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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse, Day 5. Kale Salad and Dandelion Tea.

My $9.50 Salad.  I thought it was pretty good!  It's pretty easy to spend the same amount there (at Whole Foods) and not  get as much nutrition.  Yeah, a spluge, but for going out to lunch & having a LOT of laughs with the girls, it was a bargain.
You take my wine away, I have nowhere else to turn.  Actually, I prefer Kombucha over wine any day.  I need to start making it again.  After 3 botched batches, I let it go.  This stuff is probably pricer than wine though!  Or at least equal ounce per ounce to a bottle of Frey Organic Natural Red.  
Met up with some girlfriends that I may only see a couple of times a year.   Of course, they both were running late which put me in Border's next door.  I didn't have the heart to charge them their fair share of the extra $15.00 I spent for a new book.  "The Everything Raw Food Recipe Book" had me at Indian Almond Chai Bars. I can't be held responsible, I was left unattended in a bookstore for longer than a 5 minute interval. We met at Whole Foods, which was awesome because I needed to stock up on Kale (and foo-foo Mineral Fusion makeup powder) and Celery so I can kick this cleanses butt.  Our fridge downstairs is now bursting with fresh Kale and Carrots.  Also have been drinking lots of Dandelion Tea, Holy Basil (Tulsi), and Green Rooibos (apparently even better than Red) for my late night fix.  You can snag all of those organic, fair-trade, in loose-leaf form at Mountain Rose Herbs.  I think my folks are doing okay on the cleanse, and I *think* my dad brought a couple of handweights up from the basement.  He was eyeing a couple of Masoor Dal recipes last night when we gabbed.  Hoping to start some Sprouts today and maybe makeup with my Wheat Grass and try to nurture some seeds.  How about you guys?  Is anyone else trying the Cleanse?

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  1. I prefer kombucha over alcohol too! :) yummy salad!

  2. Thanks for visiting my space. Your recipes are interesting and infact i was planning to go on a diet that would cleanse my system. Will surely keep visitng your space.