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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weiner Woes. Smaller Shorter Schlongs may be caused by Eating Cocks. Videos!

Like I  said before, I don't really have "talent" crushes so  much in the "normal" sense.  Like famous people, artists, musicians, celebrities, but ya know, some of the vegan "movers & shakers" inspire a "talent infatuation".  Like I bow to your feet for changing the world in such an amazing way and then if you are super creative & hilarious as hell on top of that, well, definitely major pluses.  We all like funny men (and women)  but one man (Dr. Greger)  is cracking me up, usually very early in the morning!  Today I got up at 5:00 anticipating a rescue (in East St. Louis) of a pup who has lived on the streets for SO many years.  But it got postponed so the "feeding route" didn't take more than an hour.  I get home and what headline do I see??

For A More Energetic Erection Try:  Raw Vegan Cocoa-Mole Vegan Pudding.  Now we know why Elizabeth Kucinich is always smiling!

Well there ya go.  Think we have the men's attention now!  (And if you want their "attention" to    "stand" at attention.....well there's more to "come" on that too).                                                               Hopefully if your man is A Member of The Tea Party or A Republican, they have already "Stopped the Pork".  We know not all men like "Excess Pork"!! 
For A Bigger Bang Try: Blueberry, Kale, Banana Smoothie.
What?? Eating "Cocks" affects the girth of your own?  Yikes! Scary Stuff there!  Why?  Phtlalates!  Phtlalates are chemicals that are used in everything-everything like pesticides, plastics, and paints.  But Dietary Phtlalates didn't really get their fair share of scrutiny until the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences published a landmark study last year.  They studied prenatal clinics in California, Minnesota, and our own favorite gun totin' state, Missouri!   The biggest dietary sources?  Poultry!  Think it's the plastic packaging??  Not.  These Nasty Penis Shrinkers show up in Dairy & Eggs too!

For More Man in your Meat try: Vegan Keema from "The Indian Slow Cooker Book".
For a more  Wonderful Weiner try: Aloo Gobi from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker(Curried Cauliflower and Potatoes)

For a More Delicious Dipstick Try:  Raw Vegan Spinach Dip from "Rawsome" book.
For a More Delightful Dong Try: Raw Vegan Pad Thai
So next time you are bowing down to your favorite vegan icon, try not to hit your head on his Supersized Schlong on your way back up.  Or, according to this, you might just want to stay down there!!

This is from an OkayCupid Poll!!  Just another, um.....selling point of veganism!
According to this OkayCupid Poll, Vegans are gettin' it on "Bill Clinton" Style!!  But EVEN Bill Clinton is Vegan Now!!  Watch Bill Clinton & Sanjay Gupta on CNN on "The Last Heart Attack"!

black hunter rain boots-hunter labins laceup high heel rain boots

And ya might need these amazing vegan boots while you're down there, ya know, rainboots, in case it gets too wet! 
 Oh Dear Hunter Boot Company, Please send me this pair of Boots in Size 9!  Why did you have to make this impractical boot that I love so much?

And if Your Man isn't Going to Veganize for a Plumper Prick, well ya just might need to pick up one of these!  Sexy Silicone.

Photo of Big Boss Vibe
The Big Boss

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