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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jewels for your Vegan Vixen

I am always looking for ways to subtly wear my "Vegan Gospel".  I used to be hesitant to use those words, but since seeing Will Tuttle speak and use them himself, well I feel a lot more confident about it now. But I was kind of interested in "wearing" that message the way people wear a cross. Some people wear a cross, like Madonna, almost as a "F*** You",  I can be hot and edgy and it's hip because I am Christian.  And then there are other people, like quiet Catholics,  who just seem like they were born with a cross around their necks.  Very unobtrusive.   And then there are those who not only wear their cross but when you are introduced to them, they need to make an announcement of their Christianity.  "Hi, I am Jill, and I am Christian."  Like an AA meeting or something.  If vegans did that we would get a lot of s***!  "Hi, I am Jackie, and the most important day of my life was when I accepted Veganism as my Savior." Or say, "Hey, I'm Bob, and well I am Vegan so I am not f***ing up the planet like you are with your diet of lard burgers and poisoned chickens."  

Well, I just want to say that I also may adorn myself with a cross now, but with a slant. So I perused the vegan sites for hip gear.....and stumbled upon Herbivore's new Herbivore cross necklaces. They carry copper and silver (although they may currently be out of silver) and they rock. And at $30.00 they are a cute, inexpensive addition to our garb.

Aren't they cute??
Follow the link to buy Herbivore Necklace.

Another adorable necklace is offered by PETA for 20 bucks. he Christy Robinson necklace features 3 animals and Peace for All.

Christy Robinson "Peace to All" necklace.   Proceeds to to the animals.
Follow the link to buy the Vegan Necklace
Of course there is the "Carrie Bradshaw" "Vegan" necklace from PETA as well.
PETA Catalog // 'Vegan' Necklace
Peta's "Vegan" Necklace
Follow the link  Peta Vegan Necklace to buy.
On sale for $15.00 now.

But the "Mother Lode" of Vegan/Yoga necklaces has got to be this.  Sonja Picard's "Ahimsa" necklace with ALL of the profits going to PETA so you can forget your guilt girl!  Think of it as a "donation" because that's exactly what it is. This is more of an anniversary gift or a bit more special. Well at least for girls like me who don't place any emphasis on jewelry. It is $150.00 but the great part about it is that 100 percent of the profits go to PETA.  I am waiting for a piece to come out with the "Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu" Sanskrit on it.

Sonja Picard "Ahimsa" necklace (Sanskrit).
Follow the link to buy the "Ahimsa" Sonja Picard Necklace. All proceeds to PETA.

The other necklace (not really Vegan themed!) that I was eyeing for awhile, With no message at all, is this one from Raw Food World.  Apparently it keeps you grounded or helps with EMF's....I really don't know.  But this month, December, they are having a sale and they feel kind of cool.

QBC Quantum Balance Crystal Pendants - BLACK
QBC Quantum Balance Crystals.
Follow the link to buy the Quantum Balance Crystal Necklace from Raw Food World.
In LOTS of Colors/Chakras.

Do you guys have favorite jewelry with a "Vegan" message?  Guys, if you are looking for gifts for your vegan girlfriend, definitely check out these links!  She will be especially impressed if you aren't even vegan!  Does anyone have any "favorite" vegan message necklaces, earrings, bracelets??

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  1. I was going back to read any posts you had about the vegan jewelry. :) I LOVE all of these.