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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver. Cancer. Diabetes. Obesity. Juice.

At the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis (owned by High Raw Peeps)
St. Louis, Missouri.  USA.
Check Dave's site to see if/when he may be in a city near you!

A small crowd :((  Wish there were more peeps that came out to hear Dave's message.

*Below are simply my mental notes from the talk. 

*Was a Truck Driver making good money.  On the road all the time but had decent salary & living "the good life" by eating steaks and indulgent food.

*Never really exposed to natural foods, spirituality prior to meeting Dave & Yundit, some trucking "interns".  Dave & Youdit Whiting were a young couple that would truck for one year & then go to Naturpathic school for one year.  They liked to live debt free & were obviously into natural healing.  They were raw vegans & wanted to eat that way on the road.  So when they started "training" with Dave, they asked him where they could get food.  

*I didn't understand exactly, but sounded like he has a heart condition (but don't know what it is) that is not something one can reverse........and made reference to the fact that he could live 3 weeks OR 3 years OR 30 years, etc....(we all could, obviously) but it seemed implied that his reference to being "at peace" with going "whenever" was kind of in the same paragraph about his "heart condition"

*Initially started with just eating raw & vegan & not paying attention to glycemic levels. He lost loads of weight, but fruits were sometimes still affecting his blood sugars.  He talked about if one is not battling disease (he had diabetes), that a normal raw fooder can chow down on fruit & hypothetically blood sugars should be fine.   But because he had so much going on with his body, he transitioned to low glycemic raw.  Influenced by Gabriel Cousens and sounded like he followed the plan in the Gabriel Cousens book.  

*After he started eating/juicing this way, he got several large cysts, and they were leaking?  He told his friends that this "diet" wasn't working after all.  His friends "high-fived" and apparently told him that this was the "detox" process.  

*He said that after he was doing this that he overcame Late Stage 1 or early stage 2 Colon Cancer with no surgery and no radiation.  Whether there is/was a relation or not, is up to individual to decide.

*Was diabetic.

*Had a stroke and was partially paralyzed and unsure if he would be able to walk again.

*Dave was on the road 80 hours a week and still juicing.  He would juice every 3 days sometimes.  Going to the supermarket & stocking up.  He would talk to the staff, let them know he was dying and trying to cure his diseases, and then would ask if they could wash his produce.  Sounded like they were always fine with that.  Then he would go to a picnic table at a roadstop, or wherever he could find, and pile the table full of all this produce. Sounded like he would drink about a gallon of high green juice a day.  For "juice feasting" the "norm" is 12-15 pounds of produce juiced a day.  

*Hospital stories.....about saying he was going to juice.  They said no.  Then he said he would fast.  They said no.  Everything became a big deal and Dave had everyone on staff from every department make a visit to him.  Apparently the end deal was that he would be allowed to have juice carried into him, but that it could be dangerous & introduce bacteria into the hospital.  Therefore, he must consume it very quickly and then it must be disposed of in a red container for "toxic & medical" waste that hospitals use.

*He was supposed to be paralyzed.......and initially he was.  He was new to the whole natural healing thing, but he already knew about his own experience.  He was feeling better.  Somehow, something he was doing was working & he had lost weight, overcome cancer & diabetes.  In his head he was thinking he could follow this same path.  It sounded like the doctors told him he was nuts.  And then proceeded to tell him that people who are paralyzed get very depressed and that it could be 3 years before any improvement was made.  Then one day he had his friend help him, and he got up and showed off by walking around the entire unit at the hospital.  From what I understood, every doctor & nurse just stared at him as he walked by.  Their jaws dropped.  Then.....apparently there were a lot of staff members trying these green juices (sounded like covertly!).  

*The whole "Someone with a 9th Grade Education" line was sprinkled into his talk frequently.  Often to make a point.  His "point"....that he didn't go to Harvard for 10 years.  Yet, he still found a way to help himself overcome tremendous obstacles.  Obstacles that our government, gazillions of dollars, thousands of researchers for drug companies, and doctors just "can't overcome".  And if he, with only this 9th grade education could figure out (apparently) how to take control of his health, why couldn't the power that be do the same thing.

There are loads of videos of Dave with various peeps on YouTube. 

*The other reason that the 9th grade education line was used was because of an issue with the courts in Washington.  Apparently some parents of a hemophiliac wanted help, to encourage some natural healing in their son.  From the story, it sounded like the parents came to him-he told them he really didn't have that experience, etc....He obviously couldn't "treat" their child or even really give advice.  He could just let them know where information was, or find information & kind of point them in a direction and the parents could pursue it.  My understanding was that the parents were using green juices (from grasses) to help thicken the blood.  I think they were having it monitored to measure thickness or the body naturally created the correct density.  It sounded like the child was doing fine and it had been 3 years.  But the doctors freaked that he had been 3 years without meds and were sure that this child would not be okay using this type of healing for the future and that the State? was going to press charges against Dave?  It seemed like the parents wanted to continue the natural healing route.  So the parents help the child heal without these drugs (or a smaller amount of them?)-is what I heard.  The drugs sounded very harsh & then still sounded like it was a bad situation.  But the child wasn't using modern medicine and still getting well.  Hence  the lawsuit?  I have heard it time and time again.  I have heard it so many times.  Actually from people in medicine.  If you have a child with cancer and you choose not to do chemotherapy, even if the chemo may not have very good rates of improvement-well-you probably need to have a lawyer.  

*Dave is hilarious.  He tells his "colonic" story.  So funny.  Funny the "Okay, this is normal for raw fooders".  Maybe a serious plug for Raw Food is this Cosmic Energy thing you apparently get after juicing and getting your Butt Cleaned.  But now I am "ChakraThrobbing Curious" and think I have to find a good ButtCleaner in my area.  And I might have to borrow that hat & sunglasses. 

*Dave has good energy.  You know how they say you are lucky if you are miserable.  Or sick.  Or unhappy.  Or hit rock bottom.  Because only then you will make a radical change & stick to it?  Because only then will you embrace life & shed your fears?  Because only then will your passions & your "life's work" be truly revealed to you?  Okay, maybe not, "only then".....but often it seems to be the case.  If you are doing okay, going along in life......often you don't have the energy or drive to create change.  Frequently drive comes from hitting rock bottom.  It's not something any of us "hope" for or want for ourselves, our loved ones, or our planet.  But sometimes it just seems to happen that way.  Dave was making some money.  Living quite well.  Then getting quite large.  Getting quite sick.  When Dave & Youdit were talking to him, the part that he "heard" was that he could eat all he wanted and lose weight.  Not all the other stuff.  But the initial spark was "Eat all you want or anything you want, anytime you want".  So he did the raw food thing.  Then it sounded like everything went wrong with his health & that he hit rock bottom.  His girlfriend had died 3 years earlier from Cancer and he recalled feeling like those treatments were questionable.  But shit hit the fan for his own health & he had just been introduced to this lifestyle.  He had to make a change.  He changed everything.  Not all at once, but the lifestyle just started getting into him, and somehow he emerged all of this some radiant light being full of good energy & able to communicate with people.  God, can you please make a summer camp so we can send all of our men there?  We don't want to go through any of that.  But what we do want, is to learn how to live, while we are alive, a beautiful & vibrant life. 

*Go See Dave.  He will inspire you.  Tell your friends & your family.  Really, excuses are B.S.  Time and time again we see people from all walks of life completely transforming their health, their outlook, their energy.  Sounds like some writing projects are in the future.  Dave was "not" connected to the Web until about 7 months ago.  Unreal, right?  He is all over it on YouTube & Raw Food Sites, but he didn't know what that meant.  Well, now he is connected and kind of aware of that "torch".  Sounded like people were constantly calling him for advice, interviews, etc...and he was very reluctant to become some "role model" or gain that type of "fame".  He didn't want to be the "go to" guy.  But then how did he find out about all of this??  It was from another guy that was dying & apparently saved his own life.  It was through Dave & Yundit.  It seemed that something clicked and Dave realized that this must be his calling.  All of this happened to him for a reason & he is supposed to be telling people about his own experiences.  And we are thankful that he is.  


  1. An interesting read! Makes me feel guilty that I don't juice more, seeing how committed he was on the road.

  2. Such an inspiring story... It just proves that it's never too late to stop the cycle and save your own life. I wish more people could listen to one of his talks!