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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Americans are "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead". And why Politicians are Douchebags.

Image From PCRM website.

Where the Money Goes: The foods that subsidies support

Clip from "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".  Watch how people heal from foods that don't get shit from subsidies! There are lots of great films that have been giving the same type of message as "Forks Over Knives".

What is this lovely "Pie Chart" you might ask?  This is American Economic Disaster!  While the Democrats & the Republicans sit on their fat,  mostly white asses and complain about health care costs and balancing the budget and military spending and we have to cut schoolteachers, policemen, & firemen- we still have enough cash (or Chinese Credit) to give away to ensure that beef and milk are made dirt cheap.  Even though these subsidies may be costing us  more economically because they may not be preventing heart disease, cancer, & diabetes (in my opinion).  It's up to you to do the research and see if there may be a link between any of these subsidies and certain diseases.  Certain Industries get quite testy if you imply too much.....Just remember Oprah and her lovely time spent filming in Texas.

 So you say, 20% grain?  Where does that grain go?  It goes to fatten the animals you eat who are supposed to be eating grass anyway!! It's not all going to support Homegrown, Organic Quinoa!  Then we have 63% of the subsidies go to meat and dairy (this is excluding the 20% grain).  So a Vegan diet gets 3% of the subsidies, unless you are a severe alcoholic, in which case you may take a percentage point away from the "Sugar, Starch, Oil, Booze" category.  Yeah, there is probably a reason that Sugar is listed with the Booze and other stuff.

While most of our energy seems to be protecting people from the "Evil" abroad (or fighting agencies here that provide birth control) maybe we should be a little more concerned with fighting "Evil" within our borders.  Wars in which we actually can see some of the enemies, make simple changes, and Win more often.   Like Wars against Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes.  These take more lives on a daily basis than any act of "terror" homegrown or from abroad.  Oh, and we need healthy bodies in order to even attempt to fight the "terror" in any other location.  Now the Military is even sending these warnings about our weight & health because they don't have enough healthy people to enlist! We can save more of our Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends with Wars against often preventable dis-eases.

WTF?  Really?  This is why I roll my eyes when they talk about terrorism or building the next big fighter plane incessantly.  Sure, we need to freakin' protect ourselves, but then maybe we shouldn't be shooting ourselves in the foot constantly.  Why don't all of these "Free Market" Republicans (and Dems too excluding Vegan Heartthrob Dennis Kucinich)  support yanking away ALL of the farm subsidies and if they had any balls (that aren't being used to bang their mistresses), then they would "redistribute" it to foods that actually HEAL you instead of just costing us more money later on for hospital bills and endless medications.  

Rip Esselstyn (seen on Dr. Oz multiple times) on Good Morning America talking about a Plant Strong diet and his Austin Firehouse transforming their health.
And Rip from the Dr. Oz show "Forks Over Knives" post?

In this PCRM article it states that 61 Billion dollars a year are spent on Medicare and Medicaid for Obesity related illnesses.  That is the economic cost that we are paying, not even including private insurance costs!  So while some blowhard Republican sits up there with his balls tied in a bunch, telling me that I either need a 3 day waiting period to decide what to do with my own Vagina, OR that Zero funding from government can go towards any abortions (which are a legal procedure in our country), I have to pay MY taxes to fix YOUR bullshit subsidies and the diseases that I believe that they cause.  Why don't you make it illegal to fund industries that are not economically feasible, that cost taxpayers more money than we will ever make back, and that are destructive to our health and other sentient creatures?  And contribute to the loss of  lives of our loved ones.  Oh, add the environment to that list because what no Hardcore Locavore  (the one with the 100 mile chart in his/her back pocket and has a douchebag woody every time Poopy Pants Pollan opens his mouth)  ever tells you, is that even Plants that Travel  (we could grow more here if we we didn't use all of our farmland for feed grain), STILL carry less of an environmental impact than your locally sourced cow, pig, or chicken.  Just because your beef came from down the street, doesn't mean that it used any less water, that it farted any less (which just makes our globe even hotter), that it "shat" any less, or that the waterways are less polluted from all of it.  Don't be deceived by "Food Miles" which are only about 11% of "Food Energy".  Think about Food Production.  If you buy organic, you save even more.  That means less petroleum products being used as fertilizers.   The whole world can't eat beef everyday, although it would be one way to minimize life span.  We would need multiple planet Earths if other populations ate meat daily.
Who hijacked our food chain?

You could exchange your "regular" car for a hybrid Toyota Prius and, by doing so, prevent about 1 ton of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year, but according to the University of Chicago, being vegan is more effective in the fight against global warming; a vegan is responsible for the release of approximately 1.5 fewer tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year than is a meat-eater.  -Peta 

So, make your next car a hybrid (but not a bullshit hybrid, like a Cadillac Escolade).
But today, go Vegan.  Save your health, your money, your children's planet & their water supply.  Even in "The Global Warming Survival Guide" associated with Live Earth, which was affiliated with Al Gore,   says eating Vegan is the most effective way for individuals to reduce climate change .  A shame it's in the middle of the book and that Al never brings it up himself.  Al Gore's Inconvenient Diet.  The Locavore Myth from Forbes.

Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook

Vegan SuperHero and  Forever Presidential Hopeful
Dennis Kucinich

Hmmmm......But guess it's not going to change anytime real soon as long as it's these big factory farming peeps  keep funding  the douchebags's political campaigns.  It keeps the drug industries really happy too, because we can keep on running for a "cure" and wearing our pink ribbons, and never really look at the cause (and never find a cure either, but they still got to sell a whole bunch plastic shit with pink on it made by Chinese Children, which apparently have far less value than an American Child).  I believe part of the cause to be on this very chart.  

Why wouldn't you subsidize food that people need?
That doesn't raise cholesterol?
That doesn't violently rape the earth.
That won't make us climb to a 70% Obesity Rate.
That doesn't contribute to diabetes, cancer, heart disease?
That uses less resources?
That won't make us just go deeper into debt with our Chinese Credit to try to make a dent in medicating maladies that are largely preventable?

"Simply Raw.  Reversing Diabetes in  Thirty Days".  Diabetes patients have the month of their lives.
This film ROCKS!.  Even Type 1 Diabetes had amazing results!

It's not some communist left wing propaganda. It's common economic sense.  It's a threat to our  National Security to continue living in utter denial.  To make people believe that the Old School Food Pyramid has nothing to do with Old School Capitalism and what Industries Fund political campaigns.   The fact that we don't have (Even the Armed Forces are concerned) enough qualified young people to enlist because they are not healthy enough.  We are totally broke and totally effed if China wants their money back, yet we continually intensify our debt by funding industries that I believe, totally bring us down.  If you are into less government, then be into less government.  Don't try to put your conservative old white knuckles into my Vagina (because Priscilla the Plant Strong Pussy will kegel those arthritic knuckles to dust, to DUST).  And if you claim to be into less government, then don't give ANY farm subsidies.  It's not like the the fruit and veggie people are going to be any more fucked than they already are.  If people had to pay the true economic cost (we are already paying all the other unfortunate costs), of meat & dairy, then Kale would immediately seem and actually be,  a whole lot cheaper.  Below is the Link From the PCRM site talking about Neal Barnard's fight to change all of this. Remember him?  He was just in my other post about the Dr. Oz show featuring the "Forks over Knives" movie.

Taxing America’s Health: Subsidies for Meat and Dairy Products |

And yes.  The government and how and where they spend money makes me livid if I actually think about it longer than 5 minutes.  Especially if I accidentally have NPR on in the car or doing dishes, and they have some douchebag trying to legislate my Uterus while at the same time redefining "rape".  Basically don't go out in a miniskirt or 3 inch heels, it won't hold up in court girls, or boys who wear dresses too!

I think I support a 3 day waiting period before any D-bag Politician pulls out his Penis.

That may actually prevent further atrocities more than stopping Planned Parenthood funding.  Funny, because a part of the "abortion" line at Planned Parenthood is probably made up of some of these dude's girlfriends.  You know, can't let the Misses know that you knocked up your girlfriend, it doesn't look so great running on a "Family Values" platform while denouncing Gay Marriage claiming that it is degrading society.  Don't even get me started on how Women in New Orleans that are caught giving blow jobs or having a*** se* for money are considered "Sex Offenders" (like Child Molesters).  Does anything happen to the dudes who are getting their wee-wee's blown?  The men who are paying these women for their "work"?  Oh, yeah, they get re-elected.  And then they boast about "creating" jobs.  They just don't mention some of the "jobs" they created are ones in the prostitution market, oh, or at the Lesbian Bondage Clubs.  Family Values Guys really dig that shit. leave on a more positive note.  We can each live our own lives and vote with each movement we make.  We can choose to eat differently.  We can choose to educate ourselves and to question what are kind of considered fundamental "American Beliefs".  Faith in Beef & Guns & Religion (funny how often those 2 go together) & Pharmaceutical Drugs.

MC Yogi doing the "Gandhi Rap".
"Be the Change".

Mountain Rose Herbs

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