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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fill my New Food Pyramid Plate with Beans, Greens, & Oh, a Side of State Sponsored Cancer Please. Elizabeth Kucinich. Detox Salad.

Check out Colin Campbell, his son, & Kathy Freston on EXTRA!!

The "new" food pyramid/plate.  A far cry better than the old, but still.....Michele, please read "The China Study".  Please talk to your MAN!!  And your "guns" would look SO much more cut if you cut the Dairy too!!

"Detox Salad".  Instead of binging on Vegan Potato Salad Memorial day, I tried to binge on this Detox Salad, which I made last minute.  I usually get some of the Detox Salad if we get salads at Whole Foods prior to shopping.  Ingredients I remembered were the broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, lemon juice, kelp, and raisins.  They used some currants as well.  Think I threw in some dried cherries (they had a type in bulk that had no added sugar) at the end.  

I put it through the "Salad Shooter".  Gawd yes.  We were paying 12 bucks a salad at Whole Foods, kind of for date night/days, but also just because hubby likes having everything all cut up & no work.  So thought for about 40 bucks it wasn't too much more than 2 Whole Foods salads!!  Remember the "Salad Shooter" Commercials??  We ended up getting the "professional" one, which probably holds bigger pieces.  So now I have an awesome mandoline (but it doesn't grate, especially stuff like carrots that you can't attach to the mandoline handle), a spiralizer for thin veggie pastas, a "Spirooli" for the 3 types of pasta cuts, and the food processor.  I never bought the grating/slicing attachments for the food processor and was going to do that.  But hubby thought it would be easier to just clean the salad shooter.  Besides,  I think he has something for "retro" commercials, etc...

Maybe you have gotten this by now, but I hate Cancer.  I know we all have it in our bodies at all times, and whether it thrives or not, or demands all of our attention, well is left up to our own choices, and the Gods. Maybe some of you have more of an "in" with the "Gods", but I don't like to have to be a frequent "bargainer", as I really suck at asking for favors.  Oh, and since so frequently there is a "Dammit" behind the Singular One, well, we better not leave too much up to chance.  So I feel pretty passionate about trying to eliminate obvious things from my life (and the lives of my loved ones), that people have proven to increase your odds for disease.

Well, Ms. Michele Obama (who I kind of adore-I mean she is no Elizabeth Kucinich making raw chocolate pudding for her man, but for me she is way easier on the soul than Ms. Bush, who actually made me wretch) is still on the cheese-casein-dairy induced high wagon.  This is part of the reason I am disenchanted with politics.  Because even the "cool" kids aren't that "cool".  Not Elizabeth Kucinich Cool.  I am glad she is growing an organic garden (despite outcries from the Chemical Companies about how it would wreck the economy (their economy) if we quit using poisons.  But if your real mission is to fight childhood illnesses, obesity, well if you want to prevent kids from being sick, fat, and lazy, I think it's crazy to send pictures of people (probably even lactose intolerant peeps) with milk moustaches to schools & subsidize meat & dairy.

Once again, see Forks Over Knives.  Sure, the information has been out there for years & years, but now you don't even have to pick up a book!  You can get a fair amount of possibly life saving, disease preventing information just by sitting in an air-conditioned theater for a couple of hours.  Or hopefully, you will be able to get it from Netflix soon!  My interpretation of Dairy (after reading "The China Study") is that it is basically what Christians would consider to be Satan.  It serenades you with charm, with some sweet feeling on your tongue, teasing you, making you want more & more.  It pretends to be someone, something else, other than what it is.  What is it?  Other than Sap & Pus from Females that have been raped, abused, and have their tits constantly hooked up to machines-(yeah, that makes for "happy nipples")?  

"Detox Salad" that I made trying to emulate the "Detox Salad" at Whole Foods.  This one is all organic and not 9 bucks a pound!
Well, according to "The China Study", I gathered that it was basically something that increases ones chances for disease by fairly hefty percentages.  That's just my interpretation, you will  have to read it yourself!  But John Robbins, whose family is the "Robbins" of "Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors" apparently came to the same conclusion.  After seeing many loved ones perish before it was time, he started rethinking the perils of these 31 flavors and consequences that his family's products (ice cream) may cause.  He chose not to inherit the business or the wealth & instead live in such a way that promoted environmentalism and a way that he would not personally be contributing towards other people's poor health.  So my dream "Party" would be Dennis Kucinich with John Robbins as his running mate. Well, that's only if Elizabeth Kucinich wasn't an option. 

Elizabeth Kucinich.  Speaking about Farm Subsidies & Health Care.
She's my dream "First Lady" and somehow I am thinking she might be more likely to be wearing eco-friendly hemp than um, J. Crew. 

What does everyone else think of the "New Plate"?? I know it's a step up, but geez, seems like we need giant strides.  And, Irvingia....Has anyone used this to lose weight?  I am an "Oz Addict" meaning I have to keep up with the latest buzz, what has finally gotten to be "mainstream", and what salmon product he is pushing at any given moment.  My husband gets great entertainment out of me watching him, especially when Dr. Oz used to do the "dancing/exercise segments".  Hubby plays "Angry Birds" while saying, "Dr. Oz is married?  Really"??  Anyhow, one of his latest shows pumped Irvingia as "African Mango Seed" Extract that helped you lose weight.  He also had Sea Buckthorn Berries for lots of "anti-aging" stuff.  My only problem with that stuff is that I am afraid it will leave me orange for days!!  I didn't know there was a "juice" also.  Hmm....if I could find organic & in glass, that would be yummy!  

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