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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Raw Vegan Ginger Cookies From "Living Cuisine" by Renee Underkoffler

Raw (if you sub out the molasses) Vegan Ginger Snaps
A recipe that I used to make a LOT.  I would double the ginger for an extra punch.  And even served them to "normal" people (not vegan, not raw, not vegetarian) and they liked them as well.  I am a very "crude" and sloppy cook.  Sometimes I freeze ginger (because I buy a lot at once) and then peeling the skin becomes really difficult.  So instead of getting cut, I just leave if pretty rough looking.  So these are packed with extra "Ginger Fiber".  

While Molasses is loaded with Calcium & Iron, you don't "have" to use it.  You could use dates.  Or whatever type of "sugar" you want-but keep in mind that the molasses (or date paste) will help hold the cookies together.

Food Processors are nearly as important as the Vita-Mix in making raw stuff.

I keep it chunky.

Nothing too terribly refined in my life.  

Chunky, Fiber Filled Ginger Dough.

This is why you need a dehydrator!! So you can have cookies with your morning tea, mate, or coffee.

So finished they won't be sticky to the touch.  It is very difficult for me not to eat the entire batch at one time.  Love the spices & texture.  Homemade raw treats are way cheaper than buying at the store.  But portion control is easier when there are a couple of servings in a bag and then the bag is gone.  Even if you put these in the freezer in the basement, it's not like I can't find them! :)

Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides)

Spice it up and increase the ginger!  Sometimes I see "how hot I can go"!

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