is everywhere.  The floors are rotted through in parts.  Then we go through the wooded area, looking, listening for signs.  We talk about "3rd World Countries" in the States.  As if the States really has it all worked out.  I assure you that if you have been to East St. Louis, you will realize that we have not taken care of our own.  We have forgotten the people, the city, the environment there.  There has been massive corruption there, but instead of actually dealing with it, it seems the State of Illinois has "ignored" it and moved on.  I have been there a lot, but it still blows my mind just a little bit how places like this can exist within our "First World Wonder".  

Raw Vegan Pad Thai from VegaDeli.  Look for upcoming Vegan Taste of St. Louis Post.

Something that made me very sad and shocked.  I am jaded, but I did think it at least wasn't socially acceptable to be anti-gay in public anymore.  Does keeping "sex" out of it mean that Soldiers can't hang photos of their women on the walls or visit prostitutes? I am no longer voting democrat (unless the threat from the other side is just too much) but since I actually like blacks, Jews, Palestinians, Muslims AND Gays, then that puts me at pretty strong odds with the "other side".

Something that cracked me up.  I need to belly laugh fairly regularly.  I like the part about the drive thru partial birth abortions.

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What do you vegans & animal lovers do about politics??  What do you do when there is No One to vote for?  I feel a little defeated these days by the majority of the blowhards in office.  I will not quit voting, but not sure what to do at this point. As you can see from the above link about Jay Nixon, I am in no hurry to vote for him.  Missouri has gifted the States with some real "gems" like members of the Blunt Family, John Ashcroft, and Todd Akin.  But if the "other" side doesn't offer any refuge, I refuse to vote for them.  Jay Nixon is continuing to work with opponents of the Puppy Mill Law to further weaken an amendment for which had already passed by the Missouri Voters.  


  1. I feel the same way you do about voting. It's hard to know what to do because there just doesn't seem to be any good choices.

    The cantaloupe reminds me of the spinach thing several years back. I was a produce inspector then and remember having to pull all of the spinach from the warehouse to be destroyed. So many people thought that it was the spinach's fault & had no idea it was from farm run off.

  2. I was just last night thinking the exact same thing regarding some things English politicians have said. So difficult to know who to vote for - haven't decided where I stand yet.

  3. I have always voted for the green party, since I started voting and funny enough that year was the year the green party got to the electoral list in Italy. Here in NZ it is not a big party, but it is bif and influential enough, it gets several votes and at least couple of sits in Parliaments. What about in the US, does it exist? Or do you only have two parties?

  4. @Allessandra. We do have "Green" party but most places it gets a very small vote! And they have never made it to become a true 3rd party as far as presidentally. Right now the US is slightly hijacked by a religious right that often seems intolerant to a lot of other types of cultures. There is no "Animal Party" unfortunately. I think the benefit of a lot of other countries, is that you simply can't get "as rich" as you can in the States. It takes some of the emphasis off of money and maybe then every decision isn't based on a business interest. It's really sad here-we have the education but people can't look further than the present moment or a few months down the road. They never think of the impact their decisions will have on generations to come. It doesn't matter if they pollute every single thing now, because the money they get now is more important than if kids have clean drinking water in the future. It's a really strange disconnect. They don't get that you can't "buy" your way out of ill health. NZ rocks, right?? My vegan friend just went there and she ADORED it and wants to move there now!! She is even contemplating working there for a few years!! It does sound lovely! I think I will vote green next time just because I am so disgusted with the Democrats at this point as well.........

  5. I'd love a solution to the whole voting thing, too--both sides pretty much just say the same thing and have the same ridiculous problems and inefficiencies. I won't give up voting, either, it's too important, I'd just like someone good to vote for! Or even someone "okay enough" at this point...

    Off to check out food matters and melons.

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  7. Gorgeous Pad Thai! Glad Dennis' wife isn't just for lookin'.

  8. I don't get in to politics here in Australia - I just always vote green! Looks like you are doing amazing work with the puppies. I would never have thought there would be homes like that in the US.
    And thanks for the heads up for food matters - looks awesome!

  9. I thought Rick Santorum was gay?

  10. @FoodFeud! Ha! Who knows!!!! So many of the die hard "Gay is Against God" people get caught with their pants down with another dude, or an underaged person, or a prostitute! Anything is possible, for SURE!!!! I think his last name just has some, um, suggestive imagery!