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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blatant Kale Propaganda: Kale Tee Shirts Rule.

So exhausted of seeing "Milk Moustache" tees and tv ads (Yum, a pus-filled, Prion Delite), I thought it was time to investigate the Vegan's Answer to Blatant Food Propaganda.  Seems that the Kale movement is quite strong at the moment, and we can work with that.  Kale is awesome for at least a zillion reasons but one is that it is the highest ranked veggie on the ORAC scale (which means it kicked Spinach's butt), it has cancer fighting indoles, and a bucketful of calcium.  I personally put it in smoothies, make kale chips, fry it up in a cast iron pan, or make raw kale salad.  It grows nearly year 'round in a lot of climates, and it's just magic.  

Eat Kale, Not Cow Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Shirt.

Eat Kale, Not Cow Tee Shirt from Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.
This time pictured with a very grateful Cow!
Of course your heart, lungs, arteries, prion-free brain, eyes, and all of your beautiful cells be be elated as well.

Kales the New Beef T-shirts
Even Dr. Furhrman is getting in on the "Kale Action".
Dr. Fuhrman's "Kale is the New Beef" Tee Shirt.  Men's & Women's Sizes.

eatmorekaleEat More Kale
"Eat More Kale" Shirt.  Vermont's One of a Kind, Hand Painted, Original Design Shirts.

Kale "Vintage Seed Packet Label"  Shirt
American Apparel

<em>Addicted to Kale</em> Womens Ringer T-<em>Shirt</em>
Addicted to Kale Shirt from Fibers
Lots of colors/styles

Image 1
Herbivore's Aweseome new "Only Kale can Save us Now" shirt.  In Bamboo.
Men's and Women's sizes/styles.

Kale and Pumpkin Tee Shirts from Candle Cafe.  You can call and order these.  Hopefully they will offer them on their website sometime.  They have also had "Beet" shirts and look for more blatant veggie advertising in the future.  Pardon the wrinkles but they just arrived in the mail!!  After seeing JL Goes Vegan and Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Life sporting this Kale shirt, I had to find out the source!

Kale Shirt from Candle Cafe.
Image Source and Credit: Candle Cafe.

I would like to thank "Beyond Willpower"  blog for thinking of "Get Skinny" and gifting me a "Stylish Blogger" award.  The game is to name 7 things about yourself and pass along to 15 new bloggers.

Here are the terms of this award: -Thank the person that gave it to me

- Pass it on to 15 new bloggers
- List 7 things about yourself
- And finally, drop a note in each mailbox letting them know  the terms of this award

1. I hate driving.  I hate highways the most and will do just about anything not to have to drive on a highway.
2.  I eat really late at night.  I grew up with parents who worked at the hospital and never any dayshifts.  So I am used to being up at any hour of the day and also of eating any hour of the day.
3.  I SUCK at fasting.  Yep.  If I go 6 hours without food I will swear to you that I will actually die.  That I simply will keel over, right then and there, and die of starvation.  I am such a wus.
4.  I am perhaps the most disorganized person on the planet.
5.  I have a closet full of mini skirts and 3+ inch heels from when my primary exercise was dancing.  Now I wear five fingers and think it's stupid that I would ever wear any clothing that would compromise my comfort.  I am sure my hubby is so happy that I now live in five fingers & yoga pants (yeah, that's really sexy).  Maybe if I get a pair of the bright pink 5 fingers!
6. I have a fantasy of living in a concrete dome home with solar power and a huge garden.  We currently live in a home that could be compared to the movie "The Money Pit" but it's close to everything and gives the cats enough room, as the bipolar Siamese (she was a stray) needs her space.
7.  I am a "mutt" of Bohemian, Danish, and Native American Descent.  However you would only see the Danish and Bohemian is just a euphemism for "disorganized".  The "Danish" makes me deathly fear the sun because I already overdosed on it in my youth and now must look like a person from a different culture leaving my home.  Meaning I am most fully clothed during the heat of the summer.  You might mistake me for a celebrity during the summer, as you may not even recognize me with my hats, dark glasses, and fabric on every inch of my body.

And to pass it along to 15 new bloggers........okay, don't know how "new" they are but here goes.
1. Vegan Backpacker  She won me at photos of vegan grafitti in Buenos Aires.  People always wonder how you could be vegan in BA, the meat capital of the world, but there are actually more fruits and veggies there and people still eat them.  i.e., they don't package a single banana in  plastic.
2. Absurdist Gap witty, sarcastic, supergirl. yeah.
3. Cadry's Kitchen Super great for new vegans also.  Nice, mellow.  
4. Kickin It Raw  A high school senior!!  Great blog and SO cool to see someone so young blogging about raw, vegan stuff!!
5.  Raw girl in Mumbai  How cool!!  Lots of raw Indian style food included!! 
6. Never Ending Voyage  Couple who SOLD it all and is travelling around the world.  They are vegetarian.
7. Abrams Family World Travel.  Man quits job in London and their family of 3 goes out travelling into the world.  She is raw, vegan, yoga, goddess.  

Do you have favorite "veggie shirts"??  Think we need to have a "Kale Collective" where we all advertise the "real superfoods".  Since the Kale, Beet, and Pumpkin Industry obviously don't have the same government funds that the milk industry has, we need to have our own movement!  Maybe instead of a milk mustache we can have Alicia Silverstone smiling with bright green Kale leaves in her teeth!


  1. I love the kale shirts! The Herbivore one is my favorite.

    #5- I can relate. My comfort used to be second to style, but now I'm all about comfort. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the stylish blogger award! I always enjoy your blog, and so it's such a nice surprise to see mine listed here on your award list. I checked out a few of the other blogs, and I look forward to visiting all of them. I like the Vegan Backpacker blog too. It's great for traveling through it vicariously on imaginary vacations until it's time for the next real one!

    I don't envy Alicia Silverstone's new green teeth spokesperson duties! :) I don't have a kale-themed shirt yet, but I'm sure I'll have one in my closet eventually. Thanks for showing all of the cute options that are out there! Right now I'm leaning towards the simple "Kale" shirt from Candle Cafe.

  3. Ohmygoodness! I LURVE kale! I should get one of those tees! Thanks for posting! :D

  4. Sorry for the mega delay in replying. Thanks for the honor! But am not so much vegan these days - theres a grilled chicken on my home page ;)