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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lucious Lemon Raw Vegan Avocado Pudding and Kisses to "Biggest Loser's" Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels

Raw Vegan Lemon Avocado Pudding.  I have been eating versions of the Carob Pudding daily!!

I think I may be "The Biggest Loser" because I am now hooked on this manipulative show!  Since I found out that Bob Harper went Vegan, for the animals & his health (he was even the Spokesperson for a Farm Sanctuary Walk!) I have been a "Biggest Loser" convert.  Bob's genetically high cholesterol dropped over 100 points after going vegan. Although,  I was pretty surprised that they rarely even mention dietary choices, and when they do it's very '50s style "product placement" sort of manner.  Lately though, at least they have had some ads for "Lara Bars" and other stuff that isn't just trash decorated as breakfast food.  But then moments like when Bob Harper had the UnderDog team to his house for a Vegan Dinner make all the painful advertising and the insane commercial breaks prior to nail biting weigh-ins, well, worth it.  Here are some of Bob Harper's Vegan Recipes that were featured when he had the team over for dinner. 

Here's Bob Harper on the Cover of VegNews!  An all vegan 'zine.

 Bob has also "tweeted" 24 hour "Vegan Challenges", inspiring people to try quitting all animal foods for 24 hours.  I just discovered he has his own line of Supplements that are Vegan called Smart Success! Lactose, Dairy & Gluten Free!  And here is a link to an interview with Bob Harper about being vegan.  He had some a-ha moments after reading "Skinny Bitch", which are a couple of Vegan Chics dishing the true dirt on meat & dairy and how it does ugly stuff to your body (They also have "Skinny Bastard" now too!).  This book is a totally fun read with lots of "potty mouth".   Next he moved on the "The China Study" which is Colin Campbell's book about the research he did in China and the surprising results he found.  Think milk prevents cancer?  Think it prevents your bones from dissolving?  Think Animal protein is good for your body.  Colin Campbell has statistics, charts, graphs, and real life examples, all scientifically based basically linking meat & dairy to nearly every single major ailment common to our Western  population.  You might remember him from the "Forks Over Knives" post and from the Dr. Oz show.  

And here is Bob Harper's interview about Farm Sanctuary & being Vegan.

We usually binge on  Vegan Tacos and Cashew Cheeze, Vegan Indian Chili, Raw Vegan Olive Crostini, or some other high fat, comfort food while watching our "DVR"ed Biggest Loser show.  Yep, we binge while we watch once morbidly obese people get thin.  Sick Habit.  Must Stop!

Fat. Fat. And Lemon!

Other highlights include Bob wearing his "Eat no Cow" shirt (PETA) in the gym and Jillian last night sported a super sexy "My dog is a Rescue" shirt, I believe from PETA also.  Plus Jillian is now advertising Coconut Milk!  That is a zillion steps up from A Milk Moustache.  If you are donning a Milk Moustache and you have allergies, well read up a little about Milk!.  From Wikipedia, a map showing the percentage of  Lactose Intolerance in populations.  

Global Map of Lactose Intolerance Frequencies
Global Map showing percentage of Lactose Intolerant People.  Maybe Milk Moustaches aren't the best idea for, well, most of us?

I started with one avocado but it wasn't really enough to get the food processor going.
So....2 avocados.  Stevia Packets to taste.  Coconut Nectar. Freshly Squeezed Lemon to taste (I used 2 or 3).  And the total amount of liquid (including lemon juice) should be about one cup.  So I used a tiny bit of lemon juice and then purified water for the rest.  You just process it until it is creamy!!  So simple!  The only difficult part is keep ripe avocados on hand!

My husband said these were too dirty too print.
Have you seen those banned PETA commercials? I included one at the end of the post!

After processing.  You will have to scrape the sides a bit.
So it's not yellow.  I would be more likely to serve the chocolate or carob version to company that isn't "Raw-like".
But I felt like a change!

And it was super yummy!

Eat No Animal (Cow) Standard T-Shirt
Eat No Cow Shirt that Bob Harper  wore at the gym in a 2010 episode of "The Biggest Loser".
Available from Peta.  As you can see, Paul McCartney is a fan of it as well!

My Dog Is a Rescue Shirt
And I think it was this shirt or check out the Peta "My Dog is a Rescue" V necks, that Jillian was wearing on the show that aired last Tuesday, May 2011.  Her last season!  I always have to "Pause" the tv to see their shirts!  Another Peta Rescue shirt.  Sure Jillian is tough on people trying to save their lives.  She is trying to prevent death!  So she shakes stuff up a bit.  But she has a huge heart and not only rescues dogs, but kids as well!  We will miss you Jillian!

Jillian Michaels on the Dog Whisperer.

And I thought I would order the Guayaki Air Dried Mate in Bulk.  Since my other brands might have some odd links to odd stuff.......

Skinny Bitch
Skinny Bitch
Skinny Bastard: A Kick-in-the-Ass for Real Men Who Want to Stop Being Fat and Start Getting Buff
"Skinny Bastard"

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health
The China Study

Wouldn't this qualify for "Green Sex Toys"??
They are even "Solar-Powered".  No BPA's here!!

Are there any other Biggest Loser Fans out there??  Do you sit and eat while you watch other people work out also?  Or are you too busy working out to be lazy enough to watch the tely?  

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  1. Thanks for the comments about juice feasting! I checked out that website! It appears that most everyone who does a juice fast just chooses juices to do and there may or may not be a method to the madness. So I suppose I will just do the same one I did before (but shortened).
    I dont' watch the biggest loser because frankly, I think it's disgusting to watch morbidly obese people. Is that awful? I take care of them all day at work, cleaning them and changing adult diapers and rolling them in bed and etc etc.. To come home and watch them is just too much. I also think it's a shame how this country has fattened our people up so much then made it into a game show to get them to lose weight. Thirdly, I think obese people are becoming a culture of their own- they are everywhere, and its on tv, book covers, and magazines how to love yourself no matter what your size, and accept the fact that you are huge and unhealthy. How did this become okay? I dont agree with that or support that. Does any of that make sense?

  2. Yeah, it's sad that "Morbid Obesity" is so common now that it is a subculture. It's interesting that ICU is also very full of peeps that got in a very unhealthy rut. That was my dad's experience as well. That so much of the unit was full of people who were very overweight & now dying because of it. Even if not very overweight, a lot of issues that could be helped, or prevented with a plant based diet and just moving your body around. I love their transformations though, on the show. That you can be in that much shit, and still turn your life around. This is the first year we have watched it, and only started because we wanted to see if Bob talked about plants much at all.....
    I also think it's sad that you probably aren't allowed to really talk about all the stuff you know at work....are you able to share the knowledge you have about diet & health or is that kind of off limits??