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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bladder Blues. Did chicken cause your bladder infection? Anupy's Arsenic & UTI Free, Tradtional Vegan Zero Chicken Curry. Bill Maher & Jane Lynch for "Weinerlogues" and Belly Laughs.

Bladder Infections got ya down??  I remember lots of girls having chronic problems with bladder infections and they got worse when they travelled to a high meat consumption country!  Never put the two together, until now.  But turns out you may save money on all that cranberry juice by just ditching the meat!  There's more to E Coli than we realize!  Millions of women get UTI's a year!  Billions of dollars of healthcare a year.  ExtraIntestinal E coli.  Hundreds of Thousands of Lives lost a year. 1648 types of food tested, and chickens were the worst!

So try some Arsenic Free.  Chicken Free. Cholesterol Free. And healing spice filled
Veganized Chicken Curry.  Most of Anupy's "The Indian Slow Cooker" book is already Vegan. most wives, we like to please our husbands.  And her husband loves Chicken Curry.  Turns out he actually prefers it with zero veggies.  I prefer it with zero chicken.  So I just used a lot of veggies and veganized the dish (Apologies to Anupy's husband).  I can't wait for her next All Vegan book to come out in 2012!  

Dr. Oz really NEEDS Anupy!!  Deepak is okay.  Andrew Weil is okay-but did you know he was the one who tattled on Ram Das & got him fired from Harvard??  Rumor has it  Weil was a Wee bit jealous because Ram was hanging out with the students and they really dug him.  So Weil told on him!
These guys are okay, but not my favorites.  Enough Indian Spiritual Men.  Enough Overweight Holistic Health Men.  It's cool that they are getting some different information out there,  but sometimes a few people get all the fame!  Anupy can show everyday people how to cook for pennies and uses all of the "must have" spices!  Hot Peppers, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cloves, Fenugreek!

Of course  now I have my handy dandy Spice Tiffin and it takes me all of 10 seconds to dish out all those spices!

This is "Methi" or Fenugreek.  Leaves.  Often you buy the seeds but this recipe uses the leaves.  Supposed to be  great for helping blood sugar.  I was surprised at what a mild flavor they had.  

I don't usually keep this stuff around, but splurged for this dish.

"Dump & Push".  SO easy.  Get your slow cooker out now for the winter time!
You don't have to subject yourself to pounds of GMO canola oil to get your Punjab on.
Zero Oil!!  Zero Cholesterol!!  Lots of healing spices like Turmeric (Curcumin) that is being touted everywhere for reducing inflammation and may even help prevent/slow Alzheimer's.  Methi for blood sugar.  Cayenne for the heart & metabolism.  

These were just some of the veggies I put in there!!  Later during cooking I added mushrooms and whatever else I could find that might be going bad!  Beans & Zucchini from my parent's garden.

Just dump everything in the pot.  Run around the house.  Clean.  And in my house, maybe one room would be done by the time this was done!

Topped with fresh cilantro and onions.  Everything tastes better with Raw Onions! 

Just another amazing dish from Anupy.  And it had a slightly different flavor because of the fenugreek & Yogurt.  Great way to get your veggies in & also use up whatever you have in your fridge!  During gardening season, you got your dish for Zucchini!

These are my helpers.  She is truly a "touched by fire" artist.  She can't really function normally or bother with being cordial 24/7 because she is slightly tormented.  Creating.

Here she is being a bookmark in "The Indian Slow Cooker" Book.  She gets ticked when I give anything or anybody more attention than her.

And since I need to belly laugh (hence all the "Weiner" Posts) because at heart I truly am a bit over serious.........Well going with the "Weiner" Theme.  I have to stress that Bill Maher did not write this script!  These words are from Mr. Weiner's conversation with the "Blackjack Dealer".  Nothing Changed.  No embellishments!  Warning. Slightly Adult Content! It does  have a couple of  "bad words".  But it was on the HuffPost so it's not that bad!
And it may result in a belly laugh.  Think they need to be sucking carrots in the future though.......based on all of the videos from recent posts!

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  1. You don't happen to have any Ginger I could borrow do you?

    (Thanks for clarifying that it's raw onion on top of the Indian food, never would've guessed that).

    The Sapphire Blue Eyes of your Siamese are breathtaking.

  2. @Shenandoah. Oh, I WISH I could pop over & give some Ginger to you!!!! These days the midwest is feeling just a wee bit isolating with all of the political craziness!! I gotta start hanging out with more vegan peeps!!!!
    The Siamese, a stray, is breathtaking in all ways. She is a tormented artist and simply can't function in normal society. Nor does she play well with others. And she prefers my husband. I keep thinking she is a lover of his from a past life or something, as she is particularly fickle with me and he can do no wrong!!!
    Yes, onions!!! Sorry, meant to get back to you on last post but my head gets "cloudy"!! Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have the whole neighborhood of vegans (the fun ones!) so then whenever it was a picnic, or an outing, or a "block" party, you may actually want to go!! I am sending you the ginger telepathically, are you receiving it??

  3. That looks like a great dish! I'll have to check out her new book when it comes out. That's great that it'll be all vegan!

    Your helpers are adorable. <3

  4. Brain fog, been there. Trying to receive the Ginger....Um. Not sure...Keep trying...

  5. Your cats are beautiful! I always loved siamese but none of my four I have are siamese :) Also, I love turmeric and cardamon too!

  6. I've got ginger, too! Will teleport it. Also have found black salt, so I will be doing that Indian Tofu Scramble really soon. Siamese blue-eyed kitty is completely magical. Nice pics!

  7. HAHA OMG. TOO GOOD. That video at the end. Hiiilarious. :D
    Also, hello yummy food and cute kitties! :)

  8. I bet your home smelled amazing!!!!