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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Late Night Vegan New York. Dhaba, Vegan Indian past Midnight. Kathy Freston & Jane Velez-Mitchell on Headline News talkin' Cacao. East St. Louis Stray Dogs Need Fosters!

You always hear that NY is the "City that Never Sleeps".  But it's not.  Well, maybe it IS, but maybe it isn't the city that "DINES" all night.  So many places close up at 10, 11 or by midnight.  Kind of a bummer for those of us that love long, leisurely dinners when the clock strikes 12.  Even though many places brag of a later closing time in "The Vegan Guide to New York" book, often they fib.  If it's slow, they close early.  If it's winter, they close early.  If the waitstaff has a wild date night ahead, they close early.  Same thing with DhaBa.  Except that "hypothetically" they are open until 2 am.  Once we went pretty late & the place was PACKED with "youngsters" (people under 45).  And then the last time we went before 11, and were told that the kitchen was closing very soon & we should order ASAP.  So it's a crap shoot, but hit a good night, and this place is happening.

108 Lexington Avenue
New York City, NY.

What's pretty cool about this place is that they specify which dishes are Vegan.  We vegans like that.  I hate to be the "Meg Ryan" ordering.  So the more answers directly on the menu, the better.

  Kadai Bhindi.  Sauteed Okra with Onions, Ginger, & Coriander.  A great okra dish.  I thought everything was a tad greasy, but hubby didn't even flinch.  But basically all restaurant food seems greasy to me (even raw joints, and sometimes especially raw joints).  So for late night Indian, it was nothing compared to "Shalimar" in San Fran, where we picked up a late night meal because the 3 pieces of tofu from acclaimed "Millenium" were not enough.  Shalimar was greasy.  Beyond greasy.  This was just "normal".

The decor is pretty hip and it's kind of an Indian "Sex in the City" joint.  Okay, everything "hip" is Sex in the City to me, because that's the last thing media wise, that I have followed, where I even came close to "hip clubs".  Lots of cloth on the wall, which I Love, BUT, with bedbugs being such a major NY topic, I kind of wondered if any were lurking in there!!

Loved that this was a "hang out" place.  A full bar and people uninhibited enough to use it.  Overall I though Dhaba was pretty good.  Basically, it has a decent vibe and isn't too "stiff".  Hubby thinks it is is delicious.  And that that deliciousness goes really well with a large Kingfisher Beer.  He quite appreciates a full bar WITH his spicy food.  I could do without the oil......but that is basically at every restaurant, so I can't be used as a barometer.  Also, would I trek here in the daytime?  Probably not.  Only because there are far too many entirely Vegan places to eat during regular hours.  We had just been to Caravan of Dreams way too many times for late night eats and thought we would switch it up a bit.  And Counter was forever closed the last time we went..........

Dhaba on Urbanspoon

What are your favorite Late Night Vegan Eats where YOU live??

Some kids that are on the streets of East St. Louis, Illinois.  Pj & Gateway Pet Guardians go each and every single day to care for all of the stray dogs & cats that they see.......and then rescue & foster as spots open at the shelter or foster homes become available.  These are areas of the United States that are incredible impoverished.  Even though I have accompanied Pj on these feedings many times, I am continually shocked & saddened by the "blight" of Washington Park, Illinois & East St. Louis, Illinois. They are "forgotten" places.  So many people & animals suffering.  There are some organizations helping with the people, but of course, that can be complicated.  The dogs can also be difficult.  As many are very shy & nearly feral.  Others are completely "normal" and were once "pets".  Pj works to gain trust of those that are not so trusting & GPG works on rescue plans.

Kathy Freston & Jane Velez-Mitchell on Chocolate.......Headline News.....Veganism is going Mainstream.  

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