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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sexy OTK, Knee-High, and Some Comfy Vegan Boot Picks!

Kailia - Chiara - Black Faux Leather
Kailia-Chiara-Black Faux SUPER SEXY OTK Vegan Boot
 img. Compassion Couture

For some WARM and VEGAN boot picks check out my Warm Vegan Boots Post.  This post is a little more frivolous as I wonder how I could justify $350.00 boots to my husband.  It's not like you wear the Kailia-Chiara in the ice and snow!!  Think of it as a "donation" to a compassionate Vegan Company???  I have to keep thinking because my mouse keeps leading me to those boots!!!!  

Hearts of Darkness - Architect - Black
Hearts Of Darkness Knee High Vegan Boot
img. from Compassion Couture

Novacas - Eliza - Brown
NoVacas Eliza Brown Vegan Knee High Mod Classic Cowboy Boot
img. Compassion Couture

Kailia - Sincerity - Ruby Stretch Velvet
Kalia Sincerity Ruby Stretch Velvet Tall Vegan Boots
img. Compassion Couture

Hearts of Darkness - Rugged - Black
Hearts of Darkness Rugged Tall Vegan Boot 
img. Compassion Couture

OTK Bird Tall Vegan Boots that Kathy Freston apparently wears!
img.  Cri de Coeur

Dillion OTK Wedge Vegan Boot
img. Cri de Coeur

Splendor Motorcycle Boot - Wine - was $140
Splendor Vegan Motorcylce Boot
img. Cri de Coeur

Ryder OTK Vegan Wedge Boot
img. Cri de Coeur

Vegan Suede Slouch Boot from Alternative Outfitters

Artic Black Tall Cozy Vegan Boot from Neuraura Shoes

Sunbird - black
Sunbird Tall (Can be OTK as well) Vegan Boot from Neuaura

Not the Warmest! But Cheap and Cuddly!
Snug Boot (Brown) - click to enlarge
Vegetarian Shoes Snug Boot (Other Colors Available) img. source
Button Snug Boot (Brown) - click to enlarge
Button Snug Boot (Vegetarian Shoes) img. source
No Cow Girl Boot (Brown) - click to enlarge
No Cow Girl Boot (Vegan) Brown from Vegetarian Shoes
Fleur Boot (Red) - click to enlarge
Fleur Vegan Boot from Vegetarian Shoes (Red)
Swirl Boot (Black)  - click to enlarge
Swirl Vegan Boot from Vegetarian Shoes
Yoki Rowi Black Burnished and Buckled OTK Boots

Vegan Yoki Rowi Black Burnished and Buckled OTK Boots $65.00

Airseal 20 Eye Boot (Black) - click to enlarge
20 Eye Vegan Airseal (Vegan Combat Boots!)  from Vegetarian Shoes
Logan Burnished Black (from Neuaura) and this one says Perfect for Rain and Snow!

Wild Diva Tosca 19 Brown Belted Riding Boots
Wild Diva Tosca Brown Belted Riding Boots from Lulu's

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For More boots check out Warm Vegan Boots Post.  It has links to my Kamik Boots (for COOOOLLLLD) weather and some other functional picks!  What are your favorite Vegan Boots???

Why Vegan Boots??

Our very own Kinship Circle (an incredible group, please visit the site), started by one of my heroes, just came out with this new video.  People start eating plant based diets for lots of reasons but sometimes in the beginning, before you are acquainted with everything, you might have doubts, or slip, or lose your conviction.  If you go vegan for the animals, or it is at least part of your desire to become more plant based, it seems easier to stick with it.  In the end I don't have enough conviction to eat uber perfect all the time for my health, and I don't have enough discipline to never buy new clothes or shoes (although I try to buy hemp & bamboo now from nice people!), but it is very easy for me to eat plants so there is less suffering in the world. I don't want an animal to suffer because of my daily choices. Veganism is an incredibly powerful form of armchair activism.  We don't each to 90 minutes of yoga each day, stand on our heads or chant peaceful songs, but we do all eat and wear clothes.  Nearly all of us use money in some way.  Every time we buy something, or eat something, we are given the choice to increase or decrease suffering in the world.  

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  1. I'm not a big boot person, but I do love looking at them! I used to have Para boots, which are the shorter version of the Airseal ones, for when we went on our Harley rides. I loved them!

  2. I have a serious love of boots. I think after nearly two years of being vegan I'm up to four pair ...never enough! You've given me more to covet now. Thanks (really, I mean that) ;)

  3. I want those red ones! How fun are they??!

  4. I buy my shoes and boots and Payless shoe source. So many of their choices are man made, and they are well under $50 each. Could never afford these boots pictured! Although they are purty. Also, began to watch video, got about ten seconds in and stopped. I became vegan for ethical reasons, so all those videos do to me now is just make me cry. I continue to fight the fight for the animals, though.