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-Mahatma Gandhi

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blueberry Kale Banana Pomegranate Smoothie: Breakfast in less than One Minute. Oh, and FUCK Cancer.

                                             Yoga Is from Suzanne bryant-cunha on Vimeo.

There are so many awesome Yoga, Juicing, Healing movies out there & was delighted to see some of my fave "stars" in this one.  Sharon Gannon, David Life, and  Michael Franti.  While I don't usually find men "hot" because "hot" is not some traditional looking "Brad Pitt" kind of character to me or some exotic, foreign, man... Maybe I just don't trust anyone that is that traditionally "hot" to begin with, as it is far too common to see these peeps with power not be very "sexy" in their relationships.  And maybe "sexy" is someone who is exceptional.  Exceptional to me is John Robbins, someone who opted out of receiving his family wealth & has been married forever, living a very simple life.  Or David Life, a yogi whose reputation seems untarnished.  Or Michael Franti, a yogi musician who uses his music to go to the Middle East and create bridges.  And Sharon Gannon is an amazing female mentor because she doesn't succumb to the submissive, ever pleasing, female role.  She isn't afraid to put compassion to all sentient beings out there as a concept to be lived, and that is a bold statement in the yuppie yoga world that often has a focus on "organic" or "local" but doesn't always touch on the concept of veganism.  That death is still death, it doesn't really matter if you slaughtered the pig in your back yard or half the world away.  It still does harm to the pig, the environment, & your body.  These concepts are becoming popularized now, but I believe that is due in large part to her courage to speak out long before it was even socially acceptable.  This "Yoga Is" looks like a worthwhile film....

Breakfast in under one minute.  Just put everything in a Vitamix or High Powered Blender.  And you've got nutrition that will last for hours.

In the meantime I have been "uncooking" away.  I am so angry and so bitter with hospitals and the whole "care" industry right now that cooking, playing with food, is being a distraction for the excess energy.  Can you believe a doctor would pull an attitude to a patient that was simply seeking a 2nd opinion to a very grave condition?  I guess I know these things, and that some people have incredibly combative egos, but it still blows my mind the arrogance.  If it is all about yourself, then you should get the fuck out of the "healing" profession, because the only thing you are healing is your ego.  Doctors should be encouraging all people to seek other perspectives.  And they should be honest with you from the getgo what they can actually do for you in the first place.  If their methods only have a 1% chance at helping you long term, wouldn't it make sense to let you know that so you could seek out additional therapies to increase your odds.  And so often it is the arrogance that is speaking when any other integrative methods are "poo-pooed" as bullshit.  I think bullshit is not having a way to heal a person with the methods you use and then telling them that no one else in the world could offer them any other options, simply because the options you offer, well, they don't have a very good success rate.

It blows my mind that anyone counseling diabetics or cancer patients would even put milk, cheese, or meat on the plate.  Seriously, my mind is completely spattered.  How many millions of dollars did you spend for that snazzy new "Center" that has the most cutting edge, progressive research of all?  I do realize that every university is funded by companies, companies that give money to do research to develop things to make money.  But that's just it.  Maybe there are more things out there that don't carry the same profit margin, that have just as high a "help" rate as these drugs you are selling.  I realize the whole world is run by money, but living in a nation that prides itself, often boasting, about it's "humanity" & progressiveness, it seems like even more of a lie.

I am just thinking that meat sandwiches on white bread are most likely not increasing one's odds for survival.  Maybe the odds don't matter to you so much, well, because you have that revenue pouring in from a "Glorified Burgers & Fries Joint" on your property.   ?  Seriously, you (Major Center) don't get what's fucked up about that?  And you are cutting edge??  

Organic Wild Blueberries.  I remember "Raw Runner" Tim Van Ordean said "If it's good enough for sperm, it's good enough for my food!".  Meaning, it's okay to eat frozen fruit!!  Frozen Blueberries tend to be cheaper & more available than fresh.  Plus they help make your smoothie a little colder!
Sure, Michael Pollan is putting out little "Carrot vs. Twinkies" videos and saying why twinkies are cheaper than carrots.  Yes, because corn syrup and all the other crap is subsidized.  But we aren't fucking growing corn just to try to pawn corn syrup off on people.  We are growing our awesome GMO corn to feed animals and then we have byproducts.  These are waste products.  So a more proactive approach, instead of sitting around waiting for some suits to make a change, is to not eat the animals for which they are growing the corn.  Argh.  The thing is, it is life or death.  People we know everyday are dying from things that are largely preventable.  Some we can change by changing our buying choices.  But others,  such as environmental toxins, are more difficult to avoid.  

Banana, Pom, Kale, Frozen Blueberries.
Oh, and a Vita-Mix or High Powered Blender.
This is an entire bunch or kale.  So about 2.49 at Whole Foods.  Of course it's best to grow your own!
And I am working on that!

