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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vegan Recipes! Win money by voting for your faves. Shape Magazine's Raw Recipes. Dirk, his girl, Kersee, Tony, Elsa and McCloud. East St. Louis Dogs need You!

Crème Fraîche and Berry Parfait by Jenny & Heather of Spork Foods

Ethical Ocean is a great site with loads of eco, ocean, vegan friendly products.  They are also sponsoring a "Vegan Recipe Contest".  And you can vote daily for your favorites & you can win some money just by voting!  Check out these beauties!!  Recipes included on their site.  Link to Ethical Ocean Recipes & Contest.  Voting is open until August 12, 2012.  These are just a few of the choices! Many more on their site!  All images from Ethical Ocean.

Cherry Amaretto Pancakes. By Claire of "Gluten-Free Life"

Shape Magazine is flirting with some raw, nearly vegan recipes.  Just swap out the honey for a vegan sweetener of your choice.  My choice is coconut sugar or date paste.  Skip the bee pollen! So these are kind of run of the mill raw dishes.  You know, the kind that are high in nuts. is all perspective.  Because if you are currently eating regular desserts with sugar & butter & the works-well this stuff is going to be a delicious mecca that still has fat, but plant based.  So your arteries may be happier.  A lot of people flirt with the raw food diet & initially eat dishes like these all of the time.  And they may lose weight, a lot of it!  Just because if you are truly only eating raw foods, then you are eliminating so much junk-that the plant fats aren't going to ruin you.  So while people may have an initial weight loss of astounding numbers-the scale might eventually get stuck.  If I wanted to lose weight on a rawish diet, I would reduce the fat intake somewhat.  So while I love a good raw vegan cheezecake just as much as the next person, I try not to eat it daily!  For the wiring in my body.....trying to keep those pipes clean!

Happy Shake. Skip the Bee Spit, it's not Vegan & you won't miss it.  But the Bees might.
Mediterranean Broccoli Salad
Key Lime Pie Swap out the Honey & put in some date paste, maple syrup, coconut sugar or a high quality agave.
Peace Out Chocolate Cake
Jacob's Peace Pie (swap honey out for vegan sweetener)

East St. Louis, Illinois & Washington Park, Illinois.
Feeding the Strays & Dog Rescue.
(United States)

Tony & Elsa are in East St. Louis.  Always together.  Always super sweet.  Their friend Daiya has already been rescued.  Pj had to drag Daiya from underneath someone's house.  Someone had cut her & she was bleeding terribly.  Daiya is now a tripod & GPG would love to pull these kids before something bad happens to them as well.

McCloud is in Washington Park, Illinois.  Pj adores this guy.  Sometimes Pj & GPG feed over 16 dogs in a very small area of Washington Park.  The area with strip clubs, debris, and abandoned homes.  And we call other places "third world countries"??  It's absolutely crazy that these cities exist in these states of squalor, pollution, and amount of government corruption.  It's pretty dismal.  But apparently the Hustler Club is a strong enough draw to bring in guys for Bachelor Parties & whatever else.  Doesn't matter the size of paycheck or color of skin or language spoken.  Women's bodies are bought & sold everywhere.  No exception here.  We see another lady walking around this whole area collecting cans daily.  Sometimes there are a few dogs that follow her around.  There are some streets that have only a couple of inhabited homes.  Often it's difficult to tell if there are people living in the houses.

I think that Kersee (it's the Olympics!) has been rescued.  But she still needs a forever home! What a doll!

Dirk & "his girl".  Pj has a hard time naming the girl dogs.  So they are always "somebody's girl".  Dirk was missing for a bit & showed up again today.  At this point, his girl still hasn't been seen for awhile.

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