The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.
-Mahatma Gandhi

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kealy and the quest for a skinny butt

Hemp Cabbage Coleslaw from Kris Carr's "Crazy Sexy Diet".

I am a hemp lover.  I wear the stuff.  I eat the stuff.  And even though a lot of people would identify me with the type that smokes it, that's about the only thing I don't do with it.  Hemp Carob Balls,  Hemp Milk, Hemp Butter, Hemp Pants.  I love Hemp!  There was a sale awhile back on Hemp oil of Nutiva, so I stocked up.  It is "hempy" in flavor, so it may taste strong if you are not used to it but I think it's awesome.  Have been making a lot of Cabbage Salads lately.  Organic Cabbage is inexpensive and makes yummy disease fighting food.  Tonight I used the recipe from the "Crazy Sexy Diet" for Hemp Cabbage Coleslaw.  Double Hit of Hemp with Oil and Seeds.  Of course in the states the seeds are shelled........Still gorging myself with Kale and can't wait to try growing it again in the Square Foot Garden.  Last year I had lots of conversations with the Slugs and I do hope they heed my advice of hanging out somewhere else next season.  I hate using poisons and I exhaust myself spraying exotic oils on my greens.  Finally I was powdering DE on the soil near the end of the season, since it is supposed to be natural and safe.  Of course the slugs weren't the only guilty ones.  Apparently word got out that I was running an insect sanctuary and I had a whole eco-system of tiny creatures.  It doesn't help that I poop out when it gets too sunny (I swear I am allergic to the sun-that with my unending sarcasm will reassure that I will never be a 100% glowing, positive thinking raw foodist!).  Ecuador is the new "House Hunters" realty location.  I had already put that bug in hubby's ear, as all the "cool kids" were moving to the "Valley of Longevity".  But obviously the UV rays and I wouldn't get along.  However, an endless supply of fruit........

Nutiva Hemp Oil in a Jar!

And Day 18 I got to start out with a brisk run!! I was joining the girls for the feeding of the stray dogs and I couldn't get the car down the lane.  Hubby was awesome and got all of the ice and snow off, but the tires were on some ice so I couldn't even get it going.  Luckily I could run to my friend's house, so there I was at 7:00 in the morning, in jeans on top of polartec leggings, big boots, big coat, carrying an extra coat in case we broke down or got stuck.  So I guess if I would have had a vision board that I would ever be one of those crazy people that run when it is still dark and cold and icy, that that was the day it finally happened.  By accident of course.  Pretty lucky I didn't fall on ice and actually hurt myself. I did that later, the falling part, not the hurting myself part.  I fell on the curb, which was apparently an entire ice slope, when I got out of my friends car and then I laughed so hard I think that it should be considered "abdominal exercises" for the day.  I had to laugh so hard because we had just gotten back from seeing lots of animals that live on the streets, and it was bitter cold.  Those days are a little tough for me so I just put up a little emotional wall or I simply can't function.  But it is really great to begin your day with incredibly beautiful, radiant, and giving women.  Sets a good energy for the rest of the day.

I wish I could post photos of the feast I had for my afternoon meeting.  But wait, I couldn't use a camera or a phone inside.  It was OR Juice and Smoothie, the one located next to the Bikram place.  I asked for a juice with all greens but she told me it was "too expensive" so I settled on some carrot, Beet, celery concoction.  Double shot of wheatgrass and Raw Nori Rolls.  Plus lots of signs warning that cell phone usage will damage the supplements.  I'm not sure what the camera thing was about.  The CWE location does allow cell phones.  Cameras, I don't know.

OR Juice & Smoothie.  Lots of Raw, Vegan, goodies.  Not all Vegan though, so ask questions!
And today, Day 19.....Made another Whole Foods run.  Hubby ran out of Tofurkey and Daiya Cheese and needed to bring a lunch somewhere.  Me, I had to stock up on Kale to prepare for the next batch of snow.  Plus, it's just therapy for me, shopping at WF, not necessarily buying the Kale.  Today was easy because a lot of older people were there since it was daytime.  A little more laid back crowd.  I was a Wild Oats girl at heart, but I am really happy that at least there is a Whole Foods is in town, and that I can run out and get whatever silly food I want, today I saw Vegan Rice Whipped Cream in a can (I didn't buy it), whenever I want.  I bought a cartful of super good food and picked up the stuff I needed to make Rajmah (Indian Chili) and Black Split Dal (from the Indian Slow Cooker Book)  for hubby's Superbowl Night. Did hit the gym tonight.  No vision board or letter to myself yet, but this weekend will provide a little more time.  And I leave with a video of "Casey The Cat' who is the most adorable little guy.  This shows his capture.  And he needs a home!! Everytime we would go out and feed him he would beg us to bring him home......well, we did!

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