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Friday, August 24, 2012

Skinny on the Sun: Coolibar Review. ZnO Split Rock Hoodie. Vampires need to go outside too! Meet Little Rebel.

Coolibar Zno Split Rock Hoodie
From Coolibar
UPF 50+
Cotton Blend with Zinc Oxide.

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I am a vampire, but occasionally have to see the light of day.  And my skin dreads it.  While I adore the "feel" of sun on my body, I really overdid it when I was little & need to take special care now.  So usually I have to bathe in these disgustingly white sports sunblocks to go running, walking the dogs, or whatever else brings me out to play in the solar universe.  I hate the stupid sunblock.  Most of it it totally white & gross & greasy.  The stuff I really like, isn't for sports or water or anything active.  It is just for "everyday" use.  So I am still looking for some halfway decent, halfway normal looking (so I am not actually painting my body white!!! Or I should just go for the goth look maybe!!) sunblock, that actually performs in the sun!!

From Coolibar

Coolibar was awesome enough to send me one of these Bamboo blend summer hoodies to review.  I am always in search of "sun clothing" that actually "lasts" & isn't completely dorky.  Although I have some non-sun specialty brands as well, I never really "trust" the UPF unless it is coming from a company that actually specializes in it.  Sometimes places even "apply" a UPF that "wears" out of the clothing after multiple washes.  Not Coolibar!  The other problem with "sun clothes" is that they are usually made for much older people, who actually pay attention to this stuff, because they have already experienced some form of skin cancer and/or they have lived long enough to truly know that our body has to carry us through this whole life.  We don't get another one if we wear the first one out.  So the clothes tend to be geared toward a more mature crowd.  Coolibar kind of breaks this "mold" and truly creates a line that could appeal to any age.  They have countless sun hats/suits/glasses for the little ones.  Surf Shorts & all sorts of other active clothing for your man.  And loads of styles for "girls" 18-80. And they have many "seals of approval" from the Skin Cancer/Dermatology Peeps.

Think some of these long sleeve shirts might make nice "shirt jackets" to throw on for driving & walking in sunny parking lots!


Gotta keep your man protected too.

I love that they have a multitude of fabrics from which to choose!!
Zno Suntect-Cotton & Bamboo/spandex (just a bit for stretch) blend.  Light & Breathable & doesn't get smelly with multiple wearings!!!!  ::))  This Zno Split Rock Hoodie is a pullover sweatshirt that is for summery weather.  Eighties super comfy.  Nineties fine if not exercising a ton.  These aren't the ones designed for "extreme" heat, but they do "breathe" super well & I think I like the bamboo blends that are just slightly heavier-in comparison to the Poly blends.  I think the top is pretty cute & love that it has a hood.  So if you get stuck in the UV without your hat, you can at least protect your scalp a bit & provide a little more shade.  This retails for $59.00 which is also a deal for "Real UPF".  Seriously, some of these clothes are a little pricey, but SO much cheaper than constantly applying truly environmentally friendly, healthy, safe sunblocks!! Which don't even "fully" protect us!!  I adore the hoody & will be looking into their other bamboo blends!!  I had tried on the "Active" Pants in the past, which are basically Yoga Capri Swim trunks-but they were not as I expected.  The waist was too high and the stye was a little mature for my taste right now (at age 40!).  

Aqua-Quick Dry UV for the water
Lite Suntect-Poly blend that is lightweight
3d dri-for extreme heat, Poly.
Aire Suntect-Light & Silky.  Blend ofg Poly & Spandex.

As for their Sizing-I take XS.  It seems these places generally size larger.....So I personally wouldn't go up from my normal size.  They don't do "teen" sizes and pretend it's normal!  But I have no boobs, so if you have big boobs, your normal size may still fit, but you might have to refer to their sizing chart just to make sure!

Most of our men will never apply sunblock.  But these board shorts & jacket make it easy.  The jackets are very light & come in many colors.  Think the board shorts look "totally normal".

This little girl got saved today!!

And the SunnySpot in my day......Gateway Pet Guardians ( was able to trap Rebel today.  Pj & GPG go every single day of the year to East St. Louis (and now Washington Park, Illinois-USA) to feed the stray dogs & cats.  They are fed, cared for, and rescued.  They always need foster homes, money, volunteers, and love!!  Rebel has a terribly embedded collar & is super skinny now.  She is very shy, yet was getting pretty close to one of our volunteers today-because she is starving.  So happy that Rebel will get a new chance at life.  I don't know if she will have to have the collar (tied in knots) surgically removed or not, but now she is a bit of a mess.  Poor thing.  Such a sweet doll.  We only saved one today, but for Rebel, that means the world.  It is heartbreaking that others are not saved.  It is heartbreaking that we cannot save every single plant, animal, human that is suffering.  But we can save one.  And there is some joy in that.  Rebel is going to get all fixed up, get adjusted a little bit, and then probably be looking for a foster & forever home.  If you are in the St. Louis (or nearby area) Missouri (USA) area-let us know if you are interested in meeting Rebel!!

She now has a collar on, a collar tied in knots and embedded in her skin.  She was just bones..........

Little Rebel getting her "ride" to a new life.  

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