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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Green Virgins. Win a copy of Ms. GreenLeaf's "The New Green Smoothie Diet" e-Book! Bill Clinton & Ellen doing the Vegan Minute.

Green Smoothies Rule the World.

I am not a Green Virgin.  And I invite you to pop your Green Collard Cherry too.......Chop that Kale.  Mince that Chard.  Blend that Broccoli.  Supersize those Sprouts.  Because Green Smoothies may just save the World.  Or your breakfast.  Yeah, yeah, there has been a lot of "debate" about smoothies and whether they are the Mecca of the plant world or High Fruit Sugar Bombs.  But perspective.......Perspective and Choices.  If you are trying to lose weight, you may not want to add 500 calories worth of seeds & supplements to your Morning Sunshine Drink.  But you can make green smoothies be whatever you want.  Want dessert??  Fill them up with fruits.  Want Chlorophyll?? Pack the blender with Sprouts.  A complete meal?? Put some crazy plant proteins in there with seeds, greens, probiotics and your SuperPower Cape will Sprout from your Shoulders and give you Wings to Fly.  Meet some of my Green Smoothies and then comment below & see other ways to win a copy of :
Hillary Greenleaf's "New Green Smoothie Diet" ebook. 

There are two up for grabs.  It's a 35 page e-book & has information on:

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  • detox
  • weight loss
  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • immune support
  • diabetes
  • hair & skin
  • blenders 
  • and much more!
Love this book because it's broken down into short chapters about the best veggies & fruits for each "goal".  The ingredients tend to be on the lower "sugar" side of smoothies and also have a fair amount of information on the "why's" of the ingredients.

Some of my Plant Stars.  Amla.  Amla is my new favorite SuperPlant.  Really. It. Is.

Also love mangos.  Kale.  Collards. And glass straws.  Glass straws make green smoothies more fun.

Sometimes I use broccoli.  Fresh or Frozen.  One pound only has a bit over 100 calories and gives you SuperFloretPower.

Sprouting Broccoli is an even cheaper way to go for MORE nutrients.

Square Foot Gardens are a GREAT way to go for small spaces and maximun return.  I can put 5 Kale plants in ONE square!  

My Kale.

Parent's SuperHero Veggies.

Love the Zukes for Veggie Chips, Juicing, and Smoothies.

Yes, you could even put some green beans in your smoothies.  I prefer them in juice though.


Squash??  Yeppers.  Love Yams, Beets, and Acorn Squash in Smoothies.  All sweet.  Goes well with pumpkin pie spices.

Really getting into the idea of microgreens & sprouting.  Great for Urban Growers.

Fenugreek Sprouts?? Yep.  May help with blood sugar too! 

Love these sprouters!!

My Dad's Sprout Smoothie!

Frozen Organic Blueberries.  Pricey.  So I don't buy TruckLoads.  Plus, Amla is way cheaper & just slightly, well, LOADS more amazing.

Cinnamon may also help with blood sugar.  And if you put lots of stuff that tastes weird in your smoothie (I tend to do this), Cinnamon can sometimes "save it".  Plus, apparently it is "fine" to have a tablespoon of it.........There are oxalates, but not as easily absorbed as the turmeric oxalates.  Cinnamon is Yummy & I buy it by the pound.

Love these with the Garnet Yams & Date Smoothies.  Turmeric may reduce inflammation.  And may reduce or delay Alzheimer's risk.  I just use a pinch, as it does "add up".  I think Dr. G's Video said not more than 1 tsp. a day.

I get Via Amazon.  Usually about ten bucks per pound.  

When Organic..........Beauty.

Broccoli Smoothies Rule.

Plant Blood!

Blueberries tend to give darker green shades.

I plant dandelions for Salads & Smoothies.  Laugh, but they are 2.49 a bunch at Whole Foods.  And they are truly amazing SuperFoods.

My "new" thing is the "GoodBelly" Shots.  Vegan Shots of Probiotics minus the flavor & sugar they add with all the other ones.  Here I included fenugreek & broccoli sprouts.  Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Amla, Chia.  And that day, Psyllium.  Ick.  Psyllium does not make me happy & I don't think I need to add more fiber in my diet.  I just tried it, and um, nope.  

Wild & Wonderous Irish Moss.  Love Food that looks like Aliens.  Yummy SeaWeed Aliens. Yummers.

Raw Seaweed.......thickens a smoothie up.  You have to soak it.
Soak it baby, soak it.  Great for "raw cheezecakes" too.  Way to use less fat and "thicken" stuff up.  You know you like it thick.  Don't lie.

Ripe Bananas & Kale.

Pomegranate & Kale.

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And just a little fun.  Just about one minute will Bill Clinton & Ellen talking about being Vegan.  Bill says it is his 3rd week in a row that he has weighed less than he did in high school.  


  1. would love to win the book, I'm new to green juice and smoothies. I'm really intrigued by the seed sprouter....where did you get it?

    1. It's the "EasySprout" and you can get in online. I got some from Amazon but have used other sites as well. Love them. They don't have to be upside down.

  2. I need more green smoothies in my daily diet to heal diabetes and cancer. The book would really help my health-on-a-budget journey!

  3. I'm very interested in getting into smoothies.....after watching fat sick and nearly dead..would love to win this book!!