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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Raw Vegan Zucchini Hummus from "Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 people" by Jennifer Cornbleet

Ingredients for:

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People
                                                                  Raw Food Made Easy

Ingredients in Food Processor.  Push Go. Done. And for you "Forks Over Knives" fans, this is pretty the only fat this has is from the tahini so either this Raw Vegan Hummus or Normal Chickpea Hummus would probably fit the bill for that.  Just don't add Olive Oil!!

I have had her book for years and I think it paid for itself in a week because of the Brownie Recipe made with Walnuts, Dates & Cacao and also for the Chocolate Mousse made with Avocado, Dates, and Cacao.  Of course these types of recipes are all the rage now & ubertrendy but nearly 5 years ago, this wasn't the case!!  The great thing about her book is that it really doesn't require the traditional raw food "tools".  You don't have to have a Vitamix or an Excalibur, or even a spiralizer.  Of course, some sort of tool to make the veggie noodles makes it easier, but you can make the zucchini pastas in her book with a veggie peeler as well.  (Buy the Spirooli though!).  For this hummus you replace chickpeas with zucchini and there is a little tahini involved as well.  I wish I loved this hummus as much as "real hummus" but I miss the fat & creaminess of the chickpeas.  I have a major tendency to binge on beans though (although Whole Foods one Day Organic Cherry Sale has me binging one at least 15 lbs. of cherries for the next few days!!), however weird that is, so I thought I would try this style again.  Think the night before I made a vat of chickpea hummus, and well, there is NONE left.  This hummus is still in the fridge though....waiting to be finished.  

Verdict:  Zucchini Hummus is good & if ya want to make it creamier than just up the tahini content.  If you are newish to raw foods or just like easier dishes to prepare, then get this book.  It isn't ovewhelming in information and it doesn't include flax crackers & 48 hours of dehydrating.  Staple recipes in it include her kick-a** Cashew based Sour Cream and Chive Dip and her Marinara Sauce for the Veggie Pasta.  And of course all of the desserts.  I wasn't crazy about the Key Lime Mousse made with Avocados as the lime didn't really conceal the avocado like the cacao.  I adore avocados but think in that dish it freaked me out a bit, but then my avocados probably weren't perfect either!
For a recipe similar to this one (Polly's has more tahini! YUM.), go to Polly Noble's Site and see her Homemade Hummus Recipe.  Polly is also beating the f**k out of the Big C and making some delicious recipes while doing it.  She is not doing Gerson, in which case she wouldn't be eating tahini (I don't think).   Alissa Cohen has a Raw Vegan Zucchini Hummus Recipe as well. 

You just put ingredients in the food processor.  Couldn't be easier, really.

Guess she has a DVD to go with her book.
Jennifer Cornbleet's Dvd

And if you didn't get a chance already, please check out my last post about a mother & daughter team juicing themselves to health.  Jess, a very young gal, who had to hit the carrots after chemo didn't work and her mom who was just dx with cancer from the Wellness Warrior blog need your help.  I am still curious to hear other people's stories of natural or integrative healing. 

 I personally am not so sold on just doing "Flax Oil" or  Magnetic Therapy, etc....but I am very intrigued by The Gerson Therapy & Hippocrates Health/Ann Wigmore and wondering if other people have immersed themselves in either of these therapies for any type of illnesses.  

Does anyone else have Jennifer Cornbleet's book & if so what are your favorites or flops from it??

My faves are the Brownies, Cacao Avocado Mousse, Walnut Pates, Cashew Dip/Sauce.
Closest to being a "flop" was a one time attempt at "Lime Avocado Mousse" which could have been due to an imperfect avocado.  Or just that I was new to the whole idea.  I think if I tried it again that it would be a different story this time around.

Hummus on Foodista

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  1. that looks great! i love hummus :)

  2. I just used my zucchini last night on zucchini cakes (instead of crab cakes) but this looks good ! i'll try it next time! :)

  3. I bought zucchinis today (almost) specifically so I could make this recipe! Can't wait. This is also one of the first raw cookbooks I bought and I love it too. My most-made recipe from it is probably the no-tuna with soaked sunflower seeds and almonds. The desserts are fab too, obviously.

  4. I love a recipe that the directions state "Push Go. Done." YEAH!!!!!
    Also, I have heard of forks over knives but I live in Jacksonville, Florida....I have a strange feeling it may not reach the theaters here. How can I see it?!