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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vegan Saucy Punjabi Potatoes

Today I made my husband "Saucy Punjabi Potatoes" on page 100 of "The Indian Slow Cooker".  I just now realized that it was "Saucy" and not "Spicy".  As I saw the word "Punjabi", I just assumed that it was high in heat.  When actually it seems a pretty mellow dish.  I say I made it for my husband because I have kind of sworn off white potatoes.  While Anupy has single-handedly destroyed my "raw food" leaning diet, I can't bring myself to binge on white potatoes.  Well at least not at midnight.

The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes
My new favorite book!
Super easy Indian Food.
You can make nearly every recipe in the
whole book Vegan Style.
I used Yukon Gold variety.  It says 3-4 large potatoes but then it also says about 8 cups.  The Yukon Gold potatoes are pretty small so I went with the 8 cups.  Okay, confessions.  Not only can I not bring myself to eat regular potatoes, I also can't bring myself to skin organic ones.  And honestly, if I had to skin them first, the dish never would have gotten made.  I have an aversion to skinning veggies.  I also left the tomato skins in tact and figured that 9 hours of cooking would probably break them down a lot.  So once again, dump ingredients in and hit button.  Real hard, right?  She makes this so ridiculously easy that I have no excuse not to keep my hubby fed, even if I do go back to my high raw diet.  The potatoes get very cooked and then you can mash some on the sides at the end.  This seems a pattern as it creates this wonderful gravy instead of the more "soupy" way it is prior to mixing/smashing/blending a bit of it.
Hubby is happy with it as a plate of Punjabi Potatoes and Pocket Frogs on the ipad and I don't have to hire a sitter  :)

Saucy Punjabi Potatoes with So Delcious Coconut
Yogurt dolloped on top!  Served with Amla Chickpeas.
Turned out fine with Yukon potatoes and I did not skin the potatoes
or peel the tomatoes.  Maybe not "truly" Authentic, but the recipe got made this way :)
This girl does not skin potatoes.  I am only so "Betty Crocker".
He gets that for dinner tonight along with the Amla Chickpeas from last night.  And of course, cilantro on top of everything and lemon juice on the Amla Chickpeas.  Think he enjoyed the So Delicious Coconut Yogurt I dolloped on the potatoes.  So that little condiment would bring the price up slightly.

Vegan Coconut Yogurt.
A nice finishing touch.
The large container is about 4.00 at Whole Foods.
So a bag of organic potatoes, a couple tomatoes, spices and dollop of vegan coconut yogurt.  Once again an amazing dish for pennies.  We don't really watch our pennies at the supermarket anyhow, as we rarely go out to eat. But it is just nice to know you can create super healthy food on a dime.  Really loving the Indian Food.  If she ever decides to do another type of cuisine, I vote Ethiopian.

Fresh Produce Potatoes, Yukon Gold, Organic (Pack of 3)
"Yukon Gold" Potatoes.

Of course my father is busy cooking away everyday now as well.  He has gotten into breads.  And then he really outdid me and made Dosas from scratch.  I have a not so secret passion for dosas.
Recipe for "Saucy Punjabi Potatoes" is here.  The article is by Anupy Singla, and if you keep reading until the end you have 3 delightful recipes.  Maybe next year I veganize/gluten free"ize" them for our own little Diwali.  Has anyone else "veganized" Diwali?  I am wondering if
the Jains normally use animal products in their foods??

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