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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sanjay Gupta's Shocking Letter. What's more radical, Beans or Bypass Surgery? Drugs couldn't help Bill Clinton, Plants Could. Time to stop ignoring the evidence.

Once Again Sanjay Gupta's "The Last Heart Attack" is delayed due to the Hurricane Coverage! But here is another teaser video Clip and please click on these words regarding treatment for heart disease with Sanjay Gupta. It appears that Sanjay himself may have radically altered his very own diet, after learning about "The China Study", words with Caldwell Esselstyn, and other studies confirming what many have been claiming for decades. That plants can save lives. That you can go in for stent after stent, multiple by-pass surgeries, but the doctors are not Gods and cannot save you from yourself. But there is some very empowering news, well apparently news to CNN. According to many people, we can often (the numbers are actually alarming) save our friends and family from dying just by eating a low fat plant based diet. Not a vegetarian diet. No cheese, No meat, No fish, No dairy. No added oils. And the food can be cheap & delicious.   Sanjay Gupta seems like he is pretty convince that we need to stop ignoring what we already know.   Now we just have to get Anupy Singla on his show to show how cheap and easy Vegan Indian Food can be!!  As one of my gripes is that people say it's expensive or exclusive to be vegan.  Actually, I grew up with parents who were very frugal and we had very little meat in the house.  We ate food from the garden, dried beans, and whole grains.  Because it was cheap & healthy.  They wouldn't spend money on white rice because it had no nutrients.  It was only when I was a little older, and they were financially more comfortable, that they started to allow a lot more junk in the house.  Wealth does not always buy you health!!  But knowledge helps a lot.  They were smart and when they had only a little money, they knew how to use it.  And I am thankful for that upbringing, because if it hadn't been for them, I would probably be eating white rice & white pasta now!  I just wish they ate better now!!!

Tart Whole Pigeon Peas.

Kala Chana.  Black Chickpea Curry from "The Indian Slow Cooker Book". No cooking experience necessary.

Oil Free Humus from "Engine 2 Diet" book.

Eliminating the Number One Cause Of Death WITHOUT DRUGS!!!!.
Dr. Michael Greger's Addictive New Nutrition Facts Website/Blog.

My post on Dr. Greger with links to more books/info.

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  1. i love your posts. you and i have a lot in common! :)

    and damn i need that indian slow-cooker book. i did a series on ayurveda in my blog and as i researched ayurvedic lifestyles I realized that my life is missing one thing - more Indian food!

  2. I'm excited to see Sanjay Gupta's show once it finally airs. It certainly is building up a lot of suspense! The kala chana looks great. It almost makes me wish that I didn't get rid of my slow cookers. (Would you believe that at one time I had three of them?)

  3. I love yr story about growing up frugal and healthy. I get so upset hearing about people saying how exclusive and elitist vegan eating is. "Wealth does not equal health but a little knowledge helps." Right on!

  4. foodfeud is totally right.

    also, i'm replying to your comments right now, plesae go back to my post :) we should trade emails too...



  5. I love your posts, too, and it's terrific that your parents were so smart about the food they bought when they had little money.

  6. I also love your post! :o) I hate that people think it's so expensive to be vegan or to just eat healthy.
    I need to check into "The Indian Slow Cooker Book"...that's some good looking food! I'm also seeing a lot more people mention the "Engine 2 Diet" Book. Looks like I need to check that out too. Love your blog!

  7. I've been trying to tape this show since you first wrote about it - I think at least 3 times it has been pre-empted!