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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vegan in New York. There's An App for that.


Yes, I have a sick habit of accumulating books.  And after I gave all my favorite ones away, I just started again.  But I never gave away my past 5 years worth of "Vegan Guide to New York City" by Rynn Berry & Chris Suzuki. .  Nope.  Those books are far too precious and to be doled out to close friends.  Seriously, West Coasters, you guys have NOTHING on the Lower East Side!!  What is so amazing about "The Big Apple" is that places are so close in proximity!  We haven't even ventured into Brooklyn yet!  Plant yourself in Union Square & you have the GreenMarket with the freshest Wheat Grass ever, Body & Soul bakery, Jivamuktea Cafe, Pure Food & Wine, Viva Pizzeria, Liqueteria, Quintessence, Lula's Sweet Apothecary, Angelica's Kitchen, Caravan of Dreams, Sacred Chow, NY Dosas,  Stogo Ice Cream,  Tien Garden, Babycakes, Teany, yikes, the list is endless, truly.

The Vegan Guide to New York City 2011
Vegan Guide to New York City  
Tien Garden.  Vegan Chinese sin garlic or onions.  Next to anarchist/progressive/hip "Bluestockings" bookstore.

This year I not only bought the book, but the Vegan Guide to New York City App. as well.  It isn't imperative to buy a new guide yearly, but I just don't want to miss out on the latest!!  You do need to call places regarding hours though.  Often places will consistently close earlier than the "stated" hours, especially late night venues.  And the summer hours tend to be longer.  If you are vegan, New York is the Planet's Mecca!!   The app. is cool because it gets updated when new stuff happens & it has the map with all the places on it!  The authors dish their faves also, by giving it a "pick" or just mentioning it's existence and the pros & cons.  They give you the "heads up" on which Indian Joints clearly mark *vegan* and which are *questionable*.  Even if you just go for a weekend, you gotta have this book/and or app!!  Hubby & I can usually hit 6 places a day, at the very least!!! Granted, we gotta do Babycakes as "take-out".  And after you have stuffed yourself so completely, you hit Moo-Shoes & look at vegan wallets, shoes, books, tee shirts, and cats.  Especially cute is the cat that gets shaved like a lion.

Dosas from the Ny Dosa Cart.  

And there's this great little video that the "Our Hen House" gals put together for VegNews, New York on the Cheap.  They covered many non-vegan places also, and didn't hit all our faves, but they did put together an awesome collage.  Hopefully there's more to follow!

Babycakes.  Vegan.  Lots of Gluten Free, Coconut Oil, Non Sugar sweetened goodies.

I say for "Cheap" that the Dosa Cart in Washington Park is our fave.  But we don't usually go for "Cheap" in New York, since we don't live there.  My New York Faves are Pure Food & Wine (but we don't usually eat there now because it is too dripping with hipness for us!!, Quintessence for some dessert, Lula's Sweet Apothecary for some the most amazing ice cream (my fave is coconut based), Hubby's fave pizza from Viva Pizzeria, Babycakes for gluten free non refined sugar donuts, cookies & more, Jivamuktea Cafe for some Yoga & beautiful Vegan cafe with lovely light, Liqueteria for amazing juices, NY Dosa Cart for amazing Vegan Dosas, Hangawi for a beautiful Korean Vegan Zenned out "experience" (barefoot dining), Tien Garden for Chinese Food without the Garlic or Onions (bad for the meditation), Teany (late night) the teeny tiny tea joint with Vegan Sweets & lots of comfort food sandwiches & extended tea list-oh & booze.

Viva Herbal Pizzeria.

The Ultimate WheatGrass.  "Greener Pastures" in Union Square.

Alicia Silverstone eating her way through some of her New York Faves!

What are your fave vegan joints or places that have vegan stuff on the menu?? In New York?  Elsewhere?  What about Late Night Vegan New York??


  1. Uptown Juice Bar in Harlem, Quantum Leap and Vegetarians Paradise and Vegetarians Paradise II in the Village, Karyn's on Green in Chicago, Soul Vegetarian in Atlanta, Flore Vegan and Veggie Grill in L.A...just to name a few! :-)

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