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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meat eating Tea Partiers and Republicans accepting Welfare? Why Meat Eaters have to PAY for sex.

Check out this article in the Huffington Post about Processed Meats & Cancer.  It says that the more processed meat you eat, the more you increase your own risk of getting cancers.  And not just ButtCancer. But a lot of cancers.  No shocking news really.  It implies that there is no truly safe amount to eat, like cigarettes.  So why not put a Surgeon General's Warning statement on each bag o'bacon.  On each hot dog at the baseball game?  Why aren't there billboards telling you that the ol' favorite past time food may be able to kill you?  Because our "Free Market" government, under BOTH Dems and Republicans subsidizes Meat.  When you go buy meat, you are accepting welfare.  So basically ANY Republican or Tea Partier should go Vegan just on Principle.  If you buy Kale, rest assured you aren't going to raise taxes.  If you eat Broccoli, don't worry, you probably aren't accepting a cent from that "Big Government" that you despise.  If you are a Senator and you rejected "Stimulus Money" to rebuild bridges that may collapse and kill your residents, or money to fix levees that might bust and cost the whole country millions, then you have no business eating meat.  And not just processed meat.  You are taking a hand out folks.  Yep, a hand-out, an "entitlement".  You are accepting welfare for a product that isn't functioning at all in the "supply-demand" free market, "I'm against government" or "I hate Obama because he's socialist (because I am not a dumb enough Republican or Tea Partier to admit that I hate him because he's black, more intelligent than me, and scares the fuck out of me because of these facts)".  And if you are buying these products and accepting money from the very system that you despise, entitlement programs & welfare, then in my opinion you are voting to give subsidies to things that make our country BROKE.  You don't have to go to school to study economics for a decade to realize that if you give money to things that "could" cause heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and then you have to PAY to fix all the heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, then it's PRETTY FUCKING STUPID!

Oh, I know it's "hard" to "think" properly when you're busy powdering your wee-wee for the next "tweet fest" or trying to find an "in-state" prostitute so you don't break any additional laws by "not buying local".  OR, you are busy chasing hot lesbians that you give your business card to at the strip club (thank you family values Republican) during your first lap dance.  Geez, if you pay for sex, and try to "buy" women, you might want to make sure they like to blow men first-if you are trying to get them to become your "kept" women of your Republican Paid For Manse.  Of course working in an industry like that, where they see douchebags everyday, that have to pay for female contact, I'd "flip" after about an hour.  Maybe if you skipped the meat, your own wiener would be a good enough woody to get a chic to blow ya for free.  AND you wouldn't be using TAXpayer dollars.

Oh, and ya might want to stick with Lentil Dogs, because just one All American, Entitlement Hot Dog a day increases your diabetes risk by 50%.   And you have to factor in the cost of Viagra.........Is Veganism the New Viagra????

Maybe these Politicians need "Skinny Bastard".  Straight up advice for studs who want blood flow to ALL of their organs.  You won't to pay for it anymore means you will save money while running for re-election..

Skinny Bastard
Skinny Bastard
And maybe all the limp dick douchebag politicians need to tune in to Sanjay Gupta on Cnn's "The Last Heart Attack"and find out how real men keep it hard without subsidized penis shrinkers!

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  1. Ha! Very clever, very funny AND true!
    Man, Dennis Kucinich, now there's a stud! ;)

  2. I'm a strict vegan and a Republican. You sound like an uneducated idiot.

  3. Lol..."your comment will be visible after approval." I think that pretty much sums up your hypocrisy.

  4. @foodfeud & Molly. Thanks!
    @Anon, who looks like the same person since the comment is one minute apart! Look, I LOVE vegan Republicans and I don't think I was dissing "Real Republicans". BUT, if someone is constantly saying that we have to end entitlement programs and have a smaller government, then it needs to include everything. Shrink the defense, shrink the farm subsidies. It seems that they pick and choose what they want "free market" or not. The Dems aren't always using "stop entitlements" as their tagline. I am NOT a democrat at this point in time, at all!! But I am REALLY not a "Christian Right" republican/tea party girl either. But I have loved every vegan republican that I have ever met and think we need more!! And about the "tweeting penises", well "anon"-I was referring to a Democrat there. I do think we need to keep religion the fuck out of politics. The basic values of ALL religions teach the same values and we should focus on that. I think it's crazy to put one religion over ALL other religions in the world and it's not going to make people get along better!! But pro-life, vegan, anti-death penalty republican, AWESOME. People outside Planned Parenthood yelling at chics who are getting BIRTH CONTROL pills, well, if you are eating hamburgers, you aren't "pro-life". Or if you are for the death penalty (which costs MORE money in the long run than life imprisonment), then you aren't "pro-life" in my book. So I send you my love my vegan republican anon friend!! Sending it all your way!! I haven't had an abortion, don't support the death penalty, don't support corporate (like Walmart) welfare or regular welfare that allows people to just eat food that kills them.

  5. just found your site!!! Blowing my mind. Going to have to go backwards and read up on your posts!!!

    -Amy :)

  6. Excellent post. Really, it makes sense that ED is an indicator of vascular disease for men under the age of 50. Not something men under 50 want to hear, I'm sure. I'm interested in the research Sanjay Gupta is doing on Cuba's healthcare system. Sounds very interesting.

  7. I raise my glass to your post! Chin chin! It's an interesting argument; I never considered the correlation between eating meat, republicans, and subsidized money going to the meat industry. But when you put it the way you did, it certainly does make sense that tea partyers should go vegan out of principle!