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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Punjabi Style Cabbage (Band Gobi) from "Vegan Indian Cooking" book. Gluten Free Chickpea Flour Crepes (Besan Poora). Vegan "ChickFilet" Recipe from PETA. Jane Velez Mitchell, Walmart, Cruelty. Steven Colbert on Dogfighting, CongressMan Steve King, and D-bags.

I must have made at least a dozen recipes from this book, "Vegan Indian Cooking" by Anupy Singla, since it first arrived on my doorstep.  Love this one because cabbage is so healthy and also incredibly cheap, even organic.

Finished Punjabi Cabbage.  So delicious!

Ingredients for Chickpea Flour Crepes. 
Besan Poora
Think they should be thin crepes, in/on which you can scoop up your dals, chutneys, or whatever other delight you may have in front of you.  I made them thicker because of my attempts at making without much oil and also I really stink at making anything resembling pancakes.

Love that  Bob's has Certified Gluten Free products-not everything, but a decent line.

I made these in a cast iron pan, just because it resists burning that way.  First attempted with zero oil, but then I had to add a touch, just to get the pan oiled a bit.  If you have some spectacular, green, safe non stick type of cookware-then you could probably do it sin oil.

Seitan (Or Gluten Free Tempeh) Mulligatawny Soup

Other News:

Jane Velez Mitchell, fellow vegan, is unafraid to tackle the big stuff.  No one would touch these types of stories years ago, but with social media and increased awareness, it is now becoming actually "okay" to discus this.  Of course "they" want to make laws that make it illegal to photograph factory farms, and of course do any type of undercover work.  So no photos of the farms please folks, but apparently in the states anyone with any type of mental record or hate group involvement can buy any type of gun/assault weapon.  What I love is that you can't grow sustainable hemp, say anything about the agricultural industry that would affect their profit, or not wear seatbelts in your car.  But green light on the guns.  We are very pragmatic people.

If wanna be Vegans, Wanna be Cholesterol Free Sandwich eaters, Fast Food Addicts, or people who are boycotting the "Eat More Cock" place want a "Chicken Sandwich"-this link is for you. Vegans always boycott Chick-fil-a because of the suffering they cause animals.  So we didn't alter any routines in either direction for the hoopla about "traditional" marriage.  From what I can tell, "traditional" means marriage between a man and a woman.  The man spends hours a day surfing online porn, tweets his privates, gets hookers across the state lines, has multiple mistresses, and hanging out at lesbian bondage clubs on the RNC's dime.  Traditional Marriage of Politicians.  So obviously, all other marriage is flat out wrong.  

 And another Jane Velez Mitchell spot.  Yes.  The ChickenDisaster again.  What is so ridiculous about all of this is that we have a lot of issues going on in our country (U.S.) and that most Americans don't ever protest anything.  But that the largest "protest" that I have seen in awhile, across that nation, that is actually publicized (Democracy Now not included)-is to eat fast food for a day.  It's like drunks "protesting" a vote by drinking a bottle of JB.  But fried chicken suddenly makes everyone an activist.  I think Weight Watchers should have just had free signups right there-to work the line.  Or maybe Dr. Oz could have done his surprise "checks" and get some vitals on the protestors.  Slightly apathetic if "protesting" in the States is to eat at a fast food joint.

And Steven Colbert on Steve King, who appears to be a major D-bag and not really have an issue on dogfighting.  Because as humans, we don't have the ability to want to reduce the suffering of people and OTHER animals.  

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  1. I couldn't watch the pig video, but I appreciate that you put it up. Hilarious Colbert video!!! Thanks for making my family laugh.