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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vegan London. VitaOrganic. Puppy Rescue. Radius talking to Pj.

Soho, 74 Wardour St.
Soho, UK, W1F 0

When we walked into this little place in Soho, we were immediately drawn to all the wood & the incredibly vibrant food.  But the first time we looked at the menu we got really confused.  There were "menu items", different sizes of plates, a buffet, a plate with a "main", we walked out because a family of four was behind us & we didn't want to keep them waiting.  The funny thing was that we walked back in several minutes later, and the family of four was still trying to figure it out.  

As far as I could tell, most people just do the "buffet", which here means pile whatever you want on your plate-one time.  It's not American after all.  You could also pay more & order a buffet with what they considered to be a "main" dish, but it seemed pretty unecessary.

There was one pretty much "raw" food bar & then one that mostly had cooked & steamed veggies, rices, curried veggies & really nourishing, simple cooked foods.  I chose the mostly raw kale salad, broccoli salad, and loads of shredded veggies.  Very simple.  Some oil.  Some seasonings but very mild.  Perfect for travelling-I just don't like to tax my system that much when bebopping around.  And I was pretty stoked to find food that I wouldn't totally regret eating an hour later (like sugar laden vegan bakery goods!!).

Hubby actually got Kale too!  And some wonderfully warming brown rice & curried veggies with a coconut milk base, warm noodles, veggies, mushrooms, and some other grains. 

They had a pretty large selection of juices & smoothies from the uber green to the cacao maca type decadence.  I opted for a green juice.  

I love that they put Free from GMO AND Irradiation on their sign!  Irradiation isn't even really a word we use in the States.  Unlike the States, Peeps are leery of GMO's in Europe.  It's not that they don't have any, but people are much more reluctant to have them take over.  

The food was so perfect for me, that we ate here twice!  It's central location lent itself to an easy place to stop in, while walking until we could no longer, on the streets of London.  Which may be one of our fave places in the world.  Like a refined "States", yet there is enough chaos to keep it interesting.  And people are just generally friendly. 

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And onto
(East St. Louis & Washington Park, Illinois Stray Animal Rescue)

This is kind of normal.  Pj digging under foundations, saving puppies.  This one was in Washington Park, Illinois.  Where so many homes are "newer", yet abandoned & completely falling down.  Pj & GPG spent hours digging to rescue this little Princess.  Her siblings were rescued on another day.

And then all different feeding days for Radius.  Pj's new love, in East St. Louis.  He is a stray & was always super quiet until he saw that Ol' Man Ellis was in the back of the car, and was getting rescued.  Once he figured out that Pj's car was a viable option, he seems to insist that it will be his option as well. Pj is pretty much wanting to get this guy as soon as the shelter has room or we have a foster.
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