But an institution that doesn't eliminate milk, cheese, or white flour bread from a diabetic or a cancer diet, seems totally bogus to me (in my opinion).  There is so much information out there now, that at the very least, even if people are taking diabetes & cancer drugs, they should at least SUPPLEMENT the drugs with a diet that may have the ability to help the condition instead of further aggravate the condition.  Read "There is a Cure to Diabetes" by Gabriel Cousens, "The China Study" by Colin Campbell, Reversing Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn......Common foods do funny things to insulin.  And ya know,  Carrots, Kale, Blueberries, Broccoli Sprouts.  Those things aren't actually going to kill you while you are trying to heal your body.  That can't be said of all treatments.  Fuck You Cancer & Fuck You all the people making money off of it.  Fuck You Pink Ribbons.  Fuck You Chemical Companies who on one hand make pesticides that we KNOW cause cancer and on the other hand make "Cancer Cures".  Fuck You CongressMen who repeatedly vote to give subsidies to Meat & Dairy.  Fuck You Congress for allowing chemicals to still be made that are toxic that are obviously going to be in our ground, our soil, our water, for years to come.  If it's "All about The Children" Family Values Men, then maybe you shouldn't always vote in favor of the very industries that promise to destroy their futures.  No amount of economics can fix that.  There ain't no amount of money that can fix a poisoned world.
Blueberry, Kale, Banana, Pomegranate Smoothie.
Breakfast in under one minute!

Jackie Farry "Fuck Cancer" Hat.
Order the Fuck Cancer Hat

I simply wish for there to be a dialogue.  We must treat the whole person.  Lasers, IV drugs, and Statin Pills aren't going to fix anything long term.  Even if you are "All Clear" after treatment, why aren't we arming everyone with information that may prevent a return visit.  These are our family members.  Our parents, our brothers, our sisters, aunts, uncles, sons & daughters.  Why aren't we "pushing" nutrition?  Why aren't we subsidizing "nutrition"?  I just worry, because even very smart people, often don't do their own research and just take the advice of their doctors, without question.  I hear time & time again that it is the "problem patients", the patients that are constantly challenging you, constantly asking questions, that survive.  People working in hospitals are doing what they are trained for.  Even if you have some enlightened nurses walking around, they aren't legally able to offer you any advice outside the "norm".  I just wish that not every single "alternative" method was dismissed so lightly, when there are drugs on the market that help 1% of people or make a 2% difference in a disease outcome, and those drugs are advertised heavily.  I am totally convinced that there are ways that we can live that produce better percentages than that, but that's not what they are pushing.

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
Simply Raw.  Reversing Diabetes in 30 days.  See Woody Harrelson!!
By Colin T Campbell: The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study on Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long Term Health [Audiobook]
Audio Tapes of "The China Study".  And Below, more Awesome stuff.
  The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, WePrevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure   Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health  There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program

Watch the full episode. See more PBS Specials.

Check out "Forks Over Knives" movie & see if it's playing in a theater near you!! And Joel Fuhrman will be on PBS stations nationwide this weekend talking about health.  Obviously all of the above words are just opinions from my head, from words I have read from other people, people who do have letters by their names.  Obviously I don't play a nurse or doctor on tv.  That doesn't mean I don't have a cute little "nurse's number" at home with pleather shoes, but I don't play one on TV or in real life, so consider my words, well, words.  A venting.  A Rant.  And obviously not medical Advice!!  Although maybe a hot little "Nurse's Number" & Some Good Literature might help make the world a better place.   I mean, what better thing to wear while spouting off facts from "The China Study"??  This Nurse has got blue teeth from her WonderWoman Smoothie.  Glad I ordered those glass straws!!

Black Faux Leather Patent Round Close Toe Platform Pump

Vegan Shoes.  Maybe "Wicked Nurses"   aren't obliged to wear white.


  1. LOVE your rant! haha. I went through a very angry stage when I was doing everything I could to heal cancer naturally and a disgusting, pig-headed doctor with the biggest ego of anyone I've ever met abused me to the point of me being in tears. The nurse was so embarrassed and apologised for being a part of the medical system at that point.

    Unfortunately I did end up going down the conventional path and had to bite my tongue a number of times when nutritionists tried to "educate" me on the best diet for me during chemo. Apparently these trained professionals still have no idea of what will actually heal the body (it's not their fault - they are simply not taught about any of the natural stuff). White bread and meat sandwiches seems to be the norm and they were actually trying to get patients to eat things like tim tams! Crazy!

    Raw, vegan was definitely not a popular option! Your smoothie looks delicious by the way. :)

  2. @Mandy. Yeah....I'm at the angry point now. Theres lots of good health people out there (heck, I have several in my own family!!), but I just get sick to see where our government dollars go and who has the power in the States. So glad that you are better!!

    You know in the States, you can even get in trouble saying anything that will financially cause damage to any type of animal industry, like meat, cheese, dairy, circuses, etc....So they try to actually make it illegal to speak out. Obviously they are afraid that if the entire truth was out, that they would have to make major changes and maybe start farming Kale.

    Love your blog and your path.

    The smoothie was delicious, but an afterthought as my heart is heavy for a dear friend right now.