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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Summer Eats & Sesame Street. Yo Yo Ma & Dudamel.

A typical evening.

One of the only Whole Foods salads that has zero oil.  You can make at home too, just grind that stuff up in a food processor!

Lots of this.  Yes, most are sold seedless now.  But that is not GMO.  

And more Kale.  We had a lot of Kale this summer.
It was a torrid affair!

A vegan appetizer spread at our friend's home.

The works.  Loads of olives, fresh veggies, fruits, stuffed grape leaves, homemade samosas, hummus, baba.  Yummy Snacks served with the guys's Pastise.

Lots of Zucchini this summer.  Love them.

Bring on the heat.  Peppers added to everything.

Bananas bought by the case.  And the ever present Yerba Mate.

Frozen Nanas with ANYTHING is yummy.  Strawberries this morning.

Yes....another oil free dressing. Love it when they label it!

The extent of us going out anymore.  Whole Foods salads.  Crazy pricey salads.  But like I said, we are major homebodies now.  Hubby's.  High starch :))  Corn, Artichoke Hearts, Tofu, Olives, and some crazy dressing.

Me.  Trying to get my nutrients on.  Yikes. No wonder I get bloated-Yikes.  A load of onions, broccoli, edamame & greens.  Oh, add cabbage.  Poor tummy!

Coffee Ice Cream.  Raw.  Vegan.  Yum. Chia Seeds on top.

Mandatory Green Juice!
Garden Peppers!

All this Politico Talk has made me miss Sesame Street, Hard.  Just crazy that they have so many names "stopping" by.  Culture does not depreciate in time.  Art, Music, Literature-appreciate in time.  

Dudamel???? Wow.

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