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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Groovy Gerson Girls. Donate to their Carrots over Chemo Fund!

Jess's Parents.
image from "Wellness Warrior" blog.

Jess  is the beautiful young gal who writes the "Wellness Warrior".  A blog that she started when chemo didn't "cure" a nasty Epithelioid  Sarcoma she had & she started searching for alternatives.  Since she wouldn't accept her arm getting cut off, she became a health guru girl extraordinaire, quickly transitioning from champagne to carrots.   Currently she is using the "Gerson Therapy", a very intense Cancer therapy that uses lots of carrot & green juices (about 13 juices a day, at one hour intervals and freshly pressed!), cleansing, and supplements in a very exact manner.  Jess is about 14 months into the Gerson Therapy and still has her arm! This is all inspiring news and her blog is one that I read almost religiously & usually it is bearing good news, positive affirmations, and healing talk.

A day's worth of produce on Gerson.  
image source.

However, I gasped & cried when I read her recent post.  Her mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and now both Jess & her mother will be doing this intensive therapy, at home.  Her mother was being Jess's caregiver but is now going to need help from both Jess & Jess's father.  Read Jess's Post about How 2 years of Gerson therapy suddenly became 3. 

Jess & her Mum's "Medicine Cabinet".

image source.

 Now she is asking for some financial help because health insurance only covers chemo.  Her mom is going to be doing the whole therapy now as well, which is going to be a whole lot of money of fresh fruits & veggies plus strain on her Dad as well, since he is going to have 2 beautiful lovelies to juice for now.  Please Click on the "Wellness Warrior" link and check out the right hand side "Donation"  (now it is only in this post but check the tabs on top too!) link if you are able to give any amount of money to help these beautiful people juice their way back to optimal health.  

Norwalk Juicer.
image source
Jess blogged through her time spent at the actual Gerson Clinic as well.  Her story will captivate you.  She wasn't a "hippie chic" that turned her nose up at medicine, and she still isn't.  But her blog tells the story of her journey and how modern medicine doesn't always have all of the answers.  Please give what you can to these beautiful peeps.

Do you guys read "Healing Blogs" about people beating tough stuff with integrative/holistic medicine, nutritional therapies??  If so, whose blogs do you read?  Do you know anyone that has beat Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease this way?  What did they use?  I am wondering if there are other Gerson/Hippocrates bloggers out there.  I know the Gerson takes a crazy amount of determination and it is a major life change to do the entire therapy (which you must do to get desired results).  Apparently you usually need to do the therapy for 2 years & then follow their eating/juicing guidelines for life.  I think "life" is the key word here.  If they payoff is "life", then intensive juice therapy, supplements, and hours of enemas may suddenly seem more "doable".

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  1. I'm always amazed by how well cancer responds to a healthy diet. Kris Carr's story is a major inspiration and it sounds like Jess' is too! I wish the best for she and her mom!!!

  2. Very interesting, thank you for sharing, I will check her out :-)

  3. This post gave me such pause, I can hardly tell you. I am so touched by this story. I am so glad you are guiding readers to this blog. My house is without a juicer, but not for long. I'd never heard of this Gerson treatment before--but believe in my heart that diet can absolutely play a role in healing. So glad you shared this, will keep them both in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Jess has changed her webpage so the donate button is no longer to the side. However, if you click on the original donation post, it should be there. She also has a "store" now and other ways to donate! Let's help these girls out!

  5. is the link to the post with donation button.

  6. Kris Carr had conventional therapy as well.
    Jess's mother passed away and Jess recently confirmed she still has cancer in her arm. She says she never claimed Gerson therapy treated her cancer, which is a total lie.