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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Euphoria Loves Rawvolution NYC. Raw Vegan Big Matt's, Coconut Sandwiches, Raw Vegan Onion Breads, Raw Vegan Monster Bagels.


504 East 12 Street
NYC 10009 

Was pretty stoked to try the NY version of Rawvolution.  We had gone to the one in Santa Monica, which is in an amazing location & across the street from the "Natural High" Hemp Clothing store!  The California location is a "sit down" with real dishes kind of deal.  Chill.  The New York location??  Well, all the food is basically made "to go" and there are a couple of small tables there to eat, but it is primarily a take out joint.  Totally different vibe than the Santa Monica location, which may have been slightly pretentious, but who cares, the weather is amazing & the food was pretty great too.  Plus, Santa Monica People Watching makes Sidewalk Dining worth it.  Hubby was a little freaked out about the "hipness" or new ageness? of the California location.  NY is inherently a bit more grounded, as whenever you walk outside you are confronted with loads of traffic, noise pollution, and maybe a vendor & cabbie yelling at each other.

The "New York" benefit??  The food may be a bit cheaper because it isn't a sit down place.  So for about 8-10 bucks you can get nearly anything on the menu.  That's cheap for raw food.  Especially truly prepared raw food, meaning breads and dehydrated goods vs. smoothies.  I generally don't get smoothies at raw food places, as I prefer to spend 10 bucks on something other than a few ingredients thrown in a blender. (I do that at home, for less money).

Cafe Salad. 
Baby Greens, tomatoes, avocado, black olives, dulse (this had nori because they were out of dulse), in a creamy garlic dressing.  Yum.

Santorini Sandwich.
  Open face on onion bread, cream cheese, black olives, sprouts & cucumber slices.  Very good.  The "onion bread" is "famous", apparently.  At least that's what I remember reading in Matt's recipe book.  I made it at home once and it was SO oniony, that it was nearly inedible.  However, all the breads at the restaurant were great.

Every time we go to a raw food place, I vow to start doing some more "gourmet" stuff again.  

Hubby had the "Big Matt" sandwich. 
 I liked this better than the Santorini or the Cocophoria.  Walnut mushroom burger with sunflower seed cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, mustard, & ketchup.  All raw.  All yummy.  Ten bucks.  Worth it.  Hubby always gets the "better" item!

 Curried coconut jerky, mayo, onions & tomato.  So this used real coconut, thickly sliced.  Marinated.  And dehydrated so it was chewy.  Very delicious & unique.  However, this was a bit too heavy on the fat & coconut for me and not enough "veggies".  I loved it, but very dense.  Like the marinated coconut slices though.  But that requires you have the courage to open coconuts.  Not.

They  have lots of books, products, tee's, etc...on the left hand side.  This place was very "cool" but without the pretense.  I love raw food & I don't need it handed to me with a side of "uber hip".  Casual. They also have your kombuchas and other yummy drinks in the cooler.

So don't dig the plastic utensils, but the place just opened.  And they don't really have enough room to make a true "eat in" kind of place.  It's New York after all, you have to sell your soul just for a few feet of space around here.  And then you will probably have issues with your landlord.  Being a business owner there (or anywhere) isn't for the "faint of heart".  

And the most awesome Chocolate bar EVER.

Absolutely no Sht in this one.  A bit of Coconut Sugar, but this is hardcore cacao & almond butter.  Think what Reese's wants to grow up to be.........

Yes, they are expensive.  Think of it as a "dessert".  

Inside the "Monster Bagel".

Monster Bagel
One bite into this raw bagel & I was totally sold.  Screw that "low fat raw vegan" stuff I said......Well, at least while we were in New York!  It tasted like a "real" bagel, but better.  Was wowed with the texture of the bread.  As it's difficult to get a thick raw bread that is actually "done" & pliable, yet not "mushy" in the center.  "Monster Bagel" with an Almond Bagel, Cream Cheese, Tomato, avocado, onions, basil, pickles and mustard.  Super fresh.  Loved.

Mexican Pizza
 Avocado, walnut meat, salsa, cashew mayo on a cheesy nori wrap.  What was cool about this was the nori wrap had the cheese on it (nut cheese of course) and it had been pre-dehyrdrated.  So to prepare it, they just took the "crust" of dried Nori & Cheeze & then put all the toppings on.  So a great low fat pizza crust, as most raw breads tend to be heavy on the flax, buckwheat, nuts, etc...fat bascially.  Okay, still had a lot of fat from the avocado and nut cheese, but slightly less.

Cafe Salad.

Italian Pizza. 
 Red peppers, onion, green olives, tomatoes, mushrooms on onion bread.  Super yummy.  

Euphoria Loves Rawvolution on Urbanspoon

So the food is "raw food".  It isn't going to be super lowfat.  It isn't going to be salt free.  But it is delicious & certainly worth the "fat" splurge.  Really loved the breads & combination of flavors.  Loved that you could order nearly anything for about 10 bucks.  They did have a "Supreme Enlightenment" salad for 21 bucks, but for marinated kale, nori, superfood powder, etc...I will stick to the 10 buck items and make crazy SuperPower Salads at home.  A far cry cheaper than Pure Food & Wine, but if you are taking a date, you are more likely to get laid after a Pure Food & Wine meal.  Unless, of course, your mate is a sensible frugal person who loves raw food-then you are in luck either way :)
Great eats without the pretense (or the booze).  Go! 

Euphoria Loves Rawvolution Clip above from Santa Monica (Main Street) location.  Just look & ignore that "late night soft porn" music background.  :)

Daryl Hannah's podcast with Rawvolution & Jubb's Longevity in NYC (Jubb's Closed).

Love raw balls......but these are super special & yummy.  Check out my post on the "Cinnamon Grrrls".

I like a lot of the recipes from this book, such as the sunflower seed cheeses.  But....a few recipes, such as the onion bread (others have raved about) and the spinach & mushroom pies, were major flops for me.  I think the pies had way too much salt (it was in the form of nama shoyu or tamari).  So I have not revisited those.........but now when I see recipes in this book heavy on the tamari, I would automatically halve it.

and don't forget to:

Hillary Greenleaf's "New Green Smoothie Diet" ebook. 

And below, some kitties from East St. Louis
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