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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Get Skinny's" Sexy Hemp Skirt Picks

Sexy.  Flirty.  Casual.  Functional.  Hemp.  

MoreTrees Hemp and Recycled PET Soda Skirt.
This is one of my favorite companies.  Vegan Owned & Operated.  Their clothes are amazing.  They are durable and not superthin material that stretches out too much while you are wearing it.  They are the total package.
Image Source and Credit: MoreTrees

Can Hemp get Sexy??  Judging from the amount of Hip Hemp Gear these days, the answer is a resounding yes. If you watched Brian Clement's "Killer Clothes" video in a previous post, you might be itching to try some more sustainable, less toxic clothing options.  Hemp is a sturdy fabric and it's easy to grow.  It doesn't need as much processing as bamboo and hasn't had the controversy surrounding it that bamboo has, as far as being a "green" material.  This isn't your mother's hemp....These fabrics are smooth to the touch and if you don't find them delightful the first time around-just let them endure a few washings.  I believe all of the skirts that are listed here are the soft, comfy hemp.  I do have personal experience with MoreTrees, Earth Creations, and Hemp Hoodlamb clothes.  They are all fabulous.  My favorite is MoreTrees just because the quality is amazing and the company is everything you want!  Hemp Hoodlamb is a larger company often known for their amazing coats.  Earth Creations uses a lot of clay based dyes and has a myriad of organic options.  I learned about Texture through Angela Stokes of the Raw Food World, so I think they must be good because I can't imagine her wearing non-functional clothing!!

MoreTrees Hemp Mini.  Hemp & Recycled PET.
Image Source and Credit from MoreTrees Hemp
This is an adorable skirt, really well made.  Not too "mini" at all.

Hemp Hoodlamb Ruderalis Mini Skirt. "The Hempest" Store.
Hemp, Organic Cotton.
Image Source "The Hempest".
This is a little shorter!

Hemp Yolk Flair Drawstring Skirt. Hemp Huggers.
$62-$74.00 Lots of Colors and Dyes Available.
Image Source and Credit Hemp Huggers

Hemp Mini Tube Skirt. From Hemp Huggers.
$40-$52.00 In Lots of Colors and even Tie-Die!
Image Source and Credit Hemp Huggers.

Utility Cargo Skirt from MoreTrees Hemp.  Hemp and Cotton Muslin.
LOVE the pockets!  Leave your purse at home!
Image Source and Credit: MoreTrees.

comfy skirt mini :: black
Image Source and Credit Texture.

Denim Skirt
Hemp Denim Mini from Earth Creations.
Hemp, Organic Cotton, Lyra.
Image Source and Credit "Earth Creations".

Hemp Fleece Mini from Marcel Hemp in Santa Barbara. Perfect for the beach.
Image Source and Credit: Marcel Hemp


  1. ok that was weird lol.
    I was just on your site.. considering trying a vegan week.. and you left me a comment at the same time .. crazy!

  2. Hmmmmmmmm......fate?? Do you need cookbook suggestions?? Girl, it is SO easy these days with Veganism being yuppified beyond belief. And you can do it on the cheap, if ya want! We have had Vegan Tostadas for the last week with Sprouted Corn Tostadas, Refried Pinto Beans made in the Slow Cooker from Dried beans, Salsa, Lettuce, Onions. Zero Oil!!

  3. yep.. I am on ww's.. so also trying to find lowfat etc..