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Monday, May 2, 2011

Raw Vegan Carob Choco-Mole Pudding. "Avocado Awesomeness and Elizabeth Kucinich Love".

Raw Vegan Carob Avocado Choco-Mole Pudding.  If you want it perfectly smooth, you can put it in the Vita-Mix instead of the Food Processor.

A few ingredients and a couple minutes in the food processor.  I make Raw Avocado Pudding either with Carob, bananas, or whatever I have on hand all of the time.  Usually eating 2 avocados at a time.  This time I used an actual recipe that was in VegNews magazine, for Choco-Mole Avocado Pudding.  So basically the normal pudding and add some Cinnamon and Mexican Chili Powder.  Recipe used chocolate but I have been on a Carob kick lately and with my Yerba Mate habit being a full blown addiction now, am trying to stay away from yet more stimulants in my diet!
This "Choc-Mole" recipe from Veg-News is loaded with Mexican Chili Powder.  Just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

If you are familiar at all with raw foods, you probably already know about Avocado Pudding!  I first saw it in Jennifer Cornbleet's "Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People" book.  Skeptical at first, I gave it a shot as it has so few ingredients.  It was awesome!  I used raw cacao the very first time, which made it very dark and you couldn't see even the slightest green tint.  And no one that tasted it even knew that the base of the pudding was avocado!

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People

Jennifer Cornbleet's book.
This book is great!  You don't need lots of the normal raw food appliances.  The dessert section rocks and this is where I was first introduced to Avocado Puddings (Chocolate Puddings), brownies made from dates and nuts and raw cacao, and Cashew Cream to put on top of the awesome Chocolate Avocado Mousse. 
All you do is throw ingredients in and mix!  Couldn't be easier.  You add some water also.

I was feeling really guilty for eating 2 avocados at a time and calling it "breakfast" but then I googled nutrients in avocados and they are a miracle food!  They have an incredible nutrient panel and may even prevent macular degeneration! due to it's high lutein content.  So according to the package, my breakfast of 2 avocados provides me with my RDA of  80% Vitamin K, 70% Folate, 40% B6, 40% C, 40% E,  40% Fiber, 40% Niacin, 40% Potassium, and 40% Panthothenic Acid (and that was just the 2 avocados, that was NOT including the dates or carob, which are also packed with nutrients and the healing cinnamon & chili powder!).  And that's JUST the vitamins that are listed on the label!  The kicker is the 40% Fiber-just another reason that the girl running on the treadmill while eating fiber for Powdered Fiber Supplements Commercials is just SILLY! my mind I am thinking that with a fiber content like that, that you probably don't digest all of the fat.  But that is just an amazing nutrient panel for something that comes in it's own package.  Better than any cereal that you buy in a box that just has it's nutrients sprayed on the flakes!  I just don't think people get fat from eating avocados.  At least if you are not eating processed foods..........Plus it's best to buy food in it's own packaging, less waste!
Simple Ingredients.  Avocados, dates or coconut sugar, Carob (you can use raw cacao too), and chili and cinnamon.

Raw Carob Pudding after a little bit of processing.  Throw in some nuts for added texture (and even MORE fat!).

Finished Raw Vegan Carob Avocado Choco-Mole Pudding.

Plotting his next move.

I need more bookshelves.  My weakness is organic food, clothes & shoes (although all of my clothes look the same!  and mostly I only wear my FiveFingers and Hunter Rain Boots), AND books.  We have stacks upon stacks of books around the house, just like this.  About a year ago, I purged ALL of my favorite books including books from my authors like Margaret Atwood which I thought was a major victory.  But then I just replaced them with MORE!  Not too much fiction these days.  The cats enjoy knocking over my piles.  The one above did a number on my "Indian Slow Cooker" book today.......just a few pages with bite marks, still usable!  Just added character I had to remind myself.

Renee Loux is also featured making her famous pudding (raw avocado base) in this movie, "Going Further" with Woody Harrelson (vegan who eats a high raw diet).  She was in a more hippie form there and completely adorable!  Driving around in a plant powered bus, eating veggies, doing yoga, and talking about the environment.  And she has several books.  Go to Renee Loux Website to keep up with her!  Click here for one version of Renee's  raw, vegan, avocado mousse-it is a little different in every place she demonstrates it.

Easy Green Living: The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices for You and Your Home          Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides)          The Balanced Plate: The Essential Elements of Whole Foods and Good Health

"Go Further" with Woody Harrelson.  Available on Netflix!

And another Raw Vegan Chocolate Pudding made by Elizabeth Kucinich (who works for the PCRM, she and Dennis are a dream couple!),  wife of one of my favorite vegans, Dennis Kucinich. (link has Dennis on "The Daily Show").  How can you not love a last name that rhymes with Spinach? You won't catch Dennis going out and eating Philly CheeseSteaks, not unless they are from a Vegan Restaurant!  But then I guess Dennis doesn't have to prove that he is "American", why?  Let's just cut the shit and say the Birth Certificate Bullshit is because Obama is Black (or is considered Black in the news/media culture).  I expect this from peeps that may be a little backwoods (not the good backwoods people that are living off the land and growing Kale), but Trump has no excuse.

Maybe since Hawaii is such a contentious place to be born, we need to require a passport to enter, since it apparently isn't actually a State.  Anyhow, Since Obama gets so much shit anyway, he might as well ditch the cheesesteaks and eat the Avocado Pudding.  I'm convinced the Cheesesteaks were just PR anyway since the guy drinks Kombucha. Like his peeps told him to go out and eat "More American" foods to prove his "American-ness".  Like eating Breaded, Fried, or Full of Saturated Fat Food is required to prove that you are "really one of us".  God forbid we had a president that didn't eat fast food!  I mean, how much more "Anti-American" can you be?  Thinking the avocado pudding would be more in line with what his wife considered "healthy eating".

And above is Jennifer Cornbleet making a Chocolate Mousse Pie (once again, a raw avocado base, no refined sugar needed).

"The pain and suffering inflicted on children by the American diet is so brutal that if it were administered with a stick, parents would be put in jail."   -John McDougall, M.D.


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