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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Raw Vegan Cornbread from Mimi Kirk's "Live Raw"

Raw Vegan CornBread from Mimi Kirk's 
Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty

Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty
Mimi Kirk is amazing & has led a fairly interesting life.  From Gurus to working on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  In her seventies, she sports an uber natural beauty, sin botox. She says a little peroxide in a bottle is the "extent" of her manipulating her looks.  Passionate about fresh foods, but not OCD about it & not into one particular style of raw (like no fat, all fat, low glycemic, all fruit, no fruit).  She offers a bit of everything.

Just have to love the colors!! It's so obvious what we should be eating.  This food needs no dye.  Actually, if you aren't careful, the Turmeric will revolt & "dye" without permission!  A girl put a bit too much in a facial mask & had to go kind of "orange" for a few days.  At least her face won't have a lot of fat plaque on it!! (Turmeric is thought to help reduce inflammation & plaques-so being studied for it's effects on Alzheimers).  People also use it to put in their hot drinks, to ease joint pains.

I used frozen corn.  Organic (corn is one of those "dirty" GMO crops-as most is fed to cows).

Happy Fats.  Sunflower seeds have lots of Vitamin E.  Well, everyone knows about "Flax", the "Old school" wonder seed.  Now it has gotten a bit ousted by Hemp & Chia.  

Food Processor.  My idea of "cooking".

Spread on dehydrator.  Square models work best.  If you are seriously thinking about making raw treats, get a square model!  The air flow is better and it's also more conducive to crackers.

After a few hours.

This was a little different than "crackers" as you want cornbread to be more pliable.  You could fully dehydrate to make crackers, but then you would want to spread it out a bit thinner.  The benefit of fully dehydrated goods is that they travel well and last a fair amount of time either in transit or in a jar on your shelf.

The Cornbread was a hit......And it's so pretty!!  

And the dogs.......

Fallon & Shiloh have been rescued from East St. Louis streets and need a forever home.  Horton, poor guy, is STILL waiting.  His girl, Savvy, was rescued by an Angel & Savvy gave birth to 10 puppies.  Oh, GPG needs fosters so badly.  Horton gets along with everyone and seems to get along with all the dogs on the street.  No food aggression.  Just a doll.

Shiloh (son of Fallon) bites Pj's butt.  A love nip!

This kind of things makes these mornings suck.  It's too hard to watch some stuff sometimes (the dogs are fine, well, we didn't see them again, but nothing bad happens in the video!).  You just have to totally detach yourself from the situation.  It's a "situation" and you don't have much influence in it.  Even if they cross okay this time, lots of these dogs are always by busy roads or highways, and you just  have to accept that you have no control over it.  We don't have fosters for all of them.  In addition, most of them need a lot of coaxing and need to get "trapped" to be rescued.  We can't just "pick" most of these dogs up.  Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to even "trap" a dog.  When dogs are "social", they tend to get pulled much more quickly, just because they hop in the car, or it requires no planning.  There are no "animal services" that truly serve these communities, excluding the pound.  The pound is not a hippy, happy, new style place.  I think it is more a enter & die place.  These are truly forgotten cities in Illinois, and in the country.  And industries in this area are located in a nearby city, Sauget, and evade the tax base.  Not only do they skip out on taxes, they are so kind to pollute the environment.   An Indian man, Safir Ahmed, wrote a bit about East St. Louis, and it sounded like even he was in a bit of awe, as this wasn't happening in India (where US companies can routinely do this sort of activity), but right here in the States, our awesome, God fearing country.  Excerpt from "Third World Traveller".

"I'm from India. In Calcutta this would be explicable, perhaps. I keep thinking to myself, 'My God! This is the United States!' "

                                                                               -Safir Ahmed


  1. That cornbread sure looks interesting. I have an old school dehydrator. Probably need to get a new one. I'm so glad Shiloh and Fallon were rescued; it looks like Horton is ready to go too!

  2. Frozen corn not raw :o( All frozen vegetables and fruit are blanched to kill the enzymes so they will keep longer, sad but true. ALL nuts are cooked too (washed and dried) unless you pick them from the tree yourself, they have been heated. Better leave the frozen stuff for the cows. Looks pretty though.