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Friday, June 3, 2011

Vegan Phat: Memorial Day Vegan Barbeque

Frey Wine is always vegan, but it is not always available restaurants!!
This usually runs about 8 bucks a bottle.  Organic, no added sulfites.  Frey also has other wines, slightly higher priced.
The olives, picked up from Whole Foods but searching for a good bulk olive place online.  The olives at WF are overpriced, well, if you want to pig out on them  :)  Fill me in if you guys know a good place to buy bulk olives online, maybe even raw!

My husband makes the most amazing vegan potato salad.  Typically  he uses red potatoes and cooks them (pre-cut) in boiling water for about 10 minutes, followed by rinsing with cold water.  He is a big fan of the mustard/mayo based dressing.  But not real mayo silly!  Veganaise.  That stuff is AWESOME!!  I especially like the Grapeseed Oil one.  We don't usually buy it though.  I tried not to eat too much of this stuff last weekend, since I am eating a lot of raw and letting my tummy breathe.  You can use your favorite potato salad recipe. To Veganize it, just replace icky regular mayo with the Veganaise.  Make sure you buy natural pickle relish & Mustards as well.  Pretty much everything in those aisles of the store has junk in them.  Don't buy the junk.  We get one body this lifetime.  So you don't really want to be putting junk in it that doesn't every come out.  

Follow Your Heart Vegenaise Grapeseed Oil (12x16 OZ)

His other loves.  Tofurky Brats.  He is fond of Italian because that is the spicest flavor.  They also have Kielbasa & Beer Brats.  Don't cook too long on grill though, as there isn't THAT much oil in them!!  They are oily for vegan food, and they are GOOD (I ate them when I ate gluten!!), but make sure you don't overcook.  He doesn't eat these everyday either!  These are just his "comfort", junk foods for days where only beer brats & ol' fashioned "home" cooking will do.  

Tofurky Beer Brats, 14 oz. Pack

Amy's Vegan Texas Burger (She makes gluten free burgers too).
                                                           Amy's Texas Veggie Burger, Organic, 4-Count, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

Um.  He snuck 2 bunches of asparagus in the cart when I wasn't looking.  Just when I was going to explain my 25 dollar Mineral Fusion makeup, he let me know he probably had just spent that on "Spear Grass".  Yeah, um, my make-up is going to last a LOT longer.  But the good thing about buying pricey makeup at Whole Foods is that you don't notice the extra 25 dollars in the already large bill!  My "makeup" consists of a "Mineral Fusion" compact & I recently snazzed it up quite a bit by buying some "natural" mascara to wear once in a blue moon.  

Leftover plate I made him the next day.

LOVE this salad.  I think I picked all the green peppers out!

Topped with Bubbie's Sauerkraut.  Raw.  Crunchy, NO vinegar.  Don't buy fermented foods that aren't fermented!!  Not that nasty sauerkraut that is just pickled in vinegar.  Get the stuff with the real probiotics in it.  Cabbage & Salt baby.  That's it.  Make it!!!!  We will begin our Kraut & Kim Chee making season shortly.

He made awesome baked beans also.  He used the Eden White beans (no bpa's).  I tried to get him to get  dried ones and use the slow cooker, but he insisted they would be slow cooked then, and not baked.  I tried to stay away from these because he did put a dab of brown sugar in them.

Um.  YUM.

Vegan Phat.

I feel so blessed to have such a cool hubby that hosts vegan cookouts.  I do try to keep my food simple, lots of fresh fruits & veggies, but as you can see he makes amazing "comfort" food.  We had a friend over so he included gluten here, but usually he makes everything gluten free.  Even his awesome pizza.  

What did you guys do for Memorial Day Weekend?  Did you hang out with vegheads or did you bring your own vegan eats to a gathering?  


  1. I have the hardest time finding Organic, Sulfate free wine here in KC - and, I've never tried Frey before. However - starting at $8 a bottle, I'm going to look into ordering this - Thanks!

  2. We get it at Whole Foods! But some other places have it too.....if you buy it by the case at a wine store it's even cheaper! But you know, some of the Organic Boxed wines are the same, sulfite free, no bpas........

  3. NO WAY I just bought amy's texas burgers yesterday - she has like 8 different flavors and yesterday I bought the texas kind. Your dish looks to die for! For Memorial Day Weekend I was in colorado visiting my sister.. it was glorious :)

  4. @Michele. Colorado, would LOVE to live there (aside from the UV rays!).
    Our dream is a cabin in Nederland and whenever we get dreamy, we hit & get goofy.