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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meat Lovers Go Vegan. "Vegucated" Movie. Fiery Indian Eggplant from "The Indian Slow Cooker". Why do we ignore a plant based diet for disease prevention? Miles Davis's Childhood Home in East St. Louis.

Fiery Eggplant from "The Indian Slow Cooker Book" by Anupy Singla.

I adore eggplant in all forms but hate that often recipes require oil to bake it.  It is harder to get the whole effect with just water when you are cooking on the stovetop, but the Slow Cooker (crockpot) changes all of this!  Since the food is cooked over such a long period of time, the veggies break down to create their own moisture.  Anupy's recipe did call for oil, but I just used a little bit of water instead and the end result was fabulous and guilt free.  I am a lazy vegan like that.  I don't want to have to work any harder than I need to in order to rid myself of my emotional eating calories!

What is also cool with all of her recipes is that they are all "healing".  And the black one on the plate above is called "Nigella".  

Of course hot peppers are touted to boost metabolism and may be heart helpful.

Turmeric has been said to help inflammation and may even be helpful in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's.

You can buy these spices cheap at any International Store or you can order online if you want organic/fair trade from Mountain Rose Herbs.

I always keep my ginger in the freezer so it doesn't get soft.  Keeps forever in there and easy to grate.

For the Indian Slow Cooker, you can really use any tomatoes.  I use Roma probably because an affordable organic version usually exists.  Not the most flavorful, but seems that it is more for brothy effect.  If I don't have the tomatoes, then I just put some tomato paste in and make do.  For an eggplant dish though, I would try to use real tomatoes!

Blend all that stuff up!

Dump and Push.  My kind of cooking.  Lazy Vegan Wife.

Like Magic and never burned! 

'Tis the season to drag that slow cooker out!  Stock your pantry full of dried beans, spices, and veggies. Make sure you keep cilantro around.  And you can cook for months!  The Nigella gave this the coolest flavor and it seriously tasted like pizza to me!  LOVED it!!  

A great new movie, "Get Vegucated", is making the rounds.  What happens when you put Die Hard Meat Lovers on a Vegan Diet?  Looks like a great film!

Could "The Tomato Effect" be preventing us from talking about cures for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and the like??  Check out Dr. G's Video (NutritionFacts.Org).

And a clip of Gateway Pet Guardian's East St. Louis Feedings.  This day was crazy!!  Pj pointed out Miles Davis's Childhood home to me, and can you tell I was surprised?  It may be that the family cannot keep up with the vandalism there, but it is incredible to me that his home is in this state of ill repair.  We also run into another beautiful woman who feeds Malcolm and his friends on her way to work.

Weiner Warts.  STD's from Meat? HPV in the Kitchen.  "No Honey, it wasn't another man.  Just a slab of bacon".  "Cock Cancer".  It's not Just For the Chickens.

*Tempeh, Tofu, Teats, & Tamoxifen. Soy and Cancer. You need to know. Anupy's Masala Tofu Scramble Recipe. Get Skinny on Soy? Eggs & Celery.

*Meat eating Tea Partiers and Republicans accepting Welfare? Why Meat Eaters have to PAY for sex.

*Jay Nixon has been Neutered. Bend over & ditch the KY, this is a Rough One. (Just in case you thought it was just Republicans & Tea Partiers that I vented about!)

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  1. That film does look great & that dish looks fantastic!

  2. I love eggplant and Indian food - so this recipe sounds great! I need to get a slow cooker though - and have seen the book you featured at the book store. Where did you get your slow cooker?