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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vegan Healthy Homemade Hummus from Rip Esselstyn's "Engine 2 Diet" book. Colin Campbell (The China Study) on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Vegan Standby.  Hummus from Rip Esselstyn's "Engine 2 Diet" Book.
While I have a zillion and a half books, do love the addition of Engine 2.  There's no junky food in it & that's refreshing because usually I have to sift through recipes to avoid stuff that has sugar or flour (tend to avoid both a bit for daily eating) to find the healthy stuff.  Rip's recipes are also made for "real people" so he doesn't have you going to buy kilos of Goji Berries from the Mountains of China or Argentine Mesquite Powder (although I did just buy this one on sale!).  The food tends to be normal for people who don't eat an eccentric diet.  After all, he got his fellow firefighters in Texas (gasp) to eat this way & it probably saved some of their lives.  Rip not only wrote "The Engine 2 Diet" book, but was also featured in the "Forks Over Knives" movie & book.  His father, of course, is Caldwell Esselstyn, uber important Heart Doctor.  He has his own website, Heart Attack Proof.

The Engine 2 Diet: The Texas Firefighter's 28-Day Save-Your-Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds

Talk about recession food.  I used DRIED chickpeas & cooked them in the slow cooker.  Which works out great in this disgusting sweltering heatwave in the Midwest.  Also, organic chickpeas cost pennies and a tub of Whole Foods brand hummus (I don't even think it's organic), costs 4.69, as of today.  So I am thinking I can get over 2 lbs. dried chickpeas for 4.69.  Organic at that.  My  hubby is the guilty verdict of the tubs of hummus.  It's easy.  No mess, no fuss.  But, their Hummus does actually  have tahini in it also, which if you are avoiding oil, doesn't work so well.  So the Engine 2 Diet Hummus has no nut/seed butters.  Just chickpeas & flavors.

Of course the amount of garlic is always a "suggestion" as some people are garlic whores (me), and others meditate daily & avoid garlic & onions because it disturbs the stillness of the mind.  I think my Yerba Mate & my Speed Freak Smoothies (recipe to come) probably already do that, so garlic & onions are not going to further f**k up my monkey mind.

Make sure you use Gluten Free Tamari if you have a GF guest eating!  Lots of people forget that there is gluten in regular soy sauces.  They usually have wheat ingredients.  However, it is pretty standard to find GL soy/Coconut Aminos/et.... substitutes easily.

You just put in your almighty food processor & go until it is your desired texture.  I like to leave a few beans just slightly chunky.  I actually loved this hummus recipe and could not stop eating it which resulted in a stomachache shortly after.  The rest of you probably aren't addicted to beans, so you will most likely avoid that problem.  :)

Rip is featured in this post also, "More Forks Over Knives" Dr. Oz show & how plants may help cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease & more.  There is a video of him on "The Today Show" on this post.

Where the Money Goes: The Foods That Subsidies Support
Why Americans are Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. And why Politicians are Douchebags.
Another post featuring Rip.  This time there is video of him on "Good Morning America".

And on the "Forks Over Knives" Movie Post.  Rumor (the "news") has it that he & CEO John Mackey (Whole Foods) are going to come out with a line of foods that meets the "Forks Over Knives", "Fire Engine 2", "China Study" kinds of diet principles.  Should be interesting.  And of course if you don't eat "cooked" hummus, check out the Raw Vegan Hummus I made from Zucchinis from the "Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 people book".

Raw Vegan Hummus.

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People
Super easy "Raw Food made Easy for 1 or 2 people"!  Great for virgins. (ha.)

And a little treat.  Bill Maher (my friend's future ex-boyfriend as although he is witty & wise, he may not be a chic's best pick for a man!)   But Mr. Bill did have Colin Campbell, author of "The China Study" on his "Real Time with Bill Maher" show!!  Yeah!

Just wondering how many of you are familiar with all of these books.  Is there anyone reading that doesn't know the ideas behind the "Engine 2 Diet" or are not familiar with "Forks Over Knives" or "The China Study"??  Also, please keep a Mother & Daughter in your thoughts.  Jess & her mom are fighting cancer & going au natural (standard treatment quit working on Jess, well, they would have done more, by chopping her arm off).  She has a donation link on her blog & all money donated goes to helping pay for the materials they need to do "The Gerson Therapy".  Please read my post about "The Groovy Gerson Girls"  & then go to Jess's blog, "The Wellness Warrior" to keep up with them.  Jess writes inspirational & honest posts about what this whole experience has been like.  Jess is in her twenties, not when ya expect to have to being doing this sort of thing.

Norwalk Juicer.
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  1. I just featured the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead in my last blog post! I am sipping on a juice right now (beet, cucumber, carrot, kale, celery) and it is delicious! I will go to Jess's blog right now.. and include her in my prayers today :)

  2. I have a massive addiction to hummus so I'm with you on the bellyache!!