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Friday, September 28, 2012

Cricket's Tofu Treat (Midnight Tofu Pudding). Atlanta Yoga Diva. Adam and Eve.

Look who is hiding!

Last year I got to do some work with a friend from Atlanta.  We had met abroad........and I had not yet been able to see her in her "home base".  But you know it's going to be a good experience when upon arriving home from the airport, she lets you know we aren't parking in the driveway because that is her yoga teacher's parking spot.  And then starts telling me she is learning to chant the Sutras (Patanjali) and bursts out into Sanskrit Song.  

This is a great Yoga Room!!  She lives right by the University in Atlanta and her whole house is super bright & airy.  And I kept running into little sayings taped onto things.  Quotes from different spiritual texts.  

And she is pretty much vegan. She has been eating vegan style macrobiotic for years and rocks a super sporty body.  I remember watching all these girls float by on the dance floor, at an Argentine milonga.  And I kept staring at one as she was whisked by.......with a super muscular, stealthy body.  Well, it was my friend, who was 50 at the time, who was rockin' the milonga that night.  

Love the screened in porch.  We had to do a pollen cleanup so she could host an after party later. Apparently there is always a layer of pollen on everything & it can be torture for those with allergies.

And look who is hiding in the piano!  Cricket!

Cricket has one ear cut a little bit.  That's because originally Cricket had been captured, neutered, and released.  Well, I guess that some peeps (including my hostess) thought Cricket may not be a "feral" cat forever, or thought he could at least get a shot at a "home" life.

Apparently he took quite well to it!!  This was his "safe" spot.  Well, probably until she started playing too much!

So I am naming the midnight snack she made after Cricket.  

So she puts a touch of soymilk (but you don't have to use any, if you don't want to!) in the food processor with some frozen berries, tofu, and a touch of stevia.

And a few minutes later....a super protein packed midnight treat.  I know a lot of peeps don't do a heavy tempeh, soy, protein type of diet.  But from the looks of it, it is working for my hostess!!  Her kitchen is stocked with loads of fresh veggies, fruits, and tempeh types of quick go to proteins.  She eats simply & super clean.

The next morning I went for a run around the campus area.  Guess that CNN is pretty close & I kept imagining I would run into Sanjay Gupta.  I know, so totally silly, but other than the child murders that happened so long ago, it's just about the only other thing I "attach" to Atlanta!  And I think he may be involved with the University?

They have an amazing trail there.  So quiet & wooded.  And actually some hills!!  

I thought I was going to "run" to a juice bar type of place that would be next to a sustainable sort of "fashion" store, but sadly the juice place had gone out of business.

The Eco Jeans looked fun, but always such a hassle to attempt to get jeans that you like....well at least for me!  And was kind of gross & sunblocky from running.  So already feeling a little out of place at a pricey "boutique".

Lots of Organic cotton & also just generally crafty types of clothes, jewelry.  Not necessarily all eco based, but more individually made, smaller brands, etc...

The gal who has this company was chatting with the store owner.  I think she has her earrings in some really major department stores.

And I was eating loads of bananas then too!! With too much tahini though!! Love the apple, banana, tahini combo though.  Beats Peanut Butter anyday, at least for me!

Here is Ms. Macrobiotic Girl's Group..........

And here is Pj from getting some love from Adam and Eve.  These were just a couple of the kids we saw this morning, in East St. Louis.  Illinois.  So many street dogs there.  Pj & GPG go daily to feed & care for them.  And then rescue as we have fosters & openings at the Emergency Shelter.  We are always looking for volunteers, to go out on feedings, plan events, walk the dogs at the shelter on Manchester.  We are located in St. Louis City, but our feeding routes are in Illinois, in pretty impoverished areas.  Dreary, Rainy Days and feedings with Pj always make me pretty emotional.  Well, today sucked because we did NOT see Tony & Elsa, who were slated for rescue awhile back.  But their rescue didn't work out & Elsa is pregnant.  And then Pj saw them both individually, and they seemed "off".  Now it's been days since she has seen either.  Hoping they are okay.

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  1. Lots of loveliness in this post. I will try the dessert on my kids.

    This post reminded me that you live in STL, so I was perusing your STL restaurant posts. My sister lives there; we go up there every once in awhile.