The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.
-Mahatma Gandhi

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Everybody's just a Little Bit Gay. Allen Ginsberg. My Big Gay Ginger LIme Balls from Palmcrantz's "Raw Food" Book. And Hehe, Dates DON'T raise your blood sugar, EVEN the Wet Ones!

My last post featured a video that bummed me out.  But Allen Ginsberg cheered me up!! I know of Allen Ginsberg, but never delved into any of his work too much.  But finding myself quite fond of it.  Addressing pretty serious issues with humor, music, and a bit edge.  

And John Stewart Helped too.  He is trying not to make fun of an easy target, Marcus Bachman. It's really funny to me because recently I was sitting at a reception of pretty conservative folks.  Among them were extremely conservative church goers & even a minister and his wife.  Let's say the general consensus was that being gay was very wrong, being Muslim very wrong, and being a gay Muslim?? Forget it! The funny part, my gaydar was on overload.  The depressing part, these folks had themselves convinced that there was one "right" way to be "Good with God" and it involved only their brand of Christianity (forget any other religion) and it did not involve being Gay.  However, 3 out of the 4 men at the table were very gay.....especially the minister.  But Matt & Trey cheered me up.

 And My Big Gay Ginger Cinnamon Lime Balls Cheered me up too! 

From the Raw Food book of Erica Palmcrantz and Irmela Lilja.

Raw Food: A Complete Guide for Every Meal of the Day

Yes, dates, figs, AND nuts.  A true sugar & fat fest.

The "Secret" Ingredient.  Not just another raw chocolate ball!

All you need is the Cusinart!

These balls were great!!  A nice change from the usual chocolate, hemp, etc...balls that I always seem to make.  The book is fabulous too.  Erica and Irmela are Swedish and there are lots of beautiful photos.  Recipes are slightly different than a lot of the Raw Food books in the States.  They seem more simple and more based on lots of veggies.  I don't there were any really extended, complicated recipes that required you to look at 3 other pages just to "prepare" the ingredients for one dish!
So the giner lime cinnamon balls were great, but didn't make up for all the hate talk flying around these days.  But Matt & Trey sure do their darndest!!!

I know, there are some date haters out there.  But check out this NutritionFacts.Org Video created by Dr. G.  Apparently Dates aren't the Satanic Beast that some Raw Foodists have made them out to be!  Not meaning to say to just eat 4 pounds of dates a day..........but it did make me feel slightly better about  my raw cookies.  I'm just not the wheatgrass guzzlin', green juice drinking, 90 day juice feasting kind of striving to be breatharian yet......Anyhoot. A short video below, and follow the link really, if you too are slightly bummed out about the "current" affairs.  Funny, you would think that most of the politicians are too busy having their own private illicit affairs to be too concerned with what everyone else is doing in their bedroom, or gasp, in other rooms of the house.  Don't forget, Wet or Dry Dates, they are okay. 

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  1. lol @ "date haters" - the raw food movement is full of false prophets and idiots, i swear. it makes me disgusted to be a part of it. i don't trust any of the "gurus" and instead read true medical research from the mid to late 1800's and early 1900's, before medicine was perverted, to get the true information.

  2. Great info on dates. Think i'll pick some up next time i'm at Whole Foods.

  3. Great date info. Got me craving some now.

  4. I have always felt that the people who are most anti-gay, who profess the most hate, are gay. I don't know what that says about the culture they grew up in or chose to participate in, but all of the crazy kill-the-gays "ministers"? Yup, gaydar goes off like crazy. And then half of them get caught in Mexico with male prostitutes. So there you go.

    And, ah, I think those balls would cheer me up too. Dates are delicious, I don't care if they're "good" for me or not. I love some good sweet balls...

  5. Hey there-
    Did I read you are from St. Louis? I'm heading there next weekend to visit my sister and was hoping you could recommend some vegan restaurants/treat shops. I hear good things about Black Bear Bakery. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  6. The Vegan Man CAveOctober 7, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    Thanks for all the info about St. Louis - and the Mate. Fortunately I don't drink a lot of it, but i'll have to check when I get home if it's San Mateo air dried or not. Gonna be in St. Peters area next weekend. Pi sounds awesome.

  7. The gay thing wouldn't bother me so much but the nude picture definitely does. I wanted to like this page on Facebook but i won't. I am not gaybashing just being honest. I would have said the same thing for any nude photo.

  8. @Anon. That's so funny, because I didn't even notice, ehem, his "thing" in the picture :) Truly, I was listening to the audio. My husband always tells me that I'm not a visual person and I guess he's right! But once I noticed it (via your comment) it didn't ruffle my feathers. But I grew up in a household that neither idolized or shamed nudity. My folks are pretty conservative in their own lives and there are no nudist colonies (EVER!) in my life............but guess I don't give a photo like this second thought. Is it any nudity that bothers you? In art, paintings, etc....? I was listening to the combination of old-timey music with some interesting vocals.........

  9. @HealthSleuth....Yeah, I know!! But just like everything else, each person may have something to offer. I just kind of take it all in and then decide what's right for me right now.......Well, I may not DO what's right for me! But..................:)
    @VeganManCave-I wrote on your blog some places & tried to leave an email that you could reach me if you have any questions! You may also want to hit "The City Museum" which has nothing to do with food, but it's a really great place created by a true artist, who unfortunately just died about one week ago while working on his incredible "Cementland" project.

  10. Wow, I didn't realize there was so much conflict in the raw food world! Interesting. It's funny that there's conflict in different groups. Anyhow, good to know about dates. We love them in my home!

  11. @blessedmama. Yeah!! It's funny how many total personalities there are. In some ways it is probably good because some of them are so "out there" and vocal that it probably did bring a lot of attention to raw foods. But just like veganism, raw fooders have been around a LONG time and the old school people just eat unprocessed food, not dehydrated ants or miracle packaged dried powders from far away lands. Some of the controversial folks are David Wolfe (probably number 1 controversial) and Matt of Raw Food World. David is a salesman, but still, he does have insight into a lot of stuff. He is talking about DIM, which is hormone balancing and also talking about "grounding" which, who knows, may very well have merit. But there is the whole 80/10/10 which is mostly fruits, greens and 10% fat, then the eat whatever you want as long as it is raw and that tends to be quite high in fat, and then the juicers, and then some people just seem like they want to minimize food until they can live on air (prana). Some claim throbbing 3rd chakras and feeling electricity......and of course these are similar to spiritual claims throughout history, often having to do with fasting and meditating. I don't feel like I have to have "a way" but then I am not "raw". I think in general that any raw food diet is probably a good start for someone eating normal American food-as even if the food has a lot of fat, the rules are easy to follow and it's better than packaged food. And for cleansing, feeling lighter, giving the digestive tract a break. But I just love beans too much to eat all raw! And I love the fats too much! To me it's a show and I kind of watch it all go by and try to figure out what makes sense. It takes people kind of OCD or super full of life & personality, sometimes over the edge, to really propel a movement. So I think that this type of passion has helped bring things like Kale Chips to the mainstream, along with a lot of other raw foods! I get that, so I am not "against" people really "being out there".

  12. OH! I am HAPPY about the dates too and better orders some from the Date People BEFORE another study comes out proving the opposite!! :